Oho! Sab Kismat Ki Luck Hai…! – Shabnam Sayed as Shireen in Qubool Hai

Every family has a character like Shireen Ahmed Khan. Loving, sweet and amiable but something about the person would make one either cringe at the daftness or laugh out loud at the sheer gaffes. There are likable characters who probably instill in you a feeling of sympathy towards them. However, Shireen Ahmed Khan (Shabnam Sayed) not just elicits a reaction that is mostly involuntary from perhaps, a “dhatt teri ki”, “here she goes again!” or “No, Shireen, not this.” She has become an epitome of ditziness and faux pas. We have fallen in love with her for the way she sees things in quite the literal sense. Her retorts, to a “Yahan Khichdi pakk rahi hai…” is a “Oho! Bhabhi, aaj khaane mein Khichdi pakki hai..” would perhaps not make you burst into a laughter but a reaction is something that one would not be able to stop.

Shabnam Sayed Waqar Shaikh

Her another famous line is “Sab Kismat Ki Luck Hai, Issme Kya Shaq Hai!” One can safely believe  that Shireen is a believer of fate. But there is more to Shireen than just her foot in the mouth syndrome. She is a loving mother of three, Aayan (Rishabh Sinha), Nikhat (Archana Taide) and Nuzzat (Digangana Suryavanshi). Her love for her husband Rashid Ahmed Khan (Vaquar Shaikh) is pure. Even though she is supposedly the other woman for whom he left his first wife, one cannot develop an animosity towards such a character. We as audience usually wait for her to say something that would make us smile at least. And she has grown on us.

Shabnam Sayed as Shireen

Shabnam Sayed plays Shireen to the hilt. When one meets her, probably the first question that would come in your mind is, “Are you anything like the character?” And Shabam will say, “I may not be like her but playing her now has become second nature. I have fun.” Shabnam took some time to get into the skin of the character and initially struggled with the way the character was to behave. Her lines would make her shake her head. Now, Shabnam loves playing her. She feels that the creative team has been specially biased towards Shireen and given her layers that one would love to explore. The dialogues, the mannerisms and the way she carries herself including the voice is something that is unique to Shireen. That is another thing you would notice that the pitch at which Shireen speaks is not the voice Shabnam has. It is a cultivated characteristics just for Shireen. Way to go Shabnam. You make the character seem so real despite quirks.

Shireen in Qubool Hai

Watch Qubool Hai, Monday to Friday, at 9:30pm on Zee TV for your daily dose of Shireen’s brand of scatterbrain for a smile and lightheartedness that she brings within you.

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  1. Nusaybah says

    She is someone who subconciously says the right things always….Shirin is adorable….like the character and shabnam is playing the character soo well <3

  2. Diana says

    The lady playing this character is an amazing actress. She is such a versatile actress considering the role she played in Hitler Didi. Once again the perfect casting choice. Cheers 4 lions

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