Karan Singh Grover – The actor and the character Asad Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai!

The Hot Molten Lava!

The Hot Molten Lava!

Asad Ahmed Khan is a man who is pained. He has been wronged. His childhood was shrouded with a father who left his mother pregnant and then one fine day he brought a child and said this is your brother, Aayan. He, at least, found some solace in this. A brother whom he mothered. However love is something he shies away from. Not because he does not want love but because he feels he is a chip off the old block and would leave the very person he loves at some stage in his life. So, prevention according to him is better than cure. But in Urdu there is a phrase, “Muddai lakh burr chahe toh kya hota hai, wahi hota hai jo munzure khuda hota hai,” which means “Can someone steal one’s fate?” And this even Asad Ahmed Khan cannot do for himself. Change his fate.

Karan Singh Grover essays the role of Asad Ahmed Khan, the man with angst and silence his valor. Karan Singh Grover takes his character to the level where Asad’s obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) of cleanliness is second nature. There was a scene where he cringes as Zoya pours two spoons of coffee on the table to rile him up. But anger ultimately gets the better of him and he upturns the mug (thankfully, not on Zoya’s head – but somewhere he must have wanted to). The director, Gul Khan had asked him to first pour the whole cup on the table and then clean it up frantically as his OCD would get the better of him. Now, while the scene was shot, Karan Singh Grover took tissues out of the box, however even as his hands moved to clean the table, he took a second to straighten the vase that was not placed perfectly (according to him) and then continued the task of cleaning the table. This is what makes Karan Singh Grover. Be the character.

On sets, we have seen the energy he puts in his scenes. Especially during action sequence. His adrenalin is at a high and interestingly he does not rest in between shots lest it drops and the scene has a mismatch of energy. We have not seen him feel the fatigue after shooting strenuous action sequences that requires him to jump over railings, do Parkour moves and climb stairs two at a time. These are just some of the things he can do. His flying roundhouse kick (Yes, he is trained in martial arts and it was he who supplied with the exact terminology) is something one needs to watch for real, in slow motion. He particularly loves action sequences.

When asked how he feels about romantic scenes, his reply is that they are toughest as to emote when there are people sitting right under your nose holding a thermocol sheet  would actually make one laugh. And to portray that the lady love is the only thing he can see in the whole wide world is something he has had to work at. Also when one is supposed to be deeply look into the eyes of the person you love, you are being told on a speaker by the director to give all sorts of expressions and that is not a cake walk.

We also asked how easy it is from him to switch off after a scene is done and he says, “I take longer to switch off than switch on. Once I am on the set and in the scene, I am the character but after doing an emotional scene, its takes a bit longer to switch off.”

Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg or shall we actually say, a trickle of the hot molten lava that is Karan Singh Grover. There is more that will come. Watch out for more from Forum32 on what makes Karan Singh Grover the man he is, the actor and of course the heart-throb. Till then enjoy him play the angry young man as Asad Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai, Monday to Friday, at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

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  1. RSG says

    wow <3 <3 wat a surprise !! superb :) love u Guys its awesome #Qubool hai just rocks ..Asad aka Karan singh grover u r my jaan <3 :) lovely pics n thanks for articles <3

  2. says

    Asad as a character is charismatic in his own way…… :) u may not like him or fall in love with him at first instance……but it will be a gradual process ….as more & more u understand him u start liking him :) :)

    Asad’s past pain makes him a complex character……But Karan as a actor pulls it off really well……cant think any other actor cud have managed to play Asad Ahmed Khan as wonderfully Karan potrays it……

    Wishing good times ahead to Asad!! & wishing Asad all the best in Love too 😛 😛

  3. Sanju says

    Karan Singh Grover is the best actor of Indian Television by far…and I mean it when I say by far!! I am hoping he wins lots of best actor awards this year coz he truly deserves them!!

  4. Radhika says

    Thankuuuuuu soooooo muchjhhhhhh…aahhh love the article..hez juz Perfect..n thnks fr tllng smthng more offscrean abt him…n aahhhh the pics :* Hawtttttt..loved it..hez so cute in that AsYa pic hehe..

  5. Ananya says

    KSG is undoubtedly the best actor Indian Television has ever seen.He is a complete package.Sky is the limit for you KSG!

  6. says

    he is the best actor i have ever seen in my life
    the way he portrays emotions, no one can touch it
    he said its difficult to do romantic scenes for him but i would say its a cake walk for him , the pro he is at romance , he did the best come back ever with QH bcz this is the show which is providing him platform to show his best at action, comedy,emotions,romance and what not

    thanks for this, will be waiting for more :)

  7. jayshree says

    Thank you so much for the article
    Karan is definitely one of the finest actors on tv and it shows in his portrayal as Asad and Armaan. Wish him all the more success and awards in Film and TV.

  8. Aliena says

    He is the best of the best. He is worth of calling heart throb. He is so handsome and down to earth personality and he is of course hard working. Loving him as Asad

  9. Zara says

    Ooooooh hot molten lava is an understatement !! He is soooo handsome …more like sexy lava
    Now more seriously .. I love the way he plays the intense guy and then all romantic when he looks at zoya !!
    Karan is really amazing in all his ways of acting
    Can’t wait for zoya and asad to be in love !!!!!

  10. AlienaKsg says

    He is so sweet, handsome and down to earth person. He is so hard working. Loving him as Asad in Qubool Hai…
    KSG is the heart throb of million.

  11. says

    karan knows some magic to play any character with such intensity that you can’t imagine that role without him.Asad’s complex behavior is not easy to play but he emoted it ver well. he is best .god bless him.

  12. eca says

    Yes i totally agree with fans of KSG; Karan Singh Grover is an extremely talented actor, n i
    QH is the first serial i saw him. He has pperfected his craft to a high level where he can nuanced his gestures, facial expeessions n body language to fit the role n emotion at the moment or scene that is reqd of him. With more episodes n exposure he will top his craft to the highest level. I really enjoy his acting n watching him work his craft. Stupendous skill!
    Writers, pl provide good writing for KSG, he can deliver. Love QH, very good actors n creative team. Bravo.

  13. S says

    Never been Karan S G fan! Would like to comment whoever is directing him in QH is bringing out acting potential in him….usually KSG follows/has a reflection of his favorite celeb style viz Salman/SRK vs. his own

  14. annanya says

    ksg is the best actor,best person
    he is my angel
    love him soooooo much
    he is awesome as asad ahmed khan
    thank u soooooo much for the article and pic and also 4 lions for giving us qubool hai

  15. akchay-ata baniyha says

    ksg is the most favt actor n best of all….. love him like helllllllllllll n i believe dat qh is hit only becuz of his stron g character ……… king of tellywood- karan singh grover

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