Fire – Will it burn everything in its wake in Qubool Hai?

Karan Singh Grover as Asad Ahmed Khan  in Qubool Hai

Karan Singh Grover as Asad Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai

Earth. Wind. Water. Fire. Elements that are essential for our survival. However, when each element is pushed beyond its limits, it brings in calamities. Earthquakes, Tornadoes. Tsunamis. Volcanoes. All disruptive. Again this is nature. The cycle of life.

Surbhi Jyoti as Zoya Farooqui in Qubool Hai

Surbhi Jyoti as Zoya Farooqui in Qubool Hai

Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) has used many a means to try and eliminate Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti) out of her life. One could understand if it was for right reasons. She wants to marry Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) but the reasons are as shady as her character. She wants a status. If it was for love, one would almost condone her motives saying she is doing wrong things for right reasons. Now, she has come down to basics.

Amrapali Gupta as Tanveer  in Qubool Hai

Amrapali Gupta as Tanveer in Qubool Hai

Zoya Farooqui and Asad Ahmed Khan are in love. They want to tell each other so, but there are things, that come in the way. Their past, their fears all add up to the distance that still exist between them. Now the fire that was lit to burn Tanveer (at least the showcase was just that) might just burn their relationship.

Vidya Sinha as Badi Bi in Qubool Hai

Vidya Sinha as Badi Bi in Qubool Hai

Will Asad finding out her fear of fire make the difference in their relationship? Will Zoya realise that Tanveer has a motive behind all this and find the real person hidden behind the veil of tehzeeb?

 Farina Parvez, Archana Taide,  in Qubool Hai

Farina Parvez, Archana Taide, in Qubool Hai

Qubool Hai on the other side also is seeing twists with Nikhat Ahmed Khan (Archana Taide) being ridiculed for being herself in closed doors of her own room. The game of chess between Razia Siddiqui (Alka Kaushal), Badi Bi (Vidya Sinha) has a new Vazeer in form of Haseena Bi and a new pawn in form of Nikhat.

Alka Kaushal, Ketki Kadam, Tej Sapru, Farina Parvez, Archana Taide, Shabnam Sayed and Vaquar Shaikh in Qubool Hai

Alka Kaushal, Ketki Kadam, Tej Sapru, Farina Parvez, Archana Taide, Shabnam Sayed and Vaquar Shaikh in Qubool Hai

Interesting or not, there is a bushfire that has been lit in Qubool Hai and will anything survive in its wake is the question that will be answered over a period of time. But one thing is for sure, scars shall remain on survivors of this fire.

Watch Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV for unfolding of story that will perhaps reveal the real face of Tanveer and Razia Siddiqui. Well, all we can say is Inshallah!

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  1. zara says

    hi great article .. I have 1 question if you could please answer ..

    in the article you asked: Will Asad finding out her fear of fire make the difference in their relationship?

    but doesn’t asad already know about her fear of fire bcoz in one of the previous episodes when she had the bad dream and ran away when asad was standing near a fire .. she told him she was afraid of fire…

    so will he find out something else about the fire ?

    please answer as I am very confused about the storyline .. does asad know about her fear or not .. did he forget their convo they had before

    thanks will really appreciate an answer

    • 2 Forum 32 says

      He may not remember the earlier incident. Perhaps this explanation may trigger that memory? And I believe when someone tries to fight their feelings for others, they tend to try and block out things that make them emotional towards that person. Asad might be feeling the same or did at the time. He has just recently decided to express his feelings. How successful he will be is something one will have to watch the show of course. So, yes hopefully, he will pay more attention to the smaller nuances… Inshallah

      • zara says

        thanks for the reply … looking forward to watching more qubool hai !!! btw im really enjoying the whole storyline of qubool hai .. its always interesting and fresh .. I do feel that the tanveer story is stretching a bit too long but as long as we get a mitwa moment im good !!

        karan singh grover and surbhi jyoti are amazing as asad and zoya and I hope we get to see them on our screens for a long time ..

        pass on my love to them
        no 1 fan from South Africa
        lots of love

      • Aaya fan says

        How can Asad forget such an important fact about the woman he loves? When he remembers Tanveers every detail… A bit lane for my taste

        • 2 Forum 32 says

          I thought I have given a little logic about how one can forget… when you are trying to block emotions… it is not selective… you try to forget things unless something happens to trigger a memory… and perhaps that is what happened today? It human nature. Change is resisted… and Asad is one man who resists change. Did he not say… socha tha koi hawa ke jhonke ki tarah aayega… par miss farooqui toh toofan ki tarah aayee!

      • Madhoo says

        For an explanation of Asad’s motivation that’s pretty lame. Didn’t know he suffers from selective amnesia.

        • Ga Man says

          Please stop doubting Mr. Khan’s memory. Did you see him in tonight’s episode? How can you people doubt him after that? Koi kaise itna handsome dikh sakta hai? Aur unke ek ek romantic dialogue? Unko to sau khoon maaf hain.
          Aaj to Mr. Khan ko full form mein dekh kar, full-on body tingling ho rahi hai.

  2. Bhargavi says

    Dear cvs…this is my fav so..sorry was my fav show….bt i feel its realy stretching of tanveer drama…i cant even enjy AsYa seen bcz of this….i dnt fell like to see this…and feel dat there r so many dream sequenses which we want real….plzzz forward the story line and stop dis tanveer drama..its going too much….

  3. Aaaaaa says

    How can asad forget about zoyas fear
    That day zoya told asad about her past and she only shared it with him because she taught only he could understand
    Zoya got many nightmares about fire in khan mansion
    How can asad forget avery important thing about zoya
    Does he really love zoya
    Cv’s are making asads character dumb how can he forget zoyas fear and he really loves zoya then why he insults her
    We have seen asad insulting zoya then realising that and saying sorry I got irritated with this insulting and sorry Track
    This time zoya should not forgive asad she should ignore him
    Asad need to realise the importance of zoya

  4. E says

    I am LOVING QH! Agreed the Tanveer drama has been stretched but that wasn’t in the hands of the PH. It was Rishab’s fault. Am eagerly awaiting the 150th episode as the pace as finally picked up! While Asad’s redemption will be painful to watch, it is SO needed. AsYa separation track coming up…and I am dreading it but looking forward to it at the same time. AWESOME JOB guys!

  5. Tarique Anwar says

    Hope so everythig will be alright soon.. Dont knw when Stupid Ahmad khan will realise her love.

  6. says

    let it be otherwise… also warms you up and ofcourse it gives light …..let this fire bring some warmth in relations let it light up the darkness……expose tanveer please.LET THIS QH FIRE BRING SMILE ON OUR FACE.

  7. Ramya says

    I loveee surbhi zoya…losing interest nowadays bcoz of this tanu part..almost 50 episodes in disguise of tanu is really enough..asad need not be soo rude to zoya while he cares for tanu..asad deserves evil tanu and introduce a vibrant smart pair for zoya..somewhere I read a storyline which says asad marries zoya but then he marries tanu too..this is the weakest and cheapest storyline u can think off..u trp vl hit the floor..don’t make zoya a mirror image of dilshad..plse don’t make ur story like all other bakwaas serial..marrying ur find by knowing that she is pregg is not the way u help ur frnd..instead he can find the person behind that and settle her life with him…don’t show asad like a brainless body..make him use his brain..and let him believe zoya bcoz love without trust is bekaar..already loosing interest with this heavy dragging and irritating part of tanveer…watching just bcoz of surbhi..u ve shown her like a happy character let her be like that..don’t make her a usual crying psychopath female lead which drowns the charm of ur serial…We LOVE U SURBHI…..

    • veena says

      u r right.marrying tanveer is not done.why serial makers show all these sacrifices? why should good people suffer.if tanveer was not ther,asad would have realised his love long ago.asya deserve each other nad also some happiness in their lives

    • Aaya fan says

      When Asad says sorry tomorrow, this is how I want the the conversation to go tomorrow…

      Asad: Ms. Fa… Zoya… Wo, actually… Sorry
      Zoya: Mr Khan, is baar main jo kahungi use sune bina aap chale mat jaana.
      Asad… blank look
      Zoya: Mr. Khan.. Har baar aap mere saath yehi karte hain. Sabke samne aap mujhe insult karte hain… Aur fir akele mein sorry kehne aajate hain… Is sorry ka kya matlab hai agar aap agli baar, fir wohi galti dohrane wale hain?
      Asad… Wo… actually
      Zoya: Mr. Khan… Main Janti hoon Tanveer aapki bachpan ki dost hai. Aur, nakli hi sahi, mein aapki mangetar hoon, aur jhootha hi sahi, 3 din baad aapka mujhse nikaah hone wala hai… Kya aapki tehzeeb aapko yehi sikhati hai ki ek bahar wale ke samne ek hone wala shauhar apni hone wali biwi ko is tarah beizzat karke kamre se nikal jane ko kahe?
      Asad: Tears!
      Zoya: Mr Khan… Main janti hoon aap mujhe kuchh khaas pasand nahi karte. Agar galti se aap mujhe pasand kar bhi lenge, to bhi aap mujhpar kabhi wiswhas nahi kar sakenge… Aur, na hi kabhi mujhe samajh paenge. Mujhe laga, alag hone ke bawajood, ham achhe dost ho sakte hain. Par main galat thi. Main hamesha aapke liye ek laparwah, bewakoof, Ms. Farooqi hi rahungi. I am not jealous Mr. Khan, but ke baar sochiye, agar main aapke saath aisa bartaav karti jaisa aapne mere saath abhi apni dost ke samne kiya, to aapko kaisa mehsoos hota… Mr. Khan, Tanveer mein wo sab kuchh hai jo aapko apne jeevan saathi mein chahiye. Tehzeeb, thehraav. Aur aapko uspar vishwas bhi hai. Aaplog achhe dost bhi hain. To fir aap mujhse nikaah kyun kar rahe hain. Behatar hoga aap Tanveer ke saath nikah kar lein. Mera bhi India mein rehne ka shauq pura hogaya hai. Kya rakha hai yahan mere liye sivay ilzaam aur beizaadti ke? Mujhe lagta hai mujhe apni Aapi ke saath New York wapis chale jana chahiye. (taking out the ring) Ye lijiye apni anguthi, aur pehna dijiye Tanveer ko. Nikaah mubarako ho, Mr. Khan. Good bye!

      And, ASAD Panics!

      Enough, of Asad blaming Zoya. Seriously. Enough. I dont want Asya separation, but for once, just once, I want Zoya to show him her self worth. Just once, I want Zoya to stand up for herself. Though Zoya once herself said in an episode that he rnature is such that she cant stay angry at anyone for long… But, for once, I want her to stand up for herself and bring Asad to a reality check.

      • Jay Dee says

        I like your version better than QH’s. I too agree that Zoya has been humiliated and dumbed down too much and Mr. Khan continues to be a total jerk.

        • Shanaya says

          I absolutely LOVE what you’ve written! It’s way better than the dialogues they have in QH right now…and in this script of yours, Zoya has more dialogues than she does in a whole week in the show!

    • Hesta says

      Yes, making Zoya a Dilshad clone would be so disgusting.

      Though given Asad’s freudian obsession with his mother it kinda makes sense. Why, for instance, when he has her bent over his arm, is leaning seductively over her, and is about to say, main tumse … he first thinks of what his mom said. My god, someone forgot to snip the umbilical cord on this one. And the other invisible cord attaches him to Tanu. There is no room for Zoya in this incestuous and monstrous scenario. She should gracefully bow out.

  8. says

    Well I think this fire will bring a change in the relationship of asad and zoya hopefully it will bring them close. Tanveer’s part is going too… much long. We are getting bored by watching it. How many days AsYa will take to know about tanu’s intention’s. Stop showing AsYa so dum. I have read your story line don’t make asad marry both zoya and tanveer. Marrying tanveer can not solve problems of tanu.. I request you to change your story line plz…. Make asad marry zoya only..other wise serial will loose it’s charm..

  9. Asyafan says

    How can someone who is in love forget something so important about the love of his life? This is a le excuse to cover up a blooper. Asad remembers everything about tanveer including minor details but forgot such a big thing about Zoya… The first secret she shared with him is this. I am disappointed to see that though the romance is there the relationship of Asad and Zoya is not even growing an iota. There is zero character development . Zero trust and zero respect. Stop making Asad obsessed with tanu and make him respect Zoya as an individual. Make Zoya question herself and at least walk out on Asad in principle. Not be angry for a comic jealous my foot track, but to be angry for the fact that he disrespects her.

    • Jay Dee says

      I totally agree. Enough of humiliating Zoya and dumbing down of Asad. What do they hope to accomplish by this? I’d rather they broke up instead of this tomfoolery and endless torture.

    • Jay Dee says

      Yes, please I want an angry, fire-breathing, nail-spitting, roid-raging Zoya who slaps Mr. Khan’s oppressive presence off, holds up her hand to keep him at a distance and who walks off while he’s in the middle of a harangue.

      I want to see her tapping her foot impatiently, rolling her eyes, yawning while he’s hemming and hawing and getting stuck at voh …. actually … main …. ye…. kahana …. chahta ….tha ….ki …..main…. aapse….nahin …. tumse…..

      I want to hear a resounding door slam every time he is on screen. I want her to make funny faces and mimic his stiffness behind his back while he’s talking. I want Najma and Phuphi to be rolling in laughter as they see a serious him in front with a comical parody happening right behind him.

      I want to see a majorly PISSED OFF Zoya who sarcastically says–Mr. Khan aap mera time waste kar rahen hain. Mujhe apni sari zindagi jeeni hai, bahut kuch life mein karna hai, bahut aage jana hai aur aap mere raste ki rukavat aur pair ka kanta ban gaye hain.

      Please excuse me and go to Tanu jo aapka besabri se intezaar kar rahi hai.

    • Jay Dee says

      I love your story re-write and your comment about zero story and character development. I too want Zoya to walk out RIGHT NOW. They keep undermining her character arc–give her some power and control for 2 minutes and then snatch it away for the next 18.

      I am absolutely hating Sad-Ass Khan’s character right now. He has become so distasteful in his absolute disregard for a person he thinks he’s in love with. I think the real reason he can’t say that he loves her is because he really DOESN’T. He shows no worry for Zoya’s safety after her harrowing and physical encounter, late at night, with a supposedly dangerous male intruder. This kind of self-absorbed love is repulsive and not what Zoya deserves at all.

      And as many of us have said, Tanu isn’t even the real problem now, it’s Mr. Khan’s regressing and back-sliding character.

      Zoya needs to quit, ASAP.

      • Candy says

        I agree. If he really loved her,he wouldn’t have so much difficulty expressing it.Especially since he has come so close to losing her twice.

        He didnt even ask her if she was ok,did the intruder harm her,didnt feel her arms etc to see if she was hurt. Chandelier falls,all he did is hug her. Then it’s my Tanu this & my Tanu that!

        If my man behaved like that,I would pickle his jewels & feed it to him with mutton biryani!

        • Hesta says

          Yep, tell it sister. Spoon feed him that cannibalistic biryani on the complementary plate that completes the spoon. Wow, so poetic he is. And poets don’t care about the physical condition and welfare of their true loves. A poet’s soul bleeds for real victims such as Tanu. Our feminist Mr. Khan stands by victims of imaginary domestic abuse not impulsive and silly girls who go chasing after and entangle with dangerous predators–they deserve what they get.
          RIP JD and Alina–looks like you’ve been silenced like Zoya. Such exalted company you keep.

  10. srishti says

    hey thnk u for d wonderful article
    i am certain dt tanveers truth will be out cos no matter how much an evil
    tries to be smart d truth always come out. it takes time BUT it does come out

    but can u clear my two doubts plz ?

    1.Asya use to connect cause of pain n their heart. if we see earlier episodes where asad had sent rashid to jail zoya cheered him up nd said “mujhe pata hai aap hain to sab theek kar denge” Y such scenes r not there? asya use to connect cos f d pain they have in their heart. everycouple on tv is lovey dovey but asya were different cos they had connected cos f d pain n their heart and could connect to each other bceause f this pain. Y this element is missing b/w asya dt ws much beautiful. plz bring dt element back in asya plz

    2. shirins baddua will fall on her children na? cos its said f u give baddua to someone who isnt at fault d baddua falls back on the same person? will u show this happening or not?

  11. says

    this is enough, enough of this tanveer drama now if it keep on going like this we will stop watching it and ur TRPs will go down if you streach this drama more we fans want asya scenes why we should compromise we only want romantic asya scenes not dreams reall n kick this tanveer out of this all and pls we want one scene where asad defend zoya from that idiot tanveer and not suppot tanveer any more and realise his mistake and starts caring zoya

  12. Ruchies says

    Agreed its getting a little bit stretched and repetitive. Earlier while watching each episode i used to wonder wow this is nice . The serial has some pace. Its not the same now. Even asad and zoya look bored onscreen :) hoping soon this monotony will break inshallah :)

    • Lulu Nene says

      Dream on. That’s not gonna happen. Like ever. Like at the intersection of NEH and VER. Like when pigs fly. Like when hell freezes over. Like when Tanu sacrifices her plans and becomes the good girl Jammy thinks she is, and when Raziya stands up for justice for Zoya by becoming her shield against all harm.

      Then Mr. Khan will propose to Zoya.

      But we will all be dead by then–ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

  13. sripriya says

    I am in love with 4lions show from ipk days….u r making the leads so beautiful…that everyone will fall in love with them….

    i am not happy that you are showing the lack of trust between asad and zoya…TRUST is the base of LOVE. how can asad love zoya if there is no trust on her….

    pls make asad trust zoya atleast now onwards…..and pls get rid of tanveer character…

    otherwise love cvs and QH.

  14. zk says


    • Johnny says

      I agree fully !! more and more viewers are getting bored, exasperated and tired of watching these silly games. . please let him either tell her or let her throw in the towel and move out of his life for now …

      This dragging on is becoming a bore and a sore and a pain… even in the interviews / SBS segments Asad and Zoya are also getting probably tired of this sickening bore !!

      And even more fully agree !!


      What is Islamic here in this drama ?? Nothing really I believe … except maybe for the wedding functions and procedures ….

      Tanveer and Razia and Haseena Bi ?? They are far from being good followers of their own religion .. Incest, Pre-Marital Sex, Murder, Attempted Murder, Cruelty… these are all great sins even in Islam …and they are doing it so freely ..

      So writers of this serial .. please tell us what way were you planning to portray the Muslim family ?? like this ??

      Please atleast someone show us a good and happy serial … we are all tired of all this politics, bickering, murders and scheming lying b**cths being shown in these serials .. !!

      Let us have some real sweet and nice story . for a refreshing story .. and a story that teaches some good things / gives some good family entertainment and morals to the generation !!

    • Jade says

      It’s no use shouting at them or begging with them. They just don’t care about their show. We care more about its quality than them. And yes, the actors are so bored. KSG still gives his best with Asad’s limited and really dumb character, but SJ is just DONE with this nonsense. She’s not even putting an effort any more. I don’t blame her at all. They promised her a beefy role with a strong lead, and now they’ve reduced her to being a cameo in her own show. Yes, they are going to get Tanu and Asad married. I just wish they would get to it sooner without all this endless dragging.

  15. Zen says

    Hey Forum 32! Amazing article as usual! I have a question , how come ur new montage doesn’t show in US? It is still showing old..

  16. says

    pls can we have love confession already its going so slow. Pls we want hot passionate intense romance between Asad Zoya. Pls starting showing already im fed up with this frikin tanu sticking her leg everywhere I hate her so much. Stop bringing her in AsYa scenes it so irritating. Why can’t Asad Zoya be alone why do u guys have shove billo ranis face everywhere. Pls kick billi rani out ASAP WE CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!

  17. PrincessJ says

    Ditto to AsyaFan- I completely agree with you.
    Please show strong women in your lead women. You are showing Tannu and Raziya stronger. Let good prevail over bad. At least be different from other indian shows.
    We beg of you! ASYA are awesome blossom. Show a strong Zoya – the girls of India need strong characters with self respect and good self esteem. And if the men see the respect TV men have for their women then things from home to home will start getting better for women.
    Zoya is from NYC – why does she need ASAD from Bhopal. Let him realise that he is not a top dog in her life. She is all that and more and can get anyone else as a strong independent woman.
    Get rid of Tanveer for lord sake. She is a nuisance and comes across as very fake on TV. Be real- show reality- not non-sense. Let ASAD and Zoya storyline of marriage remain.. no tanveer needed in their future. Let Imraan come out with his deeds with Tannu..
    Get going guys… don’t take too long- people are impatient and move on to other shows.

    • QueenJ says

      Zoya is from NYC – why does she need ASAD from Bhopal. Let him realise that he is not a top dog in her life. She is all that and more and can get anyone else as a strong independent woman.–I love it!

      Yes QH, give us our old Zoya back.

      • Alina says

        BINGO. Everything about these comments right here is PERFECT. This is the main problem with the relationship between Asad and Zoya, and why nobody is happy anymore with the way their track is going. Why, exactly, would Zoya love Asad? Why would Zoya love a man who is beneath her and not even a real man? It makes no sense.

        Why should we, as the audience, believe that Asad deserves Zoya? What has he done to really showcase that he loves her? Look at all Zoya has done for their family. Saved his mom’s life (for which she got slapped, btw) and then saved his own useless life. And then saved his siter’s izzat (which Asad is really careful about) in college! Do any of the cv’s remember this stuff?!

        So our question still remains: why. does. Asad. deserve. Zoya?

        What has he done that as audiences we would go arre vah, yeh admi toh is ladki pe chaan chidakta hai, is ki shaadi toh us kamaal ki ladki se hona chahiye?

        • Jay Dee says

          Nothing. Not one blasted thing. Which is why we are dead against his getting to 1st base with Zoya. He is not worthy of her. He’s probably not even worthy of Tanu–even she deserves better than a spineless, gutless, brainless, shitless moron than him. She has only one eye, what’s his excuse for being utterly blind.

          • Alina says

            Ha! That last line was killer, JD. Excellent work. I see you are incredibly frustrated because yet again your one-liners are on point tonight.

            So true! Even Tanveer deserves better than Asad. I frankly don’t really have a problem with her, oddly enough. I think it’s what they’re doing with Asad that I have a problem with. Even if Tanveer was doing this stuff, but Asad had expressed his feelings to Zoya long ago and now he was trying to improve his behavior with her, be more patient, understanding of her emotions, and stopped yelling at her, I would be like WHO IS TANVEER?! WHO CARES?! ASAD HAS FINALLY BECOME A MAN, PRAISE GOD!!

            But alas. It’s just a dream. If a regular person like me can write out Asad’s character development, then what on God’s green earth are the CVs doing?!

          • Candy says


            Loved “But alas. It’s just a dream. If a regular person like me can write out Asad’s character development, then what on God’s green earth are the CVs doing?!”

            Very valid question. Only thing I can see them doing is licking a filthy meow’s paws!

            I think the day ( IF THAT DAY SHOULD EVVVER COME) Asad confesses he loves Zoya,I might miss the scene,coz he has shouted wolf,wolf too many times and I would be yawning at yet some more “mein…woh…actually….Ammi”!

        • AAK says

          What do you mean Ms. Farooqui saved Najma’s life? When did this happen and why don’t I know about it? I’m sure, I couldn’t have forgotten that detail. Why doesn’t anybody tell me anything. I don’t know how I forgot that Ms. Farooqui is terrified of fires and that she even has nightmares about them. I’m just not thinking straight these days. I did try to apologize for my harsh words.

          As for deserving Ms. Farooqui. I never denied that I am not good for her because I may only cause her grief given my paternity. But now I’ve begun to think that we may be ok together. I am willing to forego some of my lingering doubts that she is inconsiderate of Tanu, too impulsive, and a bit reckless. She has done many stupid things in the past so why is everyone cracking down so hard on me for being extra cautious? She ran away from her own wedding, later ended up in jail and I had to bail her out, endangered all our lives by her faulty installation of the gas cylinder. Her appearance at Ayaans engagement was such a mega-disaster. She never listens to anything I say. Why doesn’t anyone say that she’s not worthy of me? How am I the bad guy?

          On the other hand, I feel this strange attraction and tension that won’t let me keep my eyes off her. She has turned my life and world upside down. I have never come across someone like this.

  18. Johnny says

    The story writers are probably so concerned about meeting the basic storyline that they had initially set that they are making bloopers after bloopers and unbelievable story lines and events at times ..

    There are lots and lots and tons of serials, megaserials and other rom-coms and soaps out there with scheming, politics and pain … the one reason this one seemed to stand out initially was the As-Ya angle of Asad and Zoya ..

    but sadly, now like watching a cancer patient dying, the writers are dragging us through headache prone episode after episode … and in the meanwhile, have started making both Asad and Zoya stupider and stupider and much more different from their original characteristics .. It seems no one in the huge house talks to anyone else …Tanveer listens to every dialogue and monologue of everyone else while no one even notices her !! wow !! how ridiculously dumb is that ?? and we are expected to believe that .. come on Writers .. we know this is a soap / rom-com drama but still .. do you really expect the viewers to be so gullible and dumb as Asad and Zoya ?

    And why the heck are you guys killing your own TRPs by dragging this Asad-Zoya storyline .. either he tells or they just break up and the story goes as per your original story line …

    Will Asad Tell Zoya or not ??
    When will he start treating her with some respect ?
    When will Zoya give him back a good dose for his disrespect ?
    When will Zoya ever start thinking – if I don’t love this man, why am I putting up with his shit ?

    and come on man .. even the dumbest person can start to realize Tanveer’s machinations after a while .. is everyone in that whole Mr, Khan household so dumb to not even bother to think about it ??

    This dragging on is causing not only Zoya to get bored but we are also getting extremely bored and I believe I am speaking for a lot of viewers (including me and my friend’s families) as its now getting dragging and very boring …

    For God;s sake either end the As-Ya angle now or let him tell her atleast .. then do whatever you guys wanna do .. otherwise the whole joy of watching this show is gone …

    so PLEASE someone tell the writers to wake up before the TRPs start going down ..

  19. Alina says

    Do the creators of this show have a death wish or something? Are you guys really this dumb? No wonder viewers have filed complaints with the bccc! First of all, you show Asad always yelling at Zoya all the time. Okay, fine. It’s a drama. But then he apologizes all the time quietly, in her bedroom? Why not where people can see he made a mistake?

    Why are you treating Asad like a prized trophy-ape, and Zoya like some random girl who he can just yell at, slap, throw out of the house and then bring back whenever he wants? Do the women of India really need to see this? What the hell kind of a message are you sending to the youth everywhere? It’s okay to yell at your significant other as long as you apologize quietly? It’s okay to be yelled at and humiliated in front of everyone all the time, and you should never fight back?

    You know what? Your problem is NOT Tanveer. Your problem is the “Asya” track that you can’t even figure out. You wanna know why viewers are getting bored? Because we’re tired of seeing only Asad yell. We’re tired of seeing Zoya stay quiet. We want to see the old Zoya. The one with a voice, who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and go against Asad’s wishes.

    What you NEED to do is introduce a childhood male friend from Zoya’s life, from NY! What you need to do is have her threaten to (or actually!) leave Asad and go back with her sister to NY. What you need to do is have her yell at Asad the way he always yells at her. Is that against her “character”? So what. You’re trying to show changing characters, right? Zoya doesn’t stay mad at people for very long? Well maybe this time she has changed and she WILL stay mad. Sheesh. Stop with the crappy repetitive and abusive cycle, please!!

    Otherwise enjoy watching your trp’s tank faster than the Titanic when it hit the iceberg.

    • Jammy says

      Hey please, everyone stop bashing on me and my best friend. Tanu is my best friend forever. So please leave her alone too. I really care deeply about her but now she’s hitting on me and I’m really uncomfortable. She seems to want to hug me a lot and it’s getting embarrassing. What do I do?

      On the other hand, there’s this girl I really like but I can’t work up the courage to tell her how I feel. Life would be easier if I had fallen in love with Tanu and then we could have gotten married and lived happily ever after. She is what I was looking for in a girl–lots of tehzeeb–though more recently she’s been creeping me out by all her feeling me up. It’s nice, but still. She is very cultured and considerate and a real lady. This other girl on the other hand just drives me insane.

      • Tanu says

        Yeah, I don’t know, like, why everyone hates me so much. Can’t you all see that I’m in a real bind here–one eye, no family, bun in the oven, boring business, a hot but dumb friend I really have a crush on and whose bones I’m trying to jump but he just doesn’t get the hint. Kaun mujhse shaadi karega?

        I dress demurely, cover myself head to toe but why does the girl in jeans from NY get to have all the fun and all the fans and even my precious Jammy’s attention? Here I do all the hard work, cook kheer for him, set his table, call immigration, kill live chickens, crash a chandelier, set myself on fire. But no, still no luck.

        I am the unluckiest girl in the whole wide world. I clutch and grope my Jammy, throw myself at him 24/7, press into his hard body but the doofus still doesn’t react, just holds me in a sisterly fashion. I am beginning to fear he’s impotent. Just my luck, even if I do end up with him, he’s going to be a limp noodle. Now that’ll really piss me off. After all this hard work, I still don’t get to enjoy full-blooded Jammy then I really will set myself on fire and stand under a falling chandelier.

        • 2 Forum 32 says

          Do we have a story format writing of opinions. Interesting but please maintain decorum. Thank you.

        • Alina says

          Hey Forum 32, I’m just trying to understand Jammy and Tanu’s INCREDIBLY WEIRD relationship here! Not trying to start a fight, I promise. :)

          And Tanu, isn’t that a bit redundant though, setting yourself on fire AND standing under a chandelier? Either one will effectively get the job done. Oh but wait. I forgot. You’re Tanu, of all people! If anyone can do ANYTHING unrealistic, literally unbelievable, that will test the patience of the viewers time and time again, it would be YOU, right? So naturally, you would need to both light yourself on fire AND stand under a falling chandelier, just to make sure the job is completely done, because clearly if you just light yourself on fire, you’ll survive because of a “special” gel that only you have. Naturally, it all makes sense.

          But I just don’t understand Tanu. I mean really! That Zoya girl just needs to LEAVE. My advice to her would be to just get out of that house altogether! I mean what business does she have being there anyway? This wedding is fake, as far as she’s concerned. Any realistic, dignified, self-loving, self-respecting girl would’ve left a LONG time ago after the way Jammy treats her and verbally abuses her repeatedly. But no. She just literally keeps forgiving and forgetting, like some brain dead zombie.

          Look, take it from an outsider here, Asad and Zoya have ZERO chemistry. They lost all that “spark” the minute you walked into their lives, Tanu! Quite frankly it’s getting tiresome watching them together nowadays. Please, do something fast so that they can separate permanently. Asad doesn’t deserve Zoya. He deserves YOU Tanu. What you two have? That’s true love. THAT’S what you want children to learn about true love, and teenagers as well!

          • Tanu says

            Hey, I agree with everything you just said. Finally, someone who gets me.

            Seriously, what is wrong with Zoya? Why does she keep forgiving Jammy, who I want all to myself but who mistreats her like that. That is why I am convinced that he doesn’t really love her and that I still have a chance with him. But he better not yell at me when he’s all mine. I will smack him so hard he won’t know whether he’s coming or going.

            And I’m all for having this girl out of this house and have tried several times to do so. God knows what is wrong with these 2. She goes, he brings her back. He yells and then mumbles sorry. She gets no real apology and still forgives. She is so clumsy and trips every 2 seconds and he’s always around to keep her head from splitting open like a ripe watermelon. I am so sick of this.

            But I don’t agree that they don’t have chemistry. I wish that were true, my job would have been a lot easier. Their chemistry is the only glue holding them together because knowing Jammy full well, he’s never going to be able to admit that he has the hots for her. And she’s too independent to surrender bonelessly unless she has a declaration of love signed, sealed and delivered.

            So luckily, their own pigheadedness is working in my favor. But I have to jump through some serious hoops to keep these 2 apart. You think it’s easy to eavesdrop on every conversation in the house? I am a mind reader but it’s so exhausting now that I’m in my 2nd trimester. My god I don’t have much time. I need to marshall all my tricks, mind games and spidey senses to counter Zoya’s growing suspicions and to keep Jammy just as deluded about my purity and sweetness. God, what a moron. As kids, I knew he was soft in the head but this soft? Does he think women have no passions and desire? He runs like a little girl each time I try to snuggle up to him. I thought he’s be easier to manipulate if I pressed into him but may be I’m coming on too strong and need to back off a bit. I am beginning to have serious doubts about this guy, but I still need him, his name, his wealth and status.

            But then I see him around Zoya and he can’t seem to take his eyes off her. I never have known him to be tongue-tied like this and yet get so angry, so easily with everything she does or says. This will be my ticket–I just need to push him over the edge by showing him how irresponsible and childish she is. It’s funny, he knows this, but still can’t seem to get her out of his system.

            So complicated. Everything I’ve done so far has only got them closer. And it doesn’t help that Khala keeps pushing him to express his feelings. I am so tired of this. My back hurts, my feet are getting swollen and I’ve already put on 7 pounds. At this rate I’ll be big as a house and Jammy will be wedded and bedded.

            May be I shouldn’t try so hard and step back because they are pretty good at messing things up between themselves on their own. He’ll never say I love you and she’ll never know how sorry he is for his cruelty to her. I probably need to work on her and tell her to re-grow her spine. Why is she rolling over and playing dead all of a sudden? Why isn’t she pushing back against him like she used to? Why doesn’t she leave this oppressive house once in a while so that she can think freely about what she should do with her life? Why does she take his verbal abuse silently? Why won’t she verbally abuse him for a change. Why do I have to think for both of them?

            So much to do and so little time.

      • Alina says

        Hey Jammy, why don’t you do us all a favor and marry Tannu? Honestly you both look like a match made in heaven. God knows where this annoying other girl came from! You and Tannu were meant to be, man. Really you’re in love with her and not this new other girl who drives you insane. Go be with Tannu and tell the other girl to leave your house ASAP.

        Trust me, it’s for the best.

        And while you’re at it, just as a side note, grow some balls and be a real man at some point in your life, kay? Thanks!

        • 2 Forum 32 says

          Do we have a potential argument in the making here? Each of you have an opinion and we respect that. Just do it politely. Thank you in advance.

        • Jammy says

          Ms. Alina,

          You are very rude. You have no tehzeeb. Aap jaisi ladkiyan rishton ki ehmiyat nahin samajhti hain. Aur maine kisi ko bhi ye haq nahin diya hai ki wo mere balls ke bare mein comment karein.

          And it’s my house. I and the decider and choose who to keep in it and who to throw out. But just between you and me, I had no idea that it would get so crowded and be oozing with estrogen. I can’t think straight anymore. That’s why I’ve even stopped going to the office.

          As for marrying Tanu, I never really thought about it though looks like she’s given it some serious thought. She’s nice and all, but doesn’t do a thing for me. Now this other girl, though. Oh man, she gets under my skin like nobody’s business. You won’t believe how hard and how often I’ve tried to throw her out of my house, but then I also keep bringing her back each time. I must have a screw loose in my head. She is constantly fighting with me and making fun of me and I can’t seem to keep my mind or hands off her. Hmm, note to self, Tanu can’t seem to keep her hands off me–keep a safe distance. Tanu and I may be a match made in heaven but why do I want the match made in hell instead?

          • 2 Forum 32 says

            I hope I won’t have to moderate your comments… Alina, Jammy and Tanu… we enjoy healthy discussion and Jammy and Tanu are bringing pov from characters’ perspective. Interesting as it does sound, please refrain from a slanging match. It is a show. Do not get personal please.

          • Candy says

            Dear Forum32 moderator,

            I realise the need to keep decorum etc by Alina,Jammy & Tanu.

            But at least they are making me laugh,while the Tanveer track is making me pull my hair. I rather have the laughs than further loss of hair owing to an omni present,do-any-amount-of-evil-but-NO ONE-sees-me-Daayan !

        • Ayaan Ahmad Khan says

          Aap sab ki sab mere bhai jaan ke peeche kyon pad gaye hain?

          But bhai jaan, agar aap mere bestest bhai na hote, to main to sara time issi page pe rehta—kya ek se ek firecracker ladkiyan hain yahan par jo aapki dash mein bumboo kar rahi hain.

          But aap to he-man aur mere sheroo bhaiya hain. I’m sure you can take care of yourself and don’t need me to rush to your defense. But so many women? With so many complaints against you? Main kuch din bahar kya chala gaya aapne to love ki dukan-cum-factory khol li. Yahan to qayamat aa gayee. The air is so ripe with competing pheromones in the Khan mansion. Pride of lions to suna tha but yahan to harem khol ke baithe hain aap.

          Ab main plastic surgery, haircut and shave kar ke accha baccha ban ke aya hun to koi mujhe poochta hi nahin hai. Aap sari female attention hog kar rahen hain. Not fair, bhai jaan. Mujhe uss ghar mein itni sari dumblinas ke saath chhod diya hai, aur aap apne ghar mein sher bane huye hain. Kabhi ek besahara abala ki hifazat karte hain to kabhi doosri jhansi ki rani se bhaagte phirte hain.

          Ye Mona Darling to badi ustad nikli. Aapki dash mein dash kar diya. Mast cheez hai na? Agar aapse nahin sambhalti to main kuch karoon?

          Per seriously, mujhe nahin pata tha ki aapki itni close female friend hai. Ye kab hua? Main, jo itna stud bana phirta hoon, meri ek bhi aisi close chipakti hui friend nahin hai. Aap to chhupe rustam nikle! Iss chipakti friend ki maa ki, nahin, sorry, sorry, patthar ki aankh hai?

          Wow, I’m so jealous of you. Aisa kahan hota hai ki dono haath mein laddo? Kitabon mein padha tha aur picturon mein dekha tha ye angel vs. whore, virgin vs. slut ka drama. Aap to drama apni hi chhat ke neeche le aaye! I don’t understand you at all bhai. Any tips for how I can do this at my house without whisking Mona darling away from right under your nose?

          Main apka same place, same time wait karta hoon par aaj kal aap ghar se nikalte hi nahin. Mujhe ye nahin samajh mein aata ki aap jase gabroo jawan ke hote huye, kis haramzaade ki himmat hai aap ke hi ghar mein ghus kar aapki best friend ko pareshan karne aur darane aur dhamkane ki? This makes no sense to me. Are you so distracted and your brain so emptied of blood (;P) that villains are sneaking up right under your nose? But at the same time, I don’t blame you, so many luscious distractions … but thoda to bahar nikaliye. Khuli hawa mein dimaag fresh kijiye. We’ll ride my bike so your feel the wind in your hair and it might blow away those cobwebs in your head?

  20. Candy says

    Despite the fact,that u guys hate criticism, amusing to note almost very single comment here says end the Tanveer track. I know this article is a forewarning of tsunami of tears for us viewers, but when u are making a show,we happen to be the audience and I so hope someday,u will consider the request of the people u make shows for.I am sure u aren’t making shows for yourself,are u?

    Having said that,so much time gets spent on Tanveer,Razia etc. Why aren’t we being shown their family backgrounds etc? On what made them what they are.Maybe we would attempt to hate them a bit less.

    Like many above my comment have said, we are losing interest in the show thanks to the continuous dragging of the Tanveer track. I know your reply will be “dekhna hai Toh Dekho” but I hope we can have the majority of 20 mins focused on AsYa rather than the numerous villains of this tale.Despite ur hatred for criticism,even u will agree,the reason u have the audience you do,is because its supposed to be an AsYa love story.

    Hope you take this in the right spirit and realise patience of many is being tried with this never ending white eyed evil track.

    • Jammy & Tanu Forever says

      Thank you Ms. Candy for your kind support of Jammy, Tanu and Alina’s exchange. I’m happy to see this threesome myself. I would love to see this triangle get more intense than any other triangle on the show. That Alina is sassy! I don’t know what’s happening with the women of today–they seem to have a mind and voice of their own. Hermaphrodites like me find this a little scary but also oddly gratifying. Humare zamane mein aisa nahin tha.

    • Jay Dee says

      Yeah, this show is making me pull my hair too and I love the exchange between Jammy, Tanu and Alina. Keep it going guys! Nice diversion from Tanu on the show.

    • AAK says

      As eye candy to Candy, I appreciate your impassioned critique of Tanu’s heavy-handedness. I hate to say it, but I am slightly sick of her too and can’t seem to escape her grasping claws. If I didn’t know her ladylike and kind nature so well, I would be tempted to think that she constantly lies in wait to ambush me.

      Meanwhile the woman I really want falling into my arms is constantly running away from me–I can’t figure her out at all and don’t understand why she behaves like this. I thought women loved to be told they are loved. Why won’t she let me express myself–it’s all her fault for making me so mad. At least Tanu understands me and reads my mind.

      By the looks of all the comments here, and on other pages like Zee’s official page for QH, it seems the fans want exactly what I want. But some feminist fans really have it in for me and I can’t figure out their anger. I didn’t know that being so perfect and a greek god with a marshmallow center would be such a major headache. They are accusing me of being a domestic abuser. Just because I growl and yell at the woman I love? Just because I smash things in anger? Just because I hit her once and call her bewakoof occasionally? Just because I degrade her for her lack of parents? Just because I forgot that she has a phobia of fire and accused her of being lazy and shallow and unwilling to help my best friend?

      C’mon, I did say sorry for almost all the above. I even presented her a sari that she messed up and converted into a modern kurti! The horror! I even went into her room the other day to apologize. Is it my fault that she was inconsiderately asleep? I was still gallant enough to say sorry. Twice!

      I am so misunderstood and am being unfairly targeted by femi-nazis who really want me but can’t have me. What do they want me to do? Become soft? Change who I am? How is that going to impress my girl? I can’t, and will never compromise my steely usools. They are the only thing that keep me warm at night.

      • Alina says

        Oh Jammy, I’m so sorry! Please forgive me. How could I have forgotten the lessons that Zoya has taught young women like me in the past few months? If a man yells at me, I must DEFINITELY be at fault, and I must not talk back, argue, or yell (even if I am 100% in the right and he is in the wrong). And then, if he comes to apologize to me, I MUST forgive him (even if he humiliated me in public and apologized to me in private) and I must forget how hurt I was within a matter of seconds.

        I’m so sorry Jammy, I completely forgot that as a woman, I am always in the wrong. That is what watching you and Zoya has shown me, and that is what I must always remember.

        And my dear friend Tanu! Please, oh please, won’t you tell me your secrets? As a young lady, I have learned from you that true love means sabotaging other people’s emotions, attempting to murder repeatedly, and being omnipresent, all-knowing, and a mind-reader. Please tell me how on earth you became a mind-reader, how you managed to be everywhere at once, how you ALWAYS know just when to come in at the right time to ruin Asad and that other annoying girl’s pathetic moments. I want to know how to be a woman like you! I want to know how a woman can hide her symptoms of pregnancy for so long, and be successful! Oh Tanu, you’re so amazing. I wish I knew your secrets. The lessons you are teaching young women like me are delightful and refreshing. I only WISH you would get married to Jammy so that true love that stems from beautiful evil likes yours can truly be fulfilled.

        • Jammy & Tanu Forever says

          Exactly, now you understand us perfectly. Though you still seem to have a holier-than-thou attitude. We are so glad that this show is having a positive effect on millions of young women like yourself.

          Jammy had to excuse himself so now we can talk more freely.

          Mind-reading takes years of practice. But simple minds like Jammy’s are easy enough to read. Any man’s mind is easy to read–not much going on in the penthouse once the elevator is jammed. I don’t like to give away all my secrets but I am a quick study and well-versed in detecting the follies and vagaries of human nature. Good people are simple people and are pretty straight-forward to figure out. Take khala for instance, she’s a sweet lady and only thinks of what’s best for her kids. If I make her think that I have her kids’ best interests at heart I’ll have her eating out of my hand.

          To be honest, this pregnancy is becoming a huge pain in the butt. I really crave Bloody Marys some days but have to refrain from indulging. It’s becoming harder and harder to hide the baby bump. But that’s the advantage of living with good people–they don’t suspect the worst as I do, and always give everyone the benefit of the doubt, which I don’t. And these are my survival skills in a nutshell. I do have nine lives you see and I’m stealthy by nature. So no one, not even Jammy, dare mess with me.

          I did not want to hurt Zoya but since she’s been bumbling around and messing my plans so often, I have to take care of her. I can’t stand to see Jammy and her getting close to each other. Though, I don’t know why I bother. Jammy is never going to be able to admit that he loves such a girl who is a total misfit for him. He is painfully shy about his emotions and therefore so much easier to lead around by his nose. Because he is so emotionally controlled he thinks others are hiding their emotions and pain as well. And this is the real trick to Jammy-management. Pull the right strings and he will protect you like a lion. The funniest thing though, given his nature and her background, he should be feeling this fierce about Zoya. But her independence freaks him out and he mistakes it for lack of depth and character. He can be so blind and such a fool.

          Hey, it suits my purposes. If these two ever get together, then it’ll be the end of me.

          • Jammy & Tanu Forever says

            PS Everyone, you are invited to our wedding. Our wedding registry is at Borgin and Burkes in Diagon Alley.

            Baby gifts are welcome as well. You could also contribute to our child’s college fund.

            UPDATE: Jammy is already in love with our baby who is pretty hefty for a preemie. Jammy is so sweet and so easy to delude. I think I really may love him. He treats me like a queen, waits on me hand and foot and guards me like a pit bull from my imaginary ex-husband. What else could a girl ask for?

            It took some work and a lot of elbow grease but now I can relax as I look out of my window to that long and raised flower bed planted with the most fragrant pink roses in Bhopal.

        • AAK says

          Thank you for the apology by the way. I wish more women would come to see the wisdom of your words. But I have now found out that these feminist critics of mine actually emailed the BCCC complaining about my “pattern of domestic abuse-like behavior” with Ms. Farouqui. Someone on Zee’s QH page has actually published a list of episode dates, dialogues and actions to prove their point.

          Incredibly foolish.

          I said this to Ms. Farouqui earlier and am forced to repeat myself: Shayad inn auraton ke ma baap ke paas inko adab sikhane ka waqt nahin tha, kahin aur masroof the woh…
          Galti inki nahin hai. Galti inke ma baap ki hai. Agar wo inko nek salaah dete to shayad ye aisi nahin hoti.

          Par aap to samajhdar hain. Akal der aaye durust aaye. Please yeh tehzeeb ka sabak unhe bhi padhiye.


      • VS Singham says

        Namaskaram mere SHER,

        I founnd ouut from Zoye that you are active on this page. Main apko bahut miss karte.

        Aap kyon mera phone nahin receive karti?

        Maine ASAD apne lower back pe tattoo karti.

        Abhi raw hai to bahut dard hoti.

        Hum apka Sangeet ka daance youtube pe dekhti.

        Aap dono kyon nahin acche is practice karti?

        Mera naam mitti mein milati.

        Hum Zoye se apka office ka address leti. Par aapka secretary Mr. Prasad bolti ki aap bahut din se office se absent rehti.

        Aap thiik hoti? Koi praablem to nahin hoti? Aap kyon nahin office aati?

        Please humako SMS karti. Hum verry worried abouut you. And also want to see you onnce more.

        Aapki fan, also sher

      • AAK Wannabe says

        Mr AAK,

        This is the first time I have said this about any man. You are so hot. You have such a great body. I would love some workout tips from you. And your so handsome. And so romantic. I understand your pain and see that you are the real victim here and so misunderstood. These feminists have ruined the world for men like us. They keep lashing out loudly and complainng about stupid things. Forget about them. I don;t know why they love Zoya so much. Zoya is ok. I like how she doesn’t speak so much anymore. You still have many many fans who still love you. I admire everything steely about you, your usools and all. But I think you are letting your best friend get too close. she is not a good person and is trying to trick you. I don;t like it when she tries to come too close to you and hug you like that. I think you don’t like it too. But you must do something about it soon. She is making you look very bad and may be those feminists will get more mad if you keep looking so dumb. I don;t think that btw. But you should be more careful.

  21. says

    cvs plz get rid of tanveer. I am really bored of her. her track is so irritating. plz reveal her truth in front of dumbo khan family. they are really doofus. asad is really crazy and fool. hope god bless him with some brain. tanu jammy track is highly irritating. plz all audience want tanveer track to end but cvs I think you guys are not in mood to entertain or keep your audience happy. plz plz cvs listen to ur audience and don’t spoil such a great show oops sry it is already spoiled. plz eliminate tanveer and show asya’s nikah.

  22. Nida says

    WHY IS EVERYONE COMPLAINING!! I think that Gul and Team know what they are doing, i mean if asad confesses so quick then i bet by the end of the show it will be boring, and personaly i would rather have it be draggy in the middle than to the end. AND IF IT TOOK IPKKND SO LONG FOR ASR TO CONFESS THEN I BET QH WILL TAKE ATLEAST AS MUCH TIME….

    and for the bit where everyones sayin that they arent protraying islam properly, well obviously not at ayaans home BECOS THEY ARE AN EVIL FAMILY… lets concentrate on asads family, the way they speak… The way they take things… And if we are all really #Quboolians then WE atleast shouldnt be complaining… Let the creatives do their job…. :)

    • Candy says

      Being a Fan,of any show,does not mean blind acceptance. Yes,CVs must be knowing their job….but might have also lost focus on what the target audience needs or how much patience they might have.

    • kittamkittu says

      Yeah, like why is everyone being so mean and negative and all? I like that Asad is taking his own sweet time–it’s so romantic and so deliciosly slow and draggy. He is soooo gorgeus as he gazes with those eyes and holds her hands rubbing them sensuosly with his thumbs. And Mitwa in the bakground? OMG. It’s all so goose bumpy and spine-tingly foreplay–who wants to rush things and be disapointed prematurely? LET HIM TAKE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD. He can do no wrong. Ever. Like never.

      I love reviewing these scenes ovr and ovr and ovr and ovr again on my laptop in the middle of the night. The creatives are doing a fine job alright. Thank you Gul and QH team. You don’t know what joy you bring to lonely people.

      • Alina says

        I can’t tell if you’re joking or not hahaha. But whatever it is, it’s very hilarious. Quite comical, my friend.

        Indeed, the way Asad holds Zoya’s hands! Uffff. Haiiiii. Aise kabhi kisi mard ne kisi aurat ka haath kabhi pakra hai, jaise Asad Zoya ka haath pakadta hai? And the way he just builds up tension by saying “voh…main…actually kuch kehna chahta tha…” and then just stares at her for 5 minutes before a “distraction” happens? Soooo romantic. Excellent foreplay!

        And OH. MY. GOD. The way Asad yells at Zoya! Isn’t it just spine-tingling and goosebumps inducing! And the way Zoya just stands there the whole time and lets him yell at her without ever saying anything back. Like. EVER. My God, itna romance! Itni chemistry. Had ho gayee hai yaar. No. 1 romantic drama hai yeh, aur no. 1 romantic jodi hai yeh!

        • Kittamkittu says

          What do you mean if I’m joking? I just shared my inner most feelings and you mock me? Aap kya jaane kitni meethi hota hai judai ki tarap aur slo-mo wale ishq ki bebasi.

          And the way he just builds up tension by saying “voh…main…actually kuch kehna chahta tha…” and then just stares at her for 5 minutes–that is the real USP of this show. It really is Soooo romantic. Excellent foreplay! Exactly!

          Like I said, the build-up and anticipation is always better than the event itself. The journey is more satisfying than the destination.

          • Alina says

            I see what you mean man. Forget epic romances like Romeo and Juliet, Heer Ranja, and even 4 Lions’ own Arnav-Khushi and Maan-Geet. Asad and Zoya have this never before seen romance that is just awe-inspiring. Did we forget the way Asad romantically apologizes to Zoya every time he yells at her by creepily walking into her room and apologizing quietly and not in front of everyone? SO ROMANTIC! Ahhhh I could just melt. Now THAT is a real man.

            Ooooh! And last week he did it even better! He crept into her room while she was sleeping and shed tears onto her hand and apologized while she was unconscious! Ufffff. Yaar kya kamaal ka scene tha, like by God. And magically, Zoya ne sun liya! Even though she was sleep. Vah. Yeh hota hai asli mard. Yeh hota hai asli hero, yaa! Barbaadi karo, toh sab ke saamne. Maafi maango, toh jab aurat soh rahi ho. And the build up today? In the last scene of Monday’s episode? When they were at the dining table and he got all constipated looking while Zoya questioned him, even though we ALL know he’s still not gonna say it? Myyy God. Matlab ke main toh bas paagal hi hogayee thi anticipation se.

            Vah Qubool Hai vah, yeh hota hai asli romance!

  23. anushree mishra says

    loved today’s episode….aapi zoya scenes were just amazing and as usual zoya was really funny and well the asya scene was just perfect…i loved how zoya’s funny side was incorporated in the scenes through her thoughts”Break up k liye ithni elaborate preparation”….i mean that cracked me up 😀 and i just loved asad’s dialogues today and there was so much intensity inhis voice…..karan and surbhi were looking really really hot and stunning…..loved both of them great job…and the best part that we got an uninterrupted asya scene without any razia co. and most importantly without any meow meow of billo rani…thanks for a totally asyalicious scene….great job….really looking forward especially for billo to leave khan mansion…pls kick her out soon

    • Skylar says

      Hope you enjoyed it while you can because you already know that on Monday the trp’s are gonna go even lowers because as we all already expected, Tanveer’s gonna do yet another unrealistic drama/plot. Woo. Hoo. How completely brand new and exciting!!

      Notice how the producers conveniently left that out of the promo, that tanveer ruins Asad’s attempt yet again at telling Zoya. So don’t get your hopes high for Monday because he still doesn’t say it.

      The writers thing they’re being smart by creating this “suspense” and frustration, when in reality they’re only losing viewers! Look at how drastically their trp’s fell this week. Just goes to show you that they obviously don’t care about the audiences. Well, just keep watching how literally everyone has just been saying bye bye to this show, especially this week. All you have to do is go on any facebook fan page or even the Zee tv official qubool hai site to just see the disasters of this week!

  24. Alina says

    Arnav Khushi were wayyyy different. Their story was MUCH better than this. Because the only thing that was keeping those two apart was their own egos. And THAT the audience could tolerate because it was real. Plus, they got married really fast, and the most important thing about the difference in IPKKND was that Shyam, although a great villain, was almost always brought down, and he was brought down fast in all of his plots. And also, because of Shyam, Arnav-Khushi would always get closer.

    Here in QH, it just feels like the new female heroine of the show is Tanveer. Look, I’m not gonna beg the CVs and the production house to “get rid” of her. WE are the audience, after all. WE keep their show alive! If you wanna keep your audience happy, you’ll listen to them. How unprofessional, to say “dekhna hai to dekho”?! Are you managing a business or just trying to create dramas to torture your audiences?!

    I mean if you WANT your drama to end, then sure, don’t listen to us when we say, a billion times, to get ride of Tanveer, not within a week, but like NOW. Like within 2 episodes. It’s for YOUR own benefit. You’ll regain the viewers you lost, after all. So no, I’m not gonna beg you to get rid of Tanveer and just sit here as you tease viewers like some masochists. You either get rid of Tanveer, or you lost the audience, and consequently your show. Plain and simple.

  25. Shama Valame says

    PLEASE PUT AN END TO THIS TANVEER TRACK!!! I’m absolutely sick and bored of it. Every single time, Asad and Zoya have a sweet moment, Tanveer does something just attract Asad’s attention. I’m so done with it! It’s very pathetic! Asad’s character is becoming dumb day by day. In Mahasangam episode, the chandelier was CLEARLY falling on Zoya and yet Asad claimed that a “person” is trying to kill Tanveer not Zoya. What rubbish?!! Tanveer was NOWHERE close to the chandelier. This was not well scripted scene. I was so pissed when Asad said those words! Also, Raziya and Badi Bi cat fight has been stretched too much. This show will lose its audience very soon. There are two loopholes in this show. First, Raziya and Tanveer can see/hear EVERYTHING other people say/do. But other characters do not see them? Come on! Give me a break! By chance also they cannot see them. It’s like Raziya and Tanveer are portrayed as ghosts. Second, every damn character says his/her inner thoughts/feelings out loud for the whole world to hear. WHAT THE HECK?! When they say something in mind, nothing should come out of their mouths. It should be completely private! It’s so irritating! When Zoya expresses her thoughts aloud, Tanveer can hear EVERYTHING! This is common sense to play the voice and have the characters’ mouths closed and make sure they show facial expressions.

    • Alina says

      Hahahaha when Asad said that to Tanveer after the chandelier fell on Zoya, it was quite literally THE dumbest moment I have ever seen on any Indian drama. And I have watched quite a few! I was not expecting it from a drama that used to be so smart. I laughed soooo hard when Asad said that. It was just so nonsensical. At one point I thought it was all a joke to make the audience laugh or something.

      Clearly the creators don’t care about their audiences otherwise we would’ve seen a change by now. How long have we been complaining? Weeks, now? All you can do now is sit back and laugh at the stupidity that goes on in the show in the form of Asad Ahmad Khan. It’s unfair to Indian drama heroes to even call him a “hero” anymore. It would do a great injustice to heroes everywhere. He’s more like a lame side-role character. It’s obvious that Tanveer is the main character of the show now.

      Seriously though, producers, how much are you paying the actress who plays her? You guys must love her a lot because you have made the show wayyyyy dumber just for her and her character! Is it really worth it, losing all the ratings and the viewers? How does it feel? Good, I presume?

        • Jammy says

          Hey, lay off, ladies. The ratings are through the roof. Tanveer, my best friend is the moral center of my universe. She is more chaste than the driven snow. Usme tehzeeb aur adab aur pakeezagi koot koot kar bhari hui hai. Uski sharafat uske kapadon se jhalakti hai.

          Aap log kya jane tehzeeb kis chidiya ka naam hai.

          I have been reading your posts on Zee TV’s page for the show and blush at your colorful language. Itna color to maine Holi par Ms. Farooqui ko bhi nahin lagaya tha.

          Sharam, haya, aur laaj auraton ka gehna hoti hai. Family jewels ka lihaaz rakhna chahiye.

          • Alina says

            Ohhh Mr. Khan. You’re so romantic! How could I have EVER doubted you? You are a TRUE hero. I don’t know why people everywhere nowadays are mocking you and making fun of you! YOU are the man of my dreams. Your views on how women should act, what they should wear, and how they should never argue back with a man, now THOSE are views that the modern women of today need to learn. I LOVE that you’re teaching the preteens and teens (who, btw, comprise a big chunk of your fanbase, wink wink!) that they must shut up and let the man dominate them at all costs. It’s just SO romantic. I wish every woman in the world would listen to you!

            But that Zoya! What a horrible, horrible girl. Well, she’s gotten better now. She used to be sooo outgoing, spunky, loud, adventurous and—–tauba tauba!—-BRAVE when she first moved in, hain na? And now! Good thing you taught her a lesson, Mr. Khan. That’ll teach that woman to think that she can be independent and powerful.

            Oh Mr. Khan. When will you propose to Tanu? I am eagerly awaiting you guys’ union! Hopefully then we will be rid of that pesky Zoya. Who needs modern, refreshing, charming, positive, progressive girls like her? You and Tanu will teach the youngsters what REAL love is! Jammy and Tanu, zindabad!!

          • Jade says

            Apke family jewels and uski patthar ki aankh. Nice match you guys. I agree with Alina that you are made for each other.

            And Mr. Khan you have such an affinity for becharis. Zoya isn’t as bechari as Tanu who really has no one. Not even anyone who loves her. She has only 1 eye poor thing–such handicaps deserve a trophy husband as yourself. You will look so nice on her mantle. Please hold Tanu longer when she clings to you in imaginary fear. Please soothe her quaking body as she leans on you.

            Zoya would never do that which is why she scares you. She would leap up and chase anyone pursuing her just as she did with your mom’s attacker. She won’t cling and quake which is why you have to try to grab her every now and then to pin her down literally and figuratively. She has fears but she hides them instead of wearing them on her sleeve. Her fears are so repressed that even you forgot about her phobia of fires. She can take care of herself and doesn’t need you.

            She makes you feel useless right? Tanu makes you feel useful and manly. We understand completely. You are better off with her than Zoya who was always alone and can go on alone without you.

  26. says

    plz cvs kabhi toh audience ki sun lo, as far as I know you make show for audience. I want to know what is the purpose of this forum32 when you guys don’t listen to us. how can you be so rude by saying that dekhna hai toh dekho. its rude as well as hurt us. we like this show so much and make show as an important part of life and you play with our emotions or adoration what we give to this show by saying such things. plz listen to ur audience and get rid of tanveer. she is such an insane. you all are spoiling asad character so much. I can’t believe asad is 4lions hero as he is such a brainless jerk. plz give him some brain. I love ksg so much but the character asad is such a dumbo. come on he thinks somebody want to kill tanveer. he need help. plz expose tanveer as honestly you all know that most of the audience watch this for asad and zoya and waiting for their nikah.

    • Jay Dee says

      Yep, brainless jerk and dumbo is exactly right. Someone, somewhere in the behind-the-scenes QH universe has a major vendetta against KSG.

      But seriously, I really don’t want Zoya to marry such a moron who trusts everyone else but her. Don’t you think she deserves much better? That nikaah would be a recipe for disaster. Even after being married to her he wouldn’t stand up for Zoya because he is so convinced of her being shallow, irresponsible and childish. And this is after time and again she has shown by her actions that she is fiercely loyal, fair, caring, protective of her loved ones, and committed to peace-keeping and family unification.

      Right now, he’s just in lust with her. He really doesn’t love her, forget about respecting her. I DO NOT want Zoya married to this self-important jerk who cruelly shames and humiliates her publicly and has no decency to apologize for hurting her. Imagine being married to such a man who every woman would salivate over, but who has sawdust in his head and thinks he is far superior than you? Thanks, but no thanks. Marrying Tanu may knock some much-needed sense into him.

      That is the plea we should be making to QH and that is the petition that should be circulating–DO NOT GET ASYA MARRIED.
      ASYA HAI! HAI!

      • RaniJ says

        So true. I want to start 2 petitions.


        ZOYA, ZOYA, JAO, JAO.



        Petition # 2: SURBHI JYOTI, QH CHHODO.






  27. Chandni says

    Forum 32,
    With every great article you write, I am sure you have requests pouring in regarding getting Asad and Zoya married. Yes, I am back with that same request that I have made time and again. The fire may well have been lit by Tanveer and Razia respectively right at this point in the episode, but this very fire has been lit in the lives of our protagonists Asad and Zoya; the fire of angst adn anguish in Asad, and the fire that had ruined Zoya’s childhood. And uncannily, this fire, these stories of two starkly different individuals have illuminated the lives of Asad and Zoya wit the love they have for each other and are still struggling to express. It is my earnest request for the umpteenth to keep this fire burning between the two. Don’t let them separate, come what may. Get them married, get them to work on their differences. The fire that had been lit in their lives in the past may still continue to scar their lives, but it would be absolutely heart rendering to see how they comfort each other, and soothe each other’s scars as man and wife. Asad will be shattered if he finds out about Tanveer (feeling betrayed for the second time in his life, once by his father, and now by his best friend), and Zoya can soothe that hurt. As much as people blame Asad for his behavior towards Zoya, I understand how difficult it is for him to trust others – though his daftness and constant misunderstanding of Zoya’s actions is inexcusable. Our protagonists are very lonely, and already scarred. It’s about time that they rather come together to support and comfort each other.
    Would be grateful if you could pass this message on to CVs. I am sure they won’t disappoint all those million fans who only watch this show because of Asad and Zoya.

    • Alina says

      I completely agree with you Chandni. They need to come together already. That’s a great idea that Asad and Zoya should sooth each other. But all we ever get to see is him yelling at her, and Tanveer winning. Everyone’s really tired of this. And everyone has been complaining for so long, that it’s understandable why viewers and fans are upset. It’s like they’re not even listening or caring about us! Did you know that in today’s sbs, we found out that yet again, Tanveer wins next week? Oh yes! Zoya discovers Tanveer’s papers saying she’s in debt and that she lied about her company burning down, but when she goes to show Asad Tanveer has switched out the papers! It just seems like the cv’s want Tanveer and Asad to be a pair. And by now most of us are just fed up. Not only do we always get to see Asad yelling at Zoya, but now it’s going to be because of Tanveer? We all have a line of patience, a line of tolerance, and this show and its creators have made it clear that they neither understand nor care about their audiences. And that is very sad and disappointing.

      • RaniJ says

        Oh really! Soothe him my ass. With a pole up his ass she’ll soothe him. Isn’t Tanu enough for all the soothing? Why should Zoya join in for a menage trois?

        And what scars does he have, pray tell? He’s ain’t no Harry Potter. Oh, his dad left him. Big bloody deal. Happens to kids all over the world everyday. Sad, but not the end of the world.
        She was 3 and was left to die in a burning building while watching her mom’s body being engulfed in flames. She has over 10-inch burn scars on her arm–imagine how much this must have hurt the poor child and for how long that she has blocked it all out–just like the heartless Mr. Khan when his friend caught on fake fire.

        Zoya MUST NEVER be with this self-absorbed twit, this egomaniacal twat, this amnesiac twerp. He will hurt her worse than his dad hurt his mom. He will scar her worse than any fire in any gudia factory. He will never soothe her pain away only add to it. He can only soothe Tanu–and that’s all that he’s any good for. Let him and Tanu soothe and comfort each other, and soothe each other’s scars as man and wife. She is more scarred than Zoya after all–scarred morally, ethically, emotionally, psychologically, and vaginally.
        Asad trusts Tanu completely–he has no trouble with trust. He has trouble with Zoya which is why he needs to stay far away from her–I will find that very soothing. And so will, eventually, Zoya. Her life, sanity, dignity and spirit will be spared further scarring.

        • 2 Forum 32 says

          While Alina, Candy, Hesta, AAK, Jay Dee, Ayaan Ahmed Khan, Tanu and seem to having a discussion going on. Perhaps taking this to its right place would be the forum where we have discussion board. Kindly click on the tab forum and go to the tab of Qubool Hai and state your opinions in first person, third person or any other format.

          • Candy says

            “Alina, Candy, Hesta, AAK, Jay Dee, Ayaan Ahmed Khan, Tanu seem to having a discussion going on. Perhaps taking this to its right place would be the forum where we have discussion board”

            If you guys are shifting residence to the forum,let me know! One doesn’t find like minded souls everyday!

          • Hesta says

            Your discussion board is too messy and user-unfriendly. It seems like a deliberate ploy to brush genuine critique under the carpet. It gives the appearance of fairness but all those voices are lost behind a veil of inane threads that are too exhausting to keep track of. Please stop trying to herd us away from this page. Instead, please let your masters and handlers know how their sorry story is lacking in civility and decorum as it repeatedly shows the degradation of young women by their male counterparts and stereotypical older women.

        • Candy says

          “She is more scarred than Zoya after all–scarred morally, ethically, emotionally, psychologically, and vaginally.”

          That was the “sentence-de-resistance”!

          They would make such a good couple. And I would be cured of my addiction to this supposed love story expectation of an Asya kind.

          • Candy says

            Dear Forum 32 moderator,

            I agree with Hesta regarding the discussion board. I find that forum a complete mess… neither has a clean attractive presentation nor is it well thought out structurally. It looks the product of a person who doesn’t know much about neat programming and presentation.

            And yes,genuine critique gets buried ASAP under some inane title and once u comment,you can’t even find your own comment ever again.

            Please inform your employers that if u can allow media coverage and their comments, why can’t the very people they make shows for, give feedback? Life ain’t hunky dory and the feedback will also follow suit of what we see.

            By this time,they should have acquired nerves of steel ,considering its their 3rd love story.

          • 2 Forum 32 says

            Thank you for the feedback. The Forum is what we can offer at present and it is pretty simple with notifications for any comment that come on your post however it again depends on your savviness with any program designed. But that is our familiarity or adaptability with a given system. Your choice really where to put in your opinions. Again as long as it is healthy discussion about the show and characters without really getting into speculation on the personal lives of the cast, crew or the makers of the show this particular post is open for that. Any language that we deem or our algorithm deems it inappropriate, it would go to spam and out in the cyberspace never to be found again. happy discussions…!

      • Chandni says

        Thank you Forum32. Would be thanful indeed if you pass this on. Just one more point to ponder on why almost all the Asad-Zoya loving audinece is dead against against the Ayaan and Zoya track – well even I am, but my reason for being against the whole Zoya-Ayaan track is its resembance with Ekta Kapoor’s Muslim-based serial Khwaish where the twist of destiny ties one girl with two brothers. The show was introduced with the following lines:
        “Kehte hain…
        Har kisi ko muqammal jahaan nahi milta
        Kabhi zameen, to kabhi aasmaa nahi milta
        Mujhe pyaar toh mila, meri bhi khwaish poori toh hui par
        Poori hokar bhi adhoori – Khwaish…”
        Are you sure you want to follow the same old track of two brothers sharing one gril, because in an interview I have read that you were surprised to know that people were thinking “two girls falling for the same girl” as the theme of the show. I hope Qubool Hai will live up to its promise and its unique selling point of being different from other storylines by not repeating the same old ‘vamp winning’, ‘lovers separated’, ‘failed marriage’ plots of other sass-bahu dramas. Like I said, our protagonists Asad and Zoya are already so lonely, and have so much depth, that you may already tie their knot and epitomize them as a couple of sense and sensibility in this family saga. If this really a family saga this couple growing up togethr in their marriage with sense and sensibility can unfold many mysteries (finding out Zoya’s abbu, ammi, and Razia’s truth, and the reason behind Rashid abandoning Dilshad, Asad, and Najma) and Zoya can help unite the two warring families.
        Thanks :)

        • RaniJ says

          I don’t think these twats are interested in doing any of that anymore. Like Mr. Khan conveniently “forgetting” Zoya’s phobia, the writers have forgotten the gudia factory, and the really important questions–

          1. who attacked Dilshad?
          2. who poisoned Humaira?
          3. who sabotaged Zoya’s bridal platter?
          4. who kept calling the immigration officer?
          5. whose corpse was Rashid trying to bury?
          6. where is Mamujaan’s long-lost daughter whom he missed for like all of 2 seconds?
          7. who put the live wire in Zoya’s tub?
          8. How did Tanu’s ex gatecrash the 2 rituals–why can’t his face be picked up from 1000s of photos that must have been taken of the saugat and sangeet rituals?
          9. How did Tanu catch fire?

          Zoya has no quest to fire her up any more, she’s in limbo. Mr. Khan is a dumbo. The show is a jumbo bore at this point.

          • Alina says

            Soooo many intelligent track to take. Sooo many possibilities. Yet the ONE thing the writers can’t get enough of is Tanveer? Day after day, week after week, the same old stuff. All these unanswered questions, yet for the last 4 months all we’ve been treated to is Tanveer, Tanveer and more Tanveer?

      • Kishwar Ahmed says


        I am writing this in appreciation of your show. I am not sure if Forum 32 is run by the makers of Qubool Hai, and whether the responses and requests are passed on to the producers and directors of the show, but in case you do read this post, I would, as a senior audience, like to bring certain things to your notice. I am fifty six years old and like most men of my age I tend to be quite detached from the cine world and more attached to news and sports. Qubool Hai has however caught my attention when I was sitting in the company of my family and 4 year old grand daughter. In fact I heard my wife and daughter who regularly watch soap operas appreciate the show like no other. Even my 4 year old grand daughter has the name of characters by heart! I therefore developed a liking for the show myself, and have been suggested by my daughter to follow Forum 32. From what I understand after reading all the posts the show undoubtedly has a huge fan following, and TRPs also have increased recently (thanks much to the fans).

        I believe the reason for all the love of the fans are only a result of the characters, especially the couple Asad and Zoya – to starkly different individuals, each with a different story to tell. I however would have liked to see each of these characters reflected more up close and personal. Except for the fact that Asad is a self-made man of angst with a difficult childhood and Zoya is the bubbly NRI who has come to India to dig deep into her roots, the characters, dynamically essayed by the duo, could have had more depth, and could have narrated a lot more. And then the relationship that exists between Ayaan and Asad is exemplary. But this relationship as I hear will have another in the form of a love triangle. Honestly speaking, I find this idea quite miserably overdone, over-tried and over-tested. The exemplary relationship that exists between two brothers should not be subject to this dilemma, especially when the story has so much more to explore – like Zoya’s troubled past – though according to her, the search for her father is over, we all know that it is not – and this itself can add so much more to the plot, that tying her in a marriage with Ayaan when both her and Asad are evidently in denial of each others’ feelings, does not seem right.

        I understand all the audiences watching this show have a lot of regard for the show and this particular couple. I have read in a post in Forum 32 tht there has also been a petition signed against the marriage of Ayaan and Zoya. All I would like to say is that with such huge fan following, and for all the responses and love you get from your fans, I believe you should consider their requests. I trust your skills as producers, writers, directors of the show. But when you produce shows to appeal to general masses, and their requests are left absolutely unattended, then why would these audiences provide their feedback or watch the show. You may not have the time to read this post, but in case you do, I would like you to ponder on the requests that have been pouring in from your fans just for the sake of all the love they give you and for your soaring TRPs.

        Thank you very much,
        Kishwar Ahmed

        • Jade says

          So well said. Even if they don’t read your post, we will and we deeply appreciate what you have to say. The show people should indeed not try to swindle their audience with overused gimmicks.

          • Candy says

            Jaydee, Jade,Alina….

            I searched for u guys in the forum and got lost in the bhool bholiya. Zee QH page,is it on their website or a FB page?

            Candy has lots to share but saare twins gayab! *wails*

        • Candy says

          You have expressed the mood of the majority of the fans beautifully. If only someone listened to us. I have reached the stage where I won’t mind being arrested by PETA for cruelty against an animal….Billi Meow Rani! I want to set her tail on fire and send her running through the streets of Bhopal!

          • Jay Dee says

            Amen! Except she will probably already be armed with fire-redardant gel! And she would be able to prove quite convincingly that you are the white-eyed nemesis who has it in for her. Forget PETA, you probably don’t want Mr. Khan coming after you locked and loaded. Or may be you do–OMG, where do I sign up for setting Billo Rani on fire?

          • Candy says

            Hey Jay Dee,

            That’s my plan. He comes behind me locked and loaded,u guys club him on that amazingly dense head of his and take him to a secret hideout. Then we take Zoya there and we beat Akdu till he says “Qubool Hai”! While this is going on,we publish Stone eyed stone heart’s reality to the world along with that of Raziya!

            Man,we viewers should be called Creatives! We do possess creativity and our creativity appeals to the masses bcos its by the people,for the people!

          • jay Dee says

            I love your idea and want dibs on clobbering Jammy senseless. Only a concussion and invasive brain surgery can save him from himself–but yes, it is an amazingly dense head and other body parts aren’t so bad either. That face!
            … the face that launched a 1000 fb pages.

            But on to more important matters at hand–at the secret hideout, much before we get him to say qubool hai, we have to teach him some valuable life lessons before we assess him worthy of Zoya. He must undergo some sensitivity training and pass some rigorous tests to prove that he will take good care of her. He will have to be fitted with an electric dog collar–it’ll zap him straight each time he so much as raises his voice, humiliates her in public, mistrusts her, calls her bewakoof or claims that she doesn’t realize the ehmiyat of relationships. He will be on probation for 6 months after that. We will have flash inspections to see if he’s abiding by the goddess rules.

            And where have you been all my life–it’s like virtually meeting a soul sister. Were we separated at birth perhaps?

            I love how on this page every poster is so in love with Zoya and so pissed off at Akdoo Ahmad Khan. Awesome. We’ve been bashing AAK, who we fondly call, Ass-ed, on the Zee TV QH page for about 3 months now where I have found other soul sisters. Keep punching away!

          • Candy says

            Hi Jaydee,

            Yet again I am unable to reply to you directly…..lagtha hai,Akdu Ahmed Khan ka dull wits are contagious!

            I totally like your idea of teaching the bull headed buffalo some life skills and some sensitivity to supposed love of his life.The collar I think needs to be fixed down under as its been proven beyond doubt that upar ke malein mein kuch,hai nahin!

            We truly seem to be “Kumbh ke mele mein bichde” twins!! Kahan thi Tum?? Wish I could email u straight!

            And now,tell me where I can find those other soul sisters of yours….I will need serious company when I take a break from lies,deceit,murders,a cat howling in heat,touchy feely creepy crawlies and that obnoxious moron Hassena Bi.

            Here’s to more lies today and further punching by us twins thereafter.

          • Jade says

            Candy, they’ve possibly blocked JayDee and her cohorts Alina and a few others. Join us on the forum or on the Zee QH page.

  28. Rakesh says

    bahut acchi baat kahi apne Chandni. Asad Zoya ki zindegi me waise bhi 17 saal pehle aag lag chuki hai – gudiya factory ke uss saazish ke baad Asad ke abbu unhe aur unki ammi ko chodh ke chale gaye, zoya ki ammi ki qatl huyi thi aur uss building me zoya bhi thi. inn dono ki kismat toh 17saal pehle hi tay ho chuki the, ki ye ek dusre ki dard ka ilaaj banengi. bahut meherbaani hogi agar CVs ye dikhaye ki aise 17saal pehle lagi hui aag inn dono ki muhabbat ki chingari ban gayi hai, aur inn dono ko rawshan aur mukammal kar rahi hai. ye story line accha rahega, naki woh jo inn dono ko judaa kar de. khamiyaa toh har insaan me hoti hai. aur kitna dard sahegi Asad-Zoya? inhe milao please. Forum32 please bata de na.

  29. Aziza says

    Tanveer’s track in Qubool Hai seems to just drag like the saas-bahu drama – something that is not expected from 4lions. It is absolutely stupefying to see that no one other than another evil person sees Tanveer executing her evil plans, and always turns up with some scheme or the other when Asad is about to tell Zoya that he loves her. If the actions of the vamp always go unnoticed, how exactly is Qubool Hai being different from other serials? I am more than sure that you guys know it better that in order for this particular show to be different, fresh and crisp, you can think of other logical story lines, different from other shows trying to separate lovers, getting them married off to other characters, vamps constantly vandalizing their love life, and all that. I mean Zoya still needs to find out about her abbu – which in itself is a twist. This can happen after Asad and Zoya gets married and Zoya starts to understand Asad’s feelings for all his half-siblings even better after their marriage, and during her initial process of reuniting the two families she finds out about her Abbu, whih in itself can add a very big twist, and may also ensue a love-hatred relationship between Asad and Zoya as a married couple. There honestly is so much that you can do with the story. It is great to see Tanveer’s failed attempts to seprate Asad and Zoya though. Her vengeance against Razia can be well accomplished if she rather drops the bomb of her pregnancy with Imran’s child which may lead to the cancellation of Imran-Nikhat’s marriage that Razia badly wanted and revealing the truth about Zoya’s father to Asad and Zoya. She doesn’t have to scheme to separate Asad and Zoya to serve her purpose of defeating Razia, because that’s just doesn’t appear logical anymore. In fact the truth regarding Zoya’s father will serve as a bigger twists AFTER Zoya and Asad are married, because that way their love and relationship will be put to test.

    Dear Forum32, I’d be ever grateful if you could please pass this message on to the QH production team. Thanks

  30. Alina says

    Will someone listen to SJ and KSG? In today’s SBS they were pretty accurate and dead-on. SJ has just given up thinking altogether and KSG suggested that Asad should just kidnap Zoya. These poor actors. SJ decided to just shut up altogether and not say a word anymore. Haha well you know a show is going fast down the drain when the people essaying the most important roles are looking quite fed up.

    Kuch to sharam karo, people of Fazool Hai, kuch to sharam karo yaar. Had ho gayee hai. Hum to audiences hain, aap logon ne to bechare actors ko bhi itna frustrate kar diya hai ke bechari SJ toh ab kuch bolti hi nahin hai aur dono SJ and KSG toh itne thake hue lag rahein hain aaj kal ke tars aata hai becharon par.

    If not for the audiences, whom you obviously don’t want to listen to, then at least for the actors man. They spend days and night working so hard on a show, the least you could do is make it better for them.

    • Jay Dee says

      I had wanted Zoya to kidnap Mr. Khan a long, long time ago–when everyone was trying to stop Mr. Khan from going to the court to testify against his father. Mr. Khan should try kidnapping Zoya–he would be flat on his face so soon that he wouldn’t know what hit him. Now that I would love to see. KSG’s idea would really be interesting–they could get stranded and have some steamy quality time together away from Tanu’s oppressive shadow.

      Or I would have Tanu plot a fake attack on herself by her imaginary husband. She would instruct these goodas to attack Zoya and try to kidnap her instead. Ah, then may be we can see macho Mr. Khan emerge from his effeminate shell? It’s been way too long since he’s beaten up anyone for Zoya. And of course, another male showing any kind of interest in Zoya would be such a balm to the audience’s bruised and battered souls.That could get even Mr. Khan’s blood pumping hard enough for him to proclaim his love for Zoya.

      • Alina says

        I love how audiences are coming up with AMAZING alternative stories yet each day we’re served the same nonsensical cycle on the actual show. Seriously some of the stories I’ve read on this site have made me so happy. And then we watch the actual show and it just all goes downhill. Well at least this show got peoples’ creative juices flowing.

        Personally I’d love to see an Asya kidnapped track too, Jay Dee! It does indeed accomplish so much, and resolve a lot of issues as well. And that’s just ONE solution. There are hundreds more that everyday people like you and I can come up with. But no, we must leave that to the “professionals” (cv’s/writers) because it’s obvious that they are doing SUCH a better job. So sad and depressing.

        • Jay Dee says

          Yeah, they are obviously writing for the likes of Kittamkittu. But they have unleashed many an alternative fan fiction story/scene which are more fun to read.

          Thing is, Mr. Khan is still too comfortable in his privilege and has nothing to lose which is why he’s not taking the confession of love too seriously. We don’t really see him being eaten up by his inability to articulate his passion or tossing and turning in agony not sure of Zoya’s reciprocation. He assumes that everything will be fine just as long as he confesses. He’s still in that Mr. Darcy proposal number one phase–I love you against my better judgement, we are different–translation: you are deficient, you should be so grateful that I love you. And of course he needs his clock cleaned–either by Zoya who can pull a Lizzie Bennet (but given the show’s spiking of her spunk, I’m not holding out for that). Or, Mr. Khan’s smugness can be rocked by the appearance of a dashing and fun-loving male who doesn’t hide his interest in Zoya at all. A jealous Mr. Khan would be fun to watch but somehow the QH writers don’t like that idea at all. They seem hell-bent on giving him layers and layers of smug prudery and blind douchery.

          • Alina says

            I just want to know one thing: is India running on a short supply of male actors nowadays? Why are there only 2 men on this show and 15 girls?! We all know the best solution here is to have a man enter Zoya’s life (at this point i dont think anyone considers Asad a man or a hero anymore). I mean the writers have already used up all the other indian drama cliches, one more wont hurt. Its true though, jay dee. Asad has no urgency. He can yell at zoya, kick her out of the house, give her an ugly sari and she STILL will come running into his arms like a brainless twat. Look at today’s episode! She saw Asad hugging Tanveer, got upset, and she STILL is talking to him like nothing effects her. I mean i know she’s supposed to be a strong girl but this is riduculous. Where is the nakhre, the elegance, the dignity, the ego that Indian women are so proud of her? Just because she’s American she doesn’t have it? American women really would never let a man treat them like that, really NO woman would let a man treat her like that. Asad has no regard for the emotions of this woman who he claims to “love”. The height of stupidity. And yet again, Tanveer was the star of the show today. She had so many lines, so many monologues. BORING. And tedious.

            It’s so obvious where this is headed. They’re making Zoya find out about Tanveer because no one’s
            gonna believe her, so another opportunity to have her get yelled at again, probably thrown out of the house, and then brought back in like Asad’s pet animal. And then it’s gonna be the same stuff all over again.

    • Candy says

      Audience bored? Check
      Leads bored ? Check

      Only people not bored ? CVs!

      Only episode to get high TRPs this week? Friday’s

      After all the talk on tehezeeb & lihaaz, amusing to see Sir Traditional,
      Having 1) a woman as his best friend 2) Hugging her at the drop of a hat 3) Siding her all the time 4) Holding hands with said stranger …ALL IN THE PRESENCE OF HIS REAL FIANCÉE !

      Wah,kya tehezeeb hai!

      • Jade says

        Sir Traditional voh … actually … is getting on my last nerve. He missed such an important chance to propose to … his lady love, Tanu.

        I mean how many hints can the poor, desperate woman drop for a dimwit to pick up on that she wants him, like so bad, that she has thrown every scrap of dignity and honor in the wind?

        Why is he fighting this grasping and clinging so much?

        Why doesn’t he just dump Zoya?

        Why doesn’t he grab the ripe fruit falling in his lap every other second?

        Why waste his energy into trying to convince Zoya that he loves her when here opportunity is knocking loudly and urgently?

        Dude, JUST DO IT! End this agony and sexual tension. Stop resisting her come-hither and coming-already hints. Do it Jammy, just. do. it.

        • Candy says

          I am seriously contemplating the fact that Asad is a closet gay! A woman is feeling him,touching him,throwing hints of wanting to marry him and he remains blank. Mother tells him to tell Zoya he loves her,but there also he is blank !

          Ab samajh mein Aaya why he loves his brother so much and carries him in his godhi!!

      • Lulu Nene says

        Why is everyone bored? I don’t think you are right. I am not bored. Yes, the story is becoming a bit dragged out but that is like real life. Theyre are so many evil people in the world an so show is being realistic. And with Asad looking so handsom and hot every woman must want to be like Tanu. There is so much chemistry between Asya. Asya forever! I am glad that they aren’t spending too much time on the other house–that part is really boring. I know Tanu is really trying hard to break up Asya but I think Asya will still get married even though Zoya is not the same Zoya and Mr. Khan is so turdly, sorry, I meant studly. And am dying to see what will happen on mehendi ceremony. I’m sure there will be more suspense and drama and Asad will try to confess his true feelings to Zoya. Mitwa, Ishq pe zor nahin,

      • Shonali says

        Not to mention gifting his fiancee a backless blouse and a smoking hot saree – banda bahut hoshiyar hai. Zoya ko sey saree me dekhna pasand karta hai – which i absolutely love. You only gift the person you love what you want to see her wearing really. So Mr. Khan’s romanticism works well in this case. And well, thik hai, ek ladki best friend hai toh kya hua? That doesn’t make him modern or whatever. He’s not being a casanova.

      • RaniJ says

        No it’s not their fb page but the official network page. Go to the page and click on the show title. I have tried to share urls but it hasn’t gotten past our friendly moderator. The Forum page can be found on the top of this page. Click on QH and then click on
        QH – Feedback/questions for 4 Lions Films. You’ll find us page 17 onwards. Alina and JD are there and there are other like-minded sisters there too.

  31. says

    qubool hai is going towards drain. now I feel that this is not a 4lions creations. becoz their creation has always been amazing whether geet or ipkknd. I can’t believe that this show is from the same makers who made shows like geet and ipkknd. it is becoming same saas bahu saga which I really hate. it is stupid to watch that how a vamp is able to plot successfully and still nobody doubts her. now i feel even leads are also bored and frustrated. in ipkknd atleast leads knew the intentions of evil just hid it for happiness of others. plz give some brains to asad and khan family. plz reveal the true colours of tanveer. 4lions is famous for keeping their lead united or married. if you want to maintain your same position in our eyes then plz listen to our wishes if not than do what you want. plz plz we want asya nikhah and billi out of the show.

    • Jay Dee says

      Look, Billi’s roots go too far to dispose of her too quickly. She is still connected to the chip in the gudia and the bigger saazish with Raziya. So be prepared to savor Tanu for the long haul. But the show could satisfy us temporarily by having her evil plans fail once in a while. Even the best laid plans never go as planned in real life–unforeseen circumstances and serendipity are strong forces. But not in a soap opera world where evil is allowed to triumph too often and prevail for too long. And in order to keep evil powerful, the show has squandered excellent characters like Zoya Asad and Ayaan–its 3 protagonists. Zoya is a shadow of her former self, Asad is a major pain in the ass, and Ayaan is invisible. Tanu is hogging the spotlight–and as some commenters have said, that actress must be doing some major off-screen PR work to stay in the spotlight.

      I haven’t seen any other work by 4 Lions, and after this crap I wouldn’t even want to check out their previously successful work. 4 Lions seems to have sold out and are now not even catering to the lowest common denominator. That scene with Haseena bi and her ugly words? Gutter sucking trash.

      • Alina says

        In case anyone’s wondering if the Tanveer nonsense is gonna end soon, it’s not.

        The actress who plays Tanveer just said in an interview that Zoya will find out about Tanveer and then they are probably gonna spend months just going back and forth. Different things will happen in the show, Tanveer and Zoya will both try to show that they’re right and the other’s wrong, and the show will continue like this for a while, according to her.

        Not that it should come as a surprise, but in between all of this, I think we can all safely assume that 100% of the time the family will believe Tanveer.

        So relax. Take a break. Chill out. Maybe skip the show for a week or two, like how some of the fans on the facebook fans pages of Fazool Hai are doing. And then check in every once in a while to see if anything’s changed.

        • Jay Dee says

          And guess who is going to believe Tanu the mostest? Her best friend forever on steroids. Woh bana, ye bani, ek duje ke liye.

          And guess who is not going to believe Zoya? Her fiancé who loves her sooo much and cherishes her and values her opinion and respects her great mind and worships the ground she walks on. Zoya is so lucky to have a guy like him. Even her aapi thinks so. It’s so unfair. We don’t have anyone like that in our lives.

          • Alina says


            Kaash. KAASH yaar meri bhi zindagi mein aisa insaan aata, jo Asad ki tarhan hota! My life would be so perfect. Aisa fiance, joh meri har baat pe yakeen NAHIN karta, jo meri har baat peh chillata, joh apni best friend (joh ek ladki hai) us pe mujhse bhi zyada yakeen karta.

            Kya?! Aisa bhi zindagi mein hota hai! Tell me right now, RIGHT NOW. I would like to find such a man and make him my life partner immediately. After all, he is a HERO.

            Ab jab aise bhi mard Indian dramon ke heroes ban rahe hain, toh ladkyaan ab yeh hi chaahengi apne fiances aur husbands se, nahin?

            This, Asad Ahmad Khan, THIS is the future of Indian drama heroes? Lol no thanks. I’d rather NOT have that happen.

          • Jay Dee says

            Alina, somehow I can’t respond to your KAASH post.

            In answer to “Kaash meri zindagi mein bhi aisa insaan hota jo mujh par yakin nahin karta ho”

            Exactly! Kaash humein bhi judge, jury and executioner rolled-into-one type hero milta.

            Kitna suhaana hota woh safar, jahan hum jaan de dete, par woh humari ek na sunte. How romantic!
            Woh duniya bhar ka yakin karte bus humara nahin. Kitna meetha dard!
            Woh humein bewakoof kehte instead of I love you. I swoon!
            Woh chillate aur be-izzat karte aur phir chupke se, dabe kadam aa kar sorry kehte. How sweet!

            We are bring too hard on these delicate and sensitive souls with an extra appendage. We are not worthy. We are too aggressive, shrill and strident in asking for equality and respect–unke bas mein hota to ab tak de nahin dete already?

            We are asking for the moon, sun, AND the stars–it’s physically impossible for them to pull their heads out from their asses–cos’ the sun don’t shine there.

        • Jay Dee says

          Why can you reply to some posts but not to others?

          To respond to your deathwish for a husband like Ass Ahmad Khan. You are missing the point entirely–isn’t he a deadly and potent combo. of glossy and glorious packaging and hollow and shallow innards? Just what a 21st century girl needs to boost her self-esteem. He’ll make you look sooo good–you will be the envy of all women around you, AND you will know that you are the sharpest tool in the shed since he’s not operating with a full deck of cards.

          I had said a lifetime ago–this bugger is a total meathead. Too much time spent on body building and sculpting has halted blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain–he’s a vegetable. And Zoya in their 3rd meeting had told him exactly that. When they bumped into each other at the mall and she drops her ice cream cone? I think she said something like–bina dimaag ke chalta phirta insaan maine aaj pehli baar dekha hai.

          A delectable vegetable for sure, but so brain dead.

        • Candy says

          Do u think a week’s break is enough? For over 2-3 weeks,nothing but Tanu crap persists. Where can I find those fans from FB pages? Would be nice to have some stimulating discussions while on a break.

          • RaniJ says

            Hey Candy,

            Looks like they’ve blocked my sister, Jay Dee’s posts–she posted replies to some of your posts day before but it hasn’t made it on to here. Anyways, she just joined the Forum but hates it. Alina is more active there. You should check them out there.
            Jay Dee is more active on the Zee QH page where she continues to revile the show makers and their crowning glory. She has it in for Mr. Khan despite a major crush on the dude. She would love to be in touch via email–she’s not too active on fb but does have an account. See you on the other side.

      • Candy says

        Yes, I do agree the actress is doing some major behind the scenes PR work,as did perhaps the lions last villain!

        This plot is so saas Bahu right now! Had I known evil paid off so well,I would have been born her sister! But kya karein ’tis obvious my mom knows more about tehezeeb than the 3 from the sewage – Tanveer,Raziya & Haseena !

        Zoya has lost her feistyness,Akdu his bheja & Ayaan caught slam dunk in between kitchen politics!

        • Jay Dee says

          You said it, man. We were indeed unfortunate to be raised so well. Zoya, Asad, Ayaan, all flushed down the toilet and the sewer queens rule the world. So genius.
          The writers must be products of incest.

          • Candy says

            I agree on that last line.After all,inbreeding has scientifically proven to cause mental retardation!

  32. says

    qubool hai is really becoming typical saas bahu drama where evil wins.cvs are not at all interested in fulfilling audience wish. they are simply dragging billi’s track and asya are like supporting charaters. I feel that 4lions were quite happy with the rise in trp so they felt proud and as we say ghamandi ka sar neecha so very soon trp will fall and I hope they will realise their mistake soon otherwise qubool hai will certainly become fizool hai. I am taking break from qubool for few weeks and when asad will get some brain and logic from cvs I will resume watching it. till then gud bye.plz cvs listen to our request we want asya nikah and billi out of the show.

  33. Candy says

    “Ms Farooqui aap Sunna chahthein Jo mein kehena chahtha HOON?”

    Mom’s ultimate lead to sudden development in “stringing a line together” skills

    Tomorrow again Asad will yell at Zoya in front of Tanu who will smile like the cat who just licked a bowl of full cream milk!


  34. Divya says

    Hi guys. I must say I love QH. I watched the first episode and stuck with it. And,it’s the only serial I follow at present. The lead actors are superb & they really draw you in.

    However, I feel that the show has gotten a bit too negative in the past month or so. And I’ll admit I’ve never really liked serials with too many vamps especially where the leads seem to be dense or dumbed down. It’s quite frustrating for me as a viewer.

    Anyhow, I too hope this Tanveer track ends sooner than later and leads to something positive. I am still really hoping for a summer of love than a summer of heartbreak. *crosses fingers*

    All the best!

    • RaniJ says

      You are sweet to be so optimistic. QH has been disappointing its viewers since March. It may seem that it’s because of Tanu, but a lot of us agree that the main disappointment is Mr. Khan’s character regression into utter shithood. For some bizarre reason or because the actress playing Tanu is paying them big bucks if not sleeping with some head honcho, the show makers feel that the best way to reward their viewers’ loyalty is by throwing bucketfuls of bullcrap at them. They completely sabotaged all their 3 protagonists in order to give the most face and dialogue time to Tanveer the puppet master extraordinaire. They should be raked over hot coals for destroying Zoya’s character–a character which was perhaps one of the finest female representations of strength and charm and sheer magic in modern popular culture. Even if the Tanveer track ends, the show will not be able to redeem itself–it’s the Asad track that needs to end.

      • Candy says

        Dear RaniJ,

        Are u one of my lost soul sisters? Kahan thi Tum ab tak?

        I also have been nursing the suspicion that the actress is either bedding a honcho or paying her way through.Its nice to see others feel like wise.

        This story is no longer a love story but becoming the testament of scheming,evil,lies,murders and attempted murders. The protagonists get all of 3-4 mins each day of meaningful role play.

        I was reviled when Tanu set herself on fire only to realise there exists an anti burn gel in the TV market. Now I have to see her burn her arm…in supposed reality.

        If she needs to be really burst somewhere,allow me to volunteer my heartfelt assistance. I need to take a lot of badaas out on her.

        • RaniJ says

          Yep, I’m that very same soul twin who has now been barred from the family union. Kab ke bichade hue hum aaj kahan aa ke mile …

          Aur aage dekhiye, kaise F32 ne judaa kiya do behenon ko. Aur unn behenon ne kaise badala liya …

          Yeah, Tanu is single-handedly boosting the fire-retardant gel economy. And they must be the main sponsors of QH so when you add 2 and 2 together … you come up with 69.

          What protagonists? Oh you mean the 3 losey losertons in QH who are being paid good money to suck it up and aid and abet their own slo-mo demise?

          Now be careful with what you go about saying about people in powerful places with powerful friends. My goody-two-shoes, dweeby sister, Lulu, would quote Neitsche and say, beware when you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you.

          I’m just worried for your safety and don’t believe the nonsense that we become that what we hate most. That would mean Tanu would become Zoya–now way in hell.

          • Candy says

            Hi RaniJ

            So glad u are looking out for my safety. I am more in risk of losing my sanity here.

            Akdu showed more of his split personality today.Love for Zoya in front of mom & harsh words when Tanu is 50 meter radius.

            So much to say,but bholna Toh Fizool HAI!

            Shall try n find u in the forum & zee Fhai page

  35. Skylar says

    I agree with RaniJ! Too accurate. Tanveer’s track isn’t going anywhere, mate. The actress who plays her said so herself. She specifically said that Tanveer’s track “abhi bauht der tak chale gaa”. So good luck with your hopes and dreams. But RaniJ’s right: even if the Tanveer track ends (which it won’t for another 2 months, seeing how much the writers and producers just LOVE that character) the damage it has done to the show is probably irreparable at this point. It’s too late.

    The damage has been done, as they say. Will the show EVER regain its once high TRPs? Maybe, if we see a new man in Zoya’s life, then I can bet you that at least I would certainly start to watch the show again….

    • RaniJ says

      Hey lo Skylar,

      I miss Alina and Jay Dee. What happened to them? Did they walk off into the sunset? So Tanu ka track bahut der tak chalega. Humara bhi hate-Tanu track bahut der tak chalega. BRING IT SUCKAS.

      Aur hate-Assed track to hum roz endless loop pe play karte hain, hai na? Kitna mazaa aata hai dart board par Mr. Khan ki tasveer laga kar uss par chaku phenkne mein. Aur apna drinking game? Each time the blooming ass says, hum kitne alag hain, voh … actually, aapko rishton ki ehmiyat nahin hai, we take a delicate gulp of merlot? QH is boosting wine sales.

      But of course, there’s more damage to come from damaged brains. Not only will Tanu succeed in evading discovery she will break them up and end up in his arms and room as his legally-wedded wife and bitter half. Oh joy, exactly what a constipated Jammy deserves and needs. Someone, he need say nothing to because she reads his empty mind. Someone who is fire-proof. Someone who can swiftly and craftily dispatch with villains who threaten to steal dear Jammy’s heart.

      • Skylar says

        Zoya apologized to Tanveer. In front of everyone.

        I have tolerated many things on this show, but the level of disappointment I felt today while watching this show reach it’s ultimate low point, the ultimate point of garbage and trashiness was unbelievable.

        I am done with with this show. Probably permanently. There are many things I want to say, but it’s a waste of time now that I neither care about this show nor watch it. And I will urge my friends and family to stop watching too.

        Goodbye Fazool Hai. Hope you get off the air real soon, you piece of trash show.

        • AAK says

          Ms. Skylar,

          I think you are being too hard on me. Chandni and Kishwar understand my motives and feelings today, perfectly. After the drubbing I got from multiple psycho feminists for being a borderline domestic abuser, I am trying to mend my ways. I am beginning to see how my over-protectiveness, judgmental behavior and frustration with Ms. Farouqui’s different ways, may have pushed me overboard. And now that my friend is a victim of domestic violence I realize how terrible it is and what it does to women’s self-esteem and confidence. When she told me how her husband yelled at her for every little thing, my heart sank as I thought I may have been guilty of the same. And when I hit Ms. Farouqui thinking that her rash actions may have got Ammi hurt …My god.

          But now that I am beginning to realize these things, I don’t understand why she’s suddenly going after Tanu. Specially now that we know how scared and bechari Tanu is. Why is Ms. Farouqui being so suspicious and calling my friend a liar?

          And why, on the other hand, am I not more angry at her for dredging up all this nastiness. A few days ago, I would have yelled at her and may be thrown her out of the house. But now? But now, I can’t look at her face and those eyes and yell at her. And when she pouts with that mouth, and looks at me with a million questions in her eyes, I can’t imagine her not being in this house forever and running into me and picking a fight with me.

          She’s driving me crazy. I can’t tell her how I feel, she won’t stay still and listen, and Ammi keeps nagging me to wear my heart on my sleeve. And in the middle of all this Tanu is so lost and vulnerable. I feel guilty that I am looking forward to starting a new life and her entire world has collapsed around her. I just wish she would not hug and hold me like she’s being doing lately. It’s embarrassing but I don’t want to hurt her.

          Her ex husband sounds like a dangerous person. I don’t like that he knows where she is and tries to get to her in my house. She’s forbidden me to contact the police, but I should bring in some private security. He better not harm Najma, Ammi or Zoya. I will kill him with my bare hands.

        • Candy says

          Hi Skylar,

          I agree with u. I am not as enlightened a soul as Chandni & Kishwar that I can agree with their feeling of yesterday’s episode being very good.

          In fact,to me,it was the last nail on the coffin. I emerged out completely disappointed. I was left with the feeling that hoping for any improvement is completely dumb.

          I do not believe that a wife or soulmate should refrain from not siding with husband’s close friends just to keep him happy. In fact it is her duty to show him the right way. Maybe that’s because I beleive women are equals not inferior to men.

          So,dear CVs, maintain your current style of thinking and don’t blame the audience if they say farewell to you because your ideas are truly Fizool Hai!

  36. Chandni says

    I loved the 30th May QH episode. No complaints against Asad’s behavior. For the first time he didn’t shout at Zoya assuming she’s wrong. I saw a deep, deep concern for Zoya in his eyes, and he did give her a benefit of doubt. You could also see the hurt, that anguish he felt when Zoya apologized to Tanveer against her will. But that was only because he considers Zoya to be his own, and to be a part of his own family and his own household, who should equally be as supportive of HIS friends as he is – because as he had told Zoya over that ‘plate’ conversation, Zoya completes him! I loved to see this sea of change in Asad, only for his love of Zoya. Thank you CVs!

    • Kishwar Ahmed says

      A good episode after quite a while. Even the pain between the leads brought pleasure as we saw how much they share with each other, and how much love Asad has for Zoya (but she is unfortunately still oblivious to it). Asad’s eyes are enough to read what he is thinking, and today I felt that he has begun to trust Zoya, but wants validation for it – which is absolutely fine. Not to forget that he is her protector and considers her as his very own, so he would never allow Zoya’s actions to inflict any distress upon his family or his values.

  37. zk says


    • 2 Forum 32 says

      Appreciate your thoughts. Kindly refrain from using Caps Lock, makes reading difficult and in internet language, it denotes shouting. While we understand your sentiments, you may like to express them more appropriately. Thank you.

  38. Ranee says

    I feel really saddened to see the dumbing down of the very traits that we loved of Qubool Hai…both Asad and Zoya are not in character anymore. I wish we could see some positive development instead off making QH like any stereotype serial!

  39. says

    qubool hai is becoming typical saas bahu drama. cvs are not listening and this billi omg sometime I feel like killing her. plz reveal tanveer’s truth. so many people are requesting you guys and you don’t care about our emotions and showing all the bullshits. how can anybody be so evil like the negative characters of this show. seriously cvs 4lions are famous for its beautiful love stories where leads are always together but I hope you guys don’t want to maintain ur image. plz listen to audience they are continuously complaining on forum32. plz cvs we want asya’s marriage and tanveer out of the show. hate her, plz reveal her truth and give asad some brains. and plz show asad trusting zoya. plz cvs listen to us if audience feedback really matter to you.

      • says

        I personally don’t read it (the QH section)as I am not involved involved with the show but I do keep keep a close watch on what is happening on Arjun and I try to get the people concerned with QH to read the related sections. What has been one common problem and feedback that I have received is this – the language! Nobody wants to come back after a 12-18 hour workday and read offensive and derogatory language. On this note, I would also like to point out that in your comment you “assume” that nobody is reading this. Why and how has it become so fashionable to bash 4 Lions Films?
        A show takes a turn/ shows a track for many,many reasons all of which are impossible to justify to everyone in the audience and it is not completely under the production house’s or even the channel’s control – but what is in our control – is to maintain a civil dialogue between ourselves. All voices get drowned in a screaming match and nobody wins.
        When Forum 32 started, it was with the hope that it would become a platform where we could tell people from the network/channel to come and read what the people are expressing with their views, opinions, creations and VMs and hopefully get some kind of better interaction going because as of now there is just the TRP numbers that dictate what goes on in the TV world.
        I really hope you understand what I am trying to say here and take it in a positive light – we are all on the same side!!! In case you still have a doubt if anybody is listening you can find me here Ha! Sorry – couldn’t resist the parting shot! 😉

        • RaniJ says

          If it’s not in the PH’s or the channel’s hands then whose hands is it in? Are you saying that the audience is dictating this distasteful turn of events? That’s such a cop out.

          I ‘assume’ no one’s reading because I do not see evidence to the contrary.

          And I don’t know about any fashionable trend to bash 4 Lions. To dismiss critique as a ‘fad’ is not particularly civil nor does it show an open-minded response to feedback. What I am bashing is the deliberate dumbing down of a show’s themes and characters that started on such a high note. What a frustrated and disgruntled audience is trying to understand is why did the PH/Channel find this necessary? Who was holding a gun to their head? Who was twisting their arm?

          What I understand from your post is an attempt to be an apologist for a PH that has really doesn’t care about the effects of its toxic narrative.

          No, I am not on your side. Heaven forbid that I were to be a tool or a shill. Neither could I resist that parting shot!

          • 2 Forum 32 says

            You really just enjoy being caustic and nothing else. Because if you had read, the answer is quite clear, it is the TRP that drives the TV World. And for the uninitiated, it is basically the advertisers who put in money to talk to the Target Audience who get to say what goes. While the ads pump in the necessary revenue the points amassed through TRP will determine if an advertiser wants to continue to patronise a particular time slot and that is how the Channel who get paid by selling air time, the Production House from the Channel, have to bring in TRPs. So unless like in any firm, unless the numbers are in, you are out. Ironically, it is true; customer is King and for once glad to say it is not you.

            Are you aware of what the PH really does?

            Thank God! You are not on their side. Couldn’t resist that parting shot!

        • RaniJ says

          Yep, thank god indeed I don’t know anything about how powerless production houses are. So sad, that you work for such disempowered and helpless people. Nor would I know anything about trps, naively thinking it’s all about the number of eyeballs a program draws. So sad that PHs have to reluctantly suck on mega corporate teats to stay afloat. Yeah, man, I feel their pain. So when do the trps start tanking? Much before the show starts to suck? Or is it when the audience is somewhere else that the show decides to commit narrative suicide since hey, no one’s watching anyways?
          So damned if the audience does and damned if it doesn’t. Wow! So Tanu is the main lead now in QH because it’s the audience’s fault. Mr. Khan has become a giant pain in the butt, thank you much audience. And Zoya has folded like a deck of cards, shukriya, shukriya!

        • Candy says

          Dear Gorky,

          Might I request you to please explain one thing? I f you are helpless on the Tanu track removal, who exactly has decided that it needs to go on? Has a consensus of audience opinion been sought or have the powers that be,presumed certain conclusions?

          I thoroughly enjoyed your show till the focus became the three wicked witches.Even the 2 minutes of supposed romance isn’t compensating the sadness I feel seeing such a beautiful story going haywire and the talent of KSG & SJ not being optimized. Tired of omni present success of evil and the constant scolding being doled out to Zoya.

          If you feel I am bashing,believe me I am not. I am plain disappointed and truth be told,rather heartbroken. I am trying so hard to remain a fan….but kab tak?

          No parting shot added.Too sad to give one of my punch lines right now.

          Hope you will answer Gorky.

  40. says

    Zoya and asad i have seen every episode of urs i mean every single one hey if u have any plans to shoot ur serial in dubai so please call 0504916748 because i live in dubai and i surely want to meet u guys

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