Qubool Hai – The Story so far!

Qubool Hai has been a journey. Journey of emotions, relations that have seen some happiness, nostalgic to down right intrigue. You as audience have gone through an emotional wringer trying to understand each character and their stance in the story. You have formed opinions about some and then changed them after a few revelation. And even now are not sure as to these characters will show new dimensions or not. As the story unfolds, facets open up that either make you wow at situations or cringe in disgust. Overall, an interesting journey you have taken so far.

Forum 32 has brought you exclusive pictures along with news and behind the scene segments at various juncture in our short journey so far. We have created a mix where the pictures that speak for themselves. And moreover, we have become used to fans asking for pictures of the artists. So, we thought we shall fulfill requests in a different manner.

Here are pictures you all want along with a refresher of the story that has happened. Please tell us if you like segments like this and we shall bring you more from other shows as well.  Qubool Hai airs Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on ZEE TV. Be involved with the two families that have engrossed you in their stories. Of course, there are new twists and new entries expected very shortly. Keep watching.

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  1. Blueflames says

    beautiful… its been a lovely journey this far, infused with high emotional drama, bromance, family ties, love and bonds that goes thicker than blood. . .
    m glad to be its proud viewer :)
    hats to you makers

  2. zara says

    amazing job with the show till date
    hope to see it grow every day
    all the best to all the QH team and KSG for great perfomances

  3. Radhika says

    Thankuuuu..love QH..n love the journey so faar..do post more..n ya the video includes some of KSG offscrean pics too..do post more of offscrean too …

  4. Iram says

    Ok here is a thing , you can call a fan’s personal opinion and ignore or you can take these thing on board . Any form of art is to create an expression which link to their audience . Now it depends on artist whats his target audience .I do understand that you are mainly focus on consumer market then art . On that point ,I think you can do much better job with this story .

    All I am trying to say is , I am watching this show from day one and Its nice to see that Indian TV has some stories based on Muslim families .Story line was brilliant but some how there was many moment where you can take story to peak or can hit high stocks on the canvas of QH.
    you can say my expectations were …………..
    1st ,Mangul pur episode was brilliant , Excellent .Both main characters were in their best form of acting in that episode .There could be an after effect patch between Asad and zoya after that epi but things get normal very quick which was shocking . Because no matter how strong that girl was ,she been buried alive in ground.
    second Asad slap Zoya , Strong girls dont let go slaps easily . that human psychology .
    Yesterday episode , Zoya told Asad truth about her life . I hope that prove a strong connection between characters because in the end of that day , every story revolves around 2 main characters , Hero and Heroins :PPPP and to be honest , People always interesting to know what connect them . I am not asking creating cheesy scene , its like creating emotions through different colors . and please one thing annoying me most that Why on earth they call each other MR and Miss . seems very impress to me from Jane Auston’s novels .Why cant they call each other name , even unconsciously once or twice in a while . Like last night she was telling him biggest truth of her life , she could call his name even unconsciously .

    do not take me wrong . I am biggest fan of 4 lions dramas , in fact these Darams are the only thing which linked overseas people to their culture and language .

    • dingdong says

      The show isnt just about Zoya and Asad, the Maha Episode, also showed them interacting with that other couple, however, we never get to hear them mention that again … so just chill. YOu say they could take the story higher? Higher where? The production house have been giving us a fast paced, unique and some amazing concepts which all actors are performing brilliantly. Lots of shockers and I can not predict everything …

      Its a serial, TV daily soap and I feel from the bottom of my heart, this is one slick production from the lions. They have chosen a wonderful cast and each and everyone is integral to the success of this show.

      I was impressed and loved IPKKND, but the Qubool Hai, has a totally different flavour to it, im a Quboolian and proud.

      So what if they call each other Mr and Miss? Does it really make a big difference to the storyline? NO, yesterdays episode, highlighted, how much these two characters have grown since the start .. they are interacting, spending time together and I am sure with time, they will start to call each other by their chrisitan names! Till then, please just sit tight and enjoy this amazing rollercoaster ride! Humhe Qubool hai ………….

      • Iram says

        O right , you have your prospect to see the story but You might not pay attention to the Title , Its Qabool hai which is obviously has romantic meaning and when people say this , I don’t think so I need to explain about that . Plus from my prospect, every story works like a spider graph which always has central characters and then side characters . Stories are usually about central characters and Asad and Zoya are central character . You can deny saying that story is not just about them . while I think title define that story is about 2 people , others are side characters. I am not saying this from argue sack , I am from creative industry while my work is more three dimensional but I do have interest in literature .If you be bit positive then you might agree with my point and I think if you not be as negative to my criticism then you might be agree and also find many point missing . I have no doubt about 4 lions stories , they are doing excellent job with that but My point was they could improve more . There is one thing more which you find an other criticism but that’s the fact as well . 4 lions worked with actor who never have had a high profile like Karan Singh Grove . He might be the reason that people expect more from this drama . and More means a link between characters which 4 lions showed in Maha episode .

  5. anishakhadka says

    hey forum 32 ,

    I really love this show qubool hai just wana know whether any girl is entering in this show in asad life or not ??

  6. Critic says

    Hi All,

    Please keep uploading such behind the scenes videos because it really helps us get connected with the serial and the characters.

  7. annanya says

    thank u sooooooo much for posting this…
    i love everything about qubool hai,sooo plz post more pics,behind the scenes etc
    its a great show ,twists and saazish awesome
    i really love asad zoya chemistry,plz dont bring ayan between tthem

  8. avonii says

    Love Qubool Hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLs we want Asad and Zoya together pls dont separate them. Dont want Ayaan to be with Zoya. Only Asad and Zoya belong together.

    Love AsYa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Karan Surbhi rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. says

    pls give more videos on Surbhi and Karan love them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pls dont separate Asad and Zoya they belong together. Not with Ayaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Luv QH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Asya/Kabhi rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Pikks says

    Osum…QUBOOL HAi doing supeply well….i read some 1 mentiong that as QH has a already..high profile star cast…like ksg so people expect mre…nd thats realy true initialy even my reasn 4 watchng thz serial was undoubtdly ksg as m his huge huge fan bt gradualy d story took an amazng start nd is doing preety well…actorz r just osum …frm ksg to surbhi to their ami’s to ayan nd all every acts supeply …bt yes there is 1 thng whch i dnt prefr much ..i.e. The VIOLENCE IN D SHOW crossd extremes wen badi bi was hung …that z hyts may be they wantd to show how low razia can go bt it genuinly scares…bt may be acc. To d director its demand of d story …nd i even people cryng to see asad zoya togethr….AS ITS 4 LIONS SHOW so obvs. D lead wud be togethr…bt nt very easily ..THZ SHOW Z GETING INTRESTNG DAY BY DAY nd ksg getng hotter day by day ….so i knw thz show will go way too far

    • Iram says

      I am glad at least one person got my point . Yes , there are many more people who just start watching this show just because of KSG. and people Do have high expectation from this serial . I dont think so any one expecting easy patch up . Its just there are too many attention drawn towards random things like as you mentioned Dadi got hang by Razia which is too violent . Action sequences of KSg are awesome . We do wana see him in action some time as its his style but useless violence just to extend the story is point less . Show is doing well , we all know that but Some how I felt there were few things came between Asad and Zoya which could take to high level but that just been ignored because of site stories / scenes.

  11. shai says

    Every1 worried about ayaan coming between asad and zoya bt ull never mentioned tanveer hope she dnt play a major role in asad life coz every1 watching this show coz of asad and zoya good chemistry and qabhool hai means I accept and asad and zoya haven’t yet accepted each other as yet

  12. esha singh says

    I hope this Tanveer gets exposed very soon, coz this woman is getting on my nerves big time. The way she snoops around listening to everyone’s conversation and all her dirty tricks have become way too boring and irritating now. And why is it that always the villians know everything beforehand ???

    Also going by the latest SBS-SBB segments today we saw Zoya leaving Khan’s Villa. We want to see a strong Zoya back………….not a weak Zoya who takes crap from Asad Ahmed Khan way too many times. And also getting fed up of Asad blaming Zoya for every freaky thing that goes wrong. Zoya has forgiven Asad way toooo easily in the past, this time he should realize what he has done and Zoya should only come back to Khan’s Villa with full respect, not becoz of some random reason that doesn’t make any sense at all. It is about time Zoya gives Asad the cold shoulder this time around…………..enough is enough !!!!
    Asad has never redeemed himself properly after the slap fiasco and now he will kick her out too………….Keep wondering why Zoya takes so much crap from someone ??? Falling in love does not mean you stop using your head or allowing ppl to walk over you

  13. veena says

    zoya is arefreshing character.at least she is not a hypocrite.tv serials always show girls fawning over the hero and his family members.tanveer should be exposed. why nobody checks her antecedants i wonder.also when asad describes his first meeting with zoya anybody could see that he was speaking for real and yet his mother doesnt understand.strange.she keeps talking about asad and tanveer in the 18th april episode.also she is not able to make out about tanveers pregnancy.older women just know these things by just looking at a person.in that family nazma likes zoya.also why zoya when asad describes about his impressions when he sees her for the first realise that he may not say anything but he has feelings for her.

  14. says

    i love qubool hai…….the twists and turns and the charectors and nice to see dmg’s dr armaan as

    awesome job lovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee qubool hai

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