Shaleen Malhotra’s Party and On set Celebration Picture Gallery


Shaleen Malhotra is a fabulous person. A perfect host. The birthday boy had to leave the set around 6pm however, work pressure did not allow him to leave before 6:45pm. He had got a cake for the Team Arjun as it is one year of shooting Arjun on the 25th May 2013 which is also Shaleen’s birth date.

He had invited his friends, colleagues from Arjun and Forum 32. Yes that is me, the writer of this post. We took his permission to take a few snaps at the party. He graciously agreed. So, we bring you celebration pictures of the birthday, the one year completion of Arjun – Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek at the set and the party snaps at an upscale  lounge at Juhu.

Gorky, the ETF Team i.e. Behzaad Khan, Shaleen Malhotra, Siddharth Sen, Mrunal Thakur, Shital Shah and Ritu Chauhan were present on the set and cut the cake to celebrate one year completion since the show went on the floor. The birthday cake brought by Production Team of Arjun helped celebrate his birthday on the set as the whole unit would not have been present at the party he had thrown.

Then comes the letting the hair down at the party. Everyone partied hard with fun and laughter that meant talking about things beyond work. A time out from otherwise hectic schedule that goes into making a show like Arjun. Of course, today all are back to work.

We wish happiness and success to Shaleen and leave you with pictures without much ado. Cheers once again, Shaleen! God Bless.


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  1. Sameera says

    Awesome gift for eft fans thank you so much forum32 thanks for great effort for us thanks a billion .

  2. Pisces_Gurl says

    Ohh Gawdd….I am drooling over the 3 hotties…U knwo who i mean..
    Shaleen Behzaad n Shree….Shaleen looooookksss tooooo hhooottt….Hayee Main marjawan….
    The 2 picx of Shaleen n Sana..the best..Wish to see them together in any other program also…
    Well wished to see them in Arjun also..But itx ok….
    God always bless u all…Keep smiling

  3. Pisces_Gurl says

    Ohh Gaawwdd…!!!Sumone lpz stop me drooling over 3 men at the same tym
    Well u all know whome m talking about..
    Shaleen,Behzaad n Sid…
    But Shaleeen is the best.(Sorry no offence)
    He looks soo handsome n dashing in that black t-shirt..n the face full of cake wass soo cute..;)
    The picx are al awexome..
    But the two picx of Shaleen n Sana stole my heart..
    Wished could see them both in another show together,,They look so cute..Well wanted to see them in Arjun also..but its okie..
    Keep smiling all of you.
    God bless u all

  4. ArjunShaleen says

    Masha Allah! Shaleen, bas aise hi muskuraate raho!Really meri hi nazar lag jayegi.

    Thanks a ton Forum32 for bringing us these lovely moments

  5. Krishna says

    Loved all the pictures! Glad to see that even with work the ETF team and the crew had so much fun for Shaleen’s birthday! Thank you so much Forum 32!

  6. purva says

    keep smiling mr malhotra…..u r luking awesum <3 <3

    Loved all d pics …..thank u forum 32 for d wonderful pics

  7. Mahi says

    aww that was super adorable.. glad to see that everyone had fun at SM’s birthday party xD and even more glad to see Sana there 😀 Thankew so much Forum 32 :)

  8. Khushi says

    Seeing Sana on the sets of Arjun brought SO many memories back. She lights up the entire damn world when she’s there and her picture with Shaleen is the cutest ever. Thank you Forum 32.

    If there was ever a chance, Please do bring Sana back again; as a new character or whatever, because till date, People want Sana-Shaleen opposite each other. Till date – arjun and riya still exist in the minds of viewers.

    Dying to see Sana-Shaleen again, in a show, especially in Arjun.

  9. minni says

    awesome pics
    glad to see sana in shaleen’s bd party
    oh gosh shaleen sana look so cuteeeee together
    pls bring her back in arjun yaar
    loved to see them both together

  10. khushi says

    Love you arjun living for you only.A very happy birthday arjun. I have cut my finger also for you please meet me once in Patna. loved all your photos and all your pages on FB.

  11. vaishali says

    SANA and Shaleeen 😀 thats such a cuuuuteee pic.. hoping to see sana again in arjun. what ever role it is 😀 peleaseee haha .. awesome pictures

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