Vikrant Massey – New Ayaan Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai

Vikrant Massey as Ayaan Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai

Vikrant Massey as Ayaan Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai

Qubool Hai is changing gears. The romance is heating up with some lovely sequences as Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti) are all set for a wedding.  In the Siddiqui house too, things are heating up with Badi Bi (Vidya Sinha) and Razia Siddiqui (Alka Kaushal) who are playing chess. Of course, there are more things in store for the viewers in the upcoming episodes and they will only get interesting.

Vikrant Massey as Ayaan Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai

Vikrant Massey as Ayaan Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai

We introduce to you the new Ayaan Ahmed Khan played by Vikrant Massey. We met him yesterday on his first day of shoot and the first thing that struck us was his smile. Pleasant and amiable, he was getting his bearings around the set and we saw him talking to Karan Singh Grover, the Production Controller, the Supervising Producer and the Director Lalit Mohan with ease. Dressed in white kurta and pajama, he looked like younger brother of Karan and we felt the new casting is spot on.

Vikrant Massey as Ayaan Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai

Vikrant Massey as Ayaan Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai

He of course, had a wait of few hours before his first shot was called at around 9pm. Gul Khan was shooting his introduction scene. Getting into the mode, the brief that Gul gave him was to walk with attitude and reference point was Tom Cruise in Top Gun walking towards his bike with a helmet held in his hand. Girls, be prepared to lose your heart to this puppy eyed, affable guy who will perhaps bring new facets to Ayaan Ahmed Khan. His equation with Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti seemed instantaneous with them exchanging notes on the walk and the famous RK pose. Camaraderie has set in. Asad and Ayaan’s bond on-screen is all set to look good.

Vikrant Massey as Ayaan Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai

Vikrant Massey as Ayaan Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai

We wish him all the best as we welcome him aboard Qubool Hai. As soon as the first shot was canned, Vikrant was applauded and welcomed by the crew. Hopefully, the audience will resonate this as well. We spoke to Vikrant and asked him the reason to accept this role and what he had to tell us was that he has never played a character like Ayaan and in real he is totally unlike Ayaan. He is quiet and unassuming, immersed in his work in between shots too. He finds playing Ayaan a challenge and has seen a couple of episodes to get the character right as well. Of course, we will bring more about Vikrant as we get to know him better.

Vikrant Massey as Ayaan Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai

Vikrant Massey as Ayaan Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai

For now, don’t forget to watch his entry on Friday May 10 2013 in Qubool Hai at 9:30pm only on Zee TV.

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  1. KaBhiLOVER says

    Holy smokes, this new Ayaan is a hottie! And I adore his smile : )

    Welcome on-board Vikrant, I’m sure you’ll do a fabulous job portraying Ayaan (and hopefully will be more professional than the chidya-ghar-wale-baal-wala Rishabh).

    Can’t wait to see your entry!

  2. Shuffina says

    Welcome to the new chap who is playing Ayaan (Rabert) Look forward to his on screen chemistry with his Bhai & Mona!! Whop Whop

  3. Maybelle says

    Forum32 if you read this, I just want to say – if the CVs want to go ahead with the ZoYaan marriage track – PLEASE GO AHEAD. It’ll be difficult because all the fans will be bashing you left, right and centre, but this is YOUR SHOW, we are just the audience. Also, I just saw a segment where it showed Ayaan catching Zoya and let me just say – Vikrant and Surbhi have good chemistry!

    You have creative freedom, don’t be pressurized by the fanbots : )

  4. says

    Welcome vikrant!!!!!!!

    Severe drop of trp Proves that people are bored and disgusted to Tanveers omnipresence and Badi B Razia nonstop drag.
    ASYA are getting engaged and at this point the TRP should have a steady gain, but instead it is falling that too .6 drop.
    ASYA ceremonies are hasty and Tanveers tantrums are dragged. Her cruelty and ugly fave is everywhere. It’s good to have a vamp but her presence should be well thought out and limited, but in this show Vamp gets more importance and screenspace then the leads.
    I am loosing interest in QH and I stopped watching it online because I don’t want to watch Tanveers ugly face every time , in every scene.
    It’s high time the CV and PH should stop being obsessed with the vamp or vamps and concentrate on maintaining the TRP.
    I know people are tired of this Tanveer and her antics. It’s intolerable anymore and so does this Badi Bee Razia nonstop crap.

  5. Preeti_KSG says

    Welcome to Qubool hai vikrant massey.
    Its a request to makers if you are planning ayan zoya’s marriage then plz carry on wid that i wil not stop you but after marriage you want to break it then i am totally against it and then show brother getting marry to his bhabhi(whos is called as mother figure).
    i am not saying ki a person can’t remarry but plz in future don’t show bhayia bhabhi track, instead you can bring new actress, i don’t mind seeing the show having 4 leads:-)

    • Anu says

      yes @preeto _KSg i agree with u we just wana see our asya together as they look great together and there acting is also great ; ayan should marry humera and zoya should marry asad as they look best together

  6. Preeti_KSG says

    One more thing why don’t you show a hindu muslim love story and marriage, being a hindu i always want to get married to a muslim but my parents are like no you can’t and i don’t understand why this discrimination.

  7. lsage says

    Four Lions- Where do you find these men!!! Total hottie!! Bring him on!!

    Welcome and good luck Vikrant and may Allah save you from us hard core Asya fans :)

  8. Rakesh says

    Dekho ab zyada tar fans to ye maang ki hai AsYa ka nikaah ho, aur Ayaan-Zoya hargiz ek na ho. Iss baat ko mai bhi bahut support karta hoon. Par aap log agar hum sabke khilaaf jaake, humarey requests ko nazar-andaaz karke apney twists lana chahte ho woh toh aap umare mana karne ke bawajood bhi laoge, Par twist lahi rahe ho itna toh apne fans ke liye aapr kar sakhte ho ki Ayaan ab thora maturity dikhay, uss mey kuch toh akkal aaye ke Zoya uske Bhaijaan ka Mohabbat hai – aur Zoya-Asad ek doosrey se be-intehaa mohabbat kartey hai. Ye agar ussey pata lag jaaye toh woh apne aap Zoya ko chodh dega (nikaah ke baad, aur Zoya ko paney ka natak karega asad ke saath taa ki Asad Zoya se nikaah kare!) Itna toh kar hi sakhte ho aap. Hai na?

  9. says

    zoya falling in ayaans arms!!!!!!!! please cvs show some respect towards asya’s relation how chould you do this…….we have chearished those falls like anything they were the basics of asad zoya relation and now ayaan in the same shoes……and above all surbhi is again still in his arms exactly the same eye lock for an instance thats what she does with asad……she shoud hv given different expessions ………………really very disappointing

  10. says

    gul mam plzzzzzzz admin fans request………i read in article tht ayaan n zoya get married force fullly….plzzz gul mam dont seperate asya……first do asya nikha after that wt ever twist u want u can show in qh ……..plz mam dnt seperate 1st n true love of asya……..dnt show ayaan n zoya track… we felt happy for changing synopsis of qubool hai n in tht nt mentioned ayaan n zoya track ….we thought gul mam respects fr audiance feelings n requests………but no mam our happiness spoiled in one day…gul mam if ayaan n zoya get married …we wil tell good bye to quabool hai ths fr sure …..we all r watching qh only fr asya ….ths week because of tanveer scenes dragging of qh trp rate came down….if ayaan n zoya track cms only ur team wil watch ths show.. qh serial trp rates will cm down below .0.5 ..ths is fr sure gul mam……..ths is last chance fr u mam to win qh audiance lyk before by showing asad zoya marriage…other wise bye bye to qh…..n hello to saraswathichandra…….nw a days saraswathichandra serial quite interesting ….if u seperate asya…..we wil support saraswathichandra

  11. says

    i like vikrant massey.. i think he will be good as ayaan.. but… if u guize are planning for ayyan zoya marraige.. i am not a part of qubool hain anymore…

  12. Hafsa says

    welcome Vikrant! :) He is looks really good with Zoya! BUT, we want ASYA together, pleasee! Only Asad and Zoya!

  13. amera Rafique says

    Welcome Vikrant Massey.

    Loved u in Channel V The Serial.Waiting to see you act in Qubool Hai,and super excited to see how you will look opposite Humeira.Indeed must look good.
    Just wishing that the story is not tilting towards Zoya Ayaan Love story ,as the Cv’s are showing that Ayaan is not keen on marrying Humeira.

    Wish you all the best.Waiting to c how you speak Urdu,As you didnt get much time to learn the language.

    Hey Cv’s,
    In May 9th episode,U guys showed Asad write a note for Zoya inside her saugaat box.The note was written in Hindi when it should have been in Urdu,which is the language spoken in the show.

    Please note.

  14. Priya says

    Hi Qubool Hai team,

    First off, welcome to Vikrant Massey. Can’t wait to see him in the show.
    Secondly, please leave Asad and Zoya alone. I know you guys have creative freedom but please listen to your viewers. Asad and Zoya on screen blow people away. You will blow your ratings if you get Ayaan and Zoya married. I was thinking in the past shows you have shown so much respect for Asad from his little brother. So how can Ayaan realistically be married with Zoya. And for that matter, how can Zoya who is shown to be in love with Asad do this to HERSELF. Being an independent thinker and who wants to marry only for love. Get real guys, so many people are not going to like this storyline. It will break people’s hearts only to move on. Please keep your ratings and keep Zoya and Asad as a couple alive. Maybe delay the wedding, but atleast show Asad verbalizing his love to Zoya. C’mon writers, you guys are so so talented please listen to this viewer who has been hooked on your awesome show and to countless others. NO TO AYAAN AND ZOYA!
    Please and Thank-you.

  15. says

    Nooooooooooooooooo…….ayan with zoya never never never never hume qubool nahi nahi nahi ………….. Gul khan Stop irritating Us We love ksg n Asad zoya as a couple we love AsYa. If u ppl doing ayan with zoya Then We Will Stop watching Qubool Hai

  16. says

    Really really impressed with Vikrant Massey as the new ayaan!! I was not very enamoured with Rishab though the Raburt and Mona dynamic was to die for and his bond with KSG on screen was great. Watching the precap today, Vikrant is a force to be reckon with and I intend to thoroughly enjoy his entry and his character in every angle.

    CVs and PH, you have done an outstanding job and I can’t wait for the twist on the Mahaepisode and the separation track!!

    Hats off to Gul Khan and 4Lions for a really phenomenal show. I am glad the filler episodes have ended. We can now move on with the story.

  17. says

    plz gul ma’am we don’t want ayan and zoya. plz don’t do this with your loyal viewers. we want only asad and zoya. even tanveer is like a hammer who gives me pain. well plz respect feelings and emotions of asya fans and don’t go with zoya-ayan track. I know this is a mere show. but if ksg is there in any than that show becomes part of my life. you all are so creative plz respect our emotions.

  18. Laila2009 says

    Congratulations to the new entrant on the show. I would be horribly disappointed and disgusted if the writers chose to introduce this Ayaan as a love interest for Zoya. I cannot fathom how any woman would want to engage in an intimate relationship with two brothers. That would make for some awkward dinner conversation! To make matters worse, Zoya would be stabbing her half sister in the back and a young woman whom she knows is in love with a man. That’s a trashy for any woman to do to another.

    I realize that you want to tell a story, but sometimes you might want to rethink – is this the story that I really want to tell or can I make it different and still convey the same message? A story with Ayaan falling for Zoya but no reciprocation on her part, no marriage and definitely no sex, can be stomached but anymore and it’s plain gross.

    People do not want an Ayaan-Zoya romance; I understand that the original premise of this story was two brothers falling in love with the same girl and she coming between them, but I would seriously hope that Zoya has more class than to ever have feelings for Ayaan.

  19. Rabab says

    Plzz ayan and zoya ka koi track mat strt karo
    we luv nly asad and zoya
    we watch nly 4 dem and if zoya ayan happens den we wil not watch dis show

  20. Anu says

    Dear Forum 32,

    Qubool hai is one of the top serial in the tv network but why u all are trying to spoil this serial by sending ayaan in between zoya and asad we all love zoya and asad there nok jhok and there love we wana see the love,romance and nok johk of asad and zoya we love our asad and zoya so so much there is no word to explain how much we love our asya plzzzzzzzzzzzzz gul mam we want asya together no one in between them …………………………………………………………………

  21. Shaziya says

    Please don’t start ayaan-zoya track. We all are asya fans and it will be very disaapointing to see asad and zoya separated. Personally, like to watch the show and more of asad and zoya. I see their clips tens and thousands of times but still cannot get bored. If Ayaan and zoya get married, then the show will lose its grip.

    Plzzz Gul Ma’m don’t separate asya. if not married, then its ok but please keep them together. Thay are enough to catch eyeballs for the show, but only if they are together.

  22. says


  23. sana says

    Rishab will be missed! wish he never left the show.. oh well, still looking forward to Vikrant’s protrayal of Ayaan, and cant wait to see the upcoming twists and turns! i dont care if zoya marries ayaan or asad, i just want the show and story to be interesting!! 😀

  24. Nikki says

    Vikrant is an awesome actor and so this is the reason I was surprised to hear he’s entering QH. No offence but Vikrant deserves better, quality roles. I hope QH team gives more attention to Ayaan’s character and don’t waste Vikrant’s talent. I’ve seen him in Balika Vadhu & The Serial, so i’m going to be reluctant to watch him in QH.

  25. MABURT says

    You people are frustrating as hell! They haven’t even INTRODUCED him yet and ALREADY people are harping on and on and ON about ZoYaan! STFU seriously! At least give the CVs a CHANCE it’s THEIR story after all!

    And how can some people misunderstand the beautiful character of Zoya so much? She is the LAST person on earth who would do something like having more-than-platonic feelings for Ayaan! Jesus, you morons disgust me.

    I have full faith in Gul! You go woman, you show us the story YOU want to show : )

  26. purva says

    new ayaan is nice ….Vikrant s looking nice …n i m sure he will do complete justice with Ayaan’s character

    • Anood says

      Just dont ,aike his carectar boring like alwayes please we want him as funny shitan shayer and vikrant can do that best of luck vikrant

  27. Diana says

    Ayaan entry was Jhakaas, superb, dhamakedaar!

    Much better than the previous out-of-bed look guy!

    Loved the cmiestry between ZOya and Ayaan too!

    Cheers 4 lions

  28. Diana says

    Would also love to see a business rival to Asad Ahmed Khan. Viraf Patel would be awesome as his rival in business and would add much spice to the show….not that there isnt already (wink!)

    Someday hope to see Sanaya cast opposite Viraf in a 4 lions show…

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