The Runaway Bride and The Reluctant Knight – Asad and Zoya of Qubool Hai.

The Runaway Bride and the Reluctant Knight

The Runaway Bride and the Reluctant Knight – Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti in Qubool Hai!

Picture this. They fought from the moment they laid eyes on each other. She was the runaway Bride and he the reluctant Knight. Two opposites. One a traditionalist and the other feminist. Both are like chalk and cheese. Both hate each other’s ways. But destiny perhaps has something else in store for them. Zoya Farooqui and Asad Ahmed Khan. The Problem Child and The King of Spades.


What is she unto?

What is she unto?

Karan Singh Grover is Asad Ahmed Khan, the angry young man who has an axe to grind. With his father and then he meets a woman who riles him up to no end. He has had to save her from scrapes she gets herself into at various junctures of their meeting. Reluctantly so. But today things seem to have changed. He had been frantic. He was demented in his search for her and he said to himself, “Mein tumhein aise marne nahi doonga.” What gave?The truth about why she helped Mariam runaway from her wedding? Will things change between Asad and Zoya?

Isn't it a wonder!

Isn’t it a wonder!

Surbhi Jyoti as Zoya Farooqui has been a girl who could annoy you, irritate you especially if you were Asad Ahmed Khan. However, the softer side, the vulnerability she carries are rarely visible. She cries alone in her bedroom. Her search for her past is a solitary mission. Even her Jeeju and Appi are not with her on this. But somewhere, Mr Jahanpana Six Packs as she dubs him is always around. Whether to save her from goons or to tell her where she can find some clue that will lead her to her father. Unwittingly, unwilling and unknowingly. However, she in her inimitable style has done nothing but to aggravate him. Rightly so she would say and perhaps mutter, “Allah Miyah! What’s wrong with you?” if you were to disagree with Zoya.


The Princess and Her Knight!

The Princess and Her Knight!

This tale shall definitely see some turn now. Will Asad soften towards Zoya? Will Zoya like the change in Asad and reciprocate or will she shun his advances in her inimical manner?


Watch Qubool Hai (Monday to Friday) at 9:30pm on Zee TV and witness the unfolding of romance between Asad and Zoya. Or is there more to Qubool Hai? Find out.



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  1. Nusaybah says

    Amazing Pics and nice article…Thankuu soo soo soo muchhhhh 😀 <3 Loving QuboolHAi n its really interesting to watch n not to forget the bruillaint performances by the actors 😛

  2. Radhika says

    OMGGGGG…THE PICS…Aahhhh loved it..was waiting fr these pics…thnks a tonnnn..n article written so well..eagerly waiting for cmng track..n exited to see hw dre story vl take a turn nw

  3. Ananya says

    Asad Ahmed Khan is one of the most well defined character ever in Indian TV. He is not just a angry ,ruthless ,arrogant and overbearing men we have seen in previous shows. He is man with a golden heart. He is angry but not so much with others as he is with himself for being born to a good for nothing father. He is afraid of falling in love because he fears hurting his loved ones just the way his father did. But I know when he does fall in love he will love wit Looking forward to see romance bloom between Asad and Zoya. KSG and Surbhi are doing a fabulous job.

    P.S-Loved the article

  4. says

    Asad nd Zoya r two poles apart but still pulling each other. This pull will lead them into land of love ,faith,trust nd i am looking for this love story to break all the rules nd bloom. KSG is a darling nd i think nobody other has caliber to touch his acting skills. love u always Asad(ksg)

  5. smilesinpink says

    I really hope that they continue with the Asad zoya track and do not complicate it by getting zoya married to ayaan as mentioned on the zee tv website. Asad and zoya are just too good to watch. Moreover ayaan looks younger than zoya. The first time zoya says qubool hai… it must be to ASAD!!

  6. Marita says

    Dis serial is really is very interesting and heart touching….I want asad and zoya to be couples…If serial takes a twist, and shows ayaan and zoya together,then this serial will be a total waste…The best part of the serial is Karan Singh Grover…No one can take his place….I jst love this serial…And love seeing asad and zoya together…..

  7. Dhaarna says

    jus luv asya…..ayaan and zoya sud not be the main pair…..asya r jus perfect together…..dis show will be a flop if asya will not be together……dont do dis cvs!!!!!

  8. AyeshaQHlover says

    cant forget those days .. hope to see such kinda scenes again on QH .. and the grave scene was one of the brilliant scenes up till now

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