Vikram Singh Chauhan and Nishi Singh, Imraan and Haseena Bi of Qubool Hai!

Vikram Singh Chauhan as Imraan in Qubool Hai

Vikram Singh Chauhan as Imraan in Qubool Hai

Imraan (Vikram Singh Chauhan) and Haseena Bi (Nishi Singh) of Qubool Hai are one of a kind mother and son. Well, the other mothers and sons we would compare in the series are Shireen Ahmed Khan (Shabnam Sayed) and Ayaan Ahmed Khan (Vikrant Massey) and Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) and Dishaad Ahmed Khan (Shalini Kapoor). Imraan is the face of innocence but is he really? He seems to be  wanting to marry Nikhat (Archana Taide) but there is a sinister past with Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta). What is the relationship that they have shared and will it come out in open any time soon? Well, the way the story is being unfolded, we don’t know if it is anytime soon, but surely the viewers want the pandora’s box opened and dealt with.

We spoke to Nishi Singh who plays Haseen Bi and found her to be a very quirky person. Playing evil is something she likes and is very happy that Haseena is one character that she has played over the years which has gotten her recognition and appreciation. She does get asked when she is out shopping in mall or various places in town or even at the airport. Another character she loves playing is in Hitler Didi, another Zee TV show, that of mother in law of Munna (Sandeep Baswana).

In our conversation with Vikram Singh Chauhan, who is the new Imraan (the earlier one left the show for his studies), we found that he is a lawyer, who has studied in UK and lived there for 4 years. He works in a Corporate, one of the biggest financial companies of the country and is in the legal department. So, what made him get into acting? It is his dream and wanted to explore this side of him. He has done two TV Commercials, one is Quick Heal Antivirus and other is Tata Indica Vista. This is hs first TV series and wish him luck. Welcome aboard. We wonder if he is going to reform or will he be a worthy partner of Tanveer?

We have interesting mother and son pairing in the show Qubool Hai. Shireen and Ayaan do not understand each other, while Asad and Dilshaad have a bond that is strong and of course, the mother and son that we have in Imraan and Haseena is one of tolerance and disdain. Why does Imraan take all the beatings from Haseena (at least verbally) and why does he allow her to put Nikhat down? Is there something that holds him back or is it that he does not care for Nikhat and allows Haseena Bi to ride roughshod over Nikhat?

Do you think, Nikhat should marry Imraan? This wedding has not happened for ages now and seems doomed from the start. Are all Khan siblings having the same fate? One of desertion and compromise? Will the likes of Imraan, Tanveer and God forbid we find someone like that for Najma (Nehalaxmi Iyer) too, not want anyone with some sense, to say “Qubool Hai”.

Keep watching Qubool Hai, every Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm on Zee TV.

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  1. zara says

    actually im just waiting for tanveer and asads marriage to take place!!! getting really excited to watch their wedding .. I know it will happen .. as for nikhat she deserves way better .. she is on this marriage track since the 1st episode of the show .. please get her married .. or get someone married !! for a show named qubool hai .. not one marriage has taken place .. so it is my request !! please let tanveer and asad marriage finally take place !! fans are eagerly awaiting to see the card ,,Tannu weds Jammy

    • Jay Dee says

      Haha, Zara, so true. They should have contest to design wedding card. Here’s my contribution:

      Everyone is invited to Laawaris and knocked-up Tanveer with no last name’s nikaah to A Very Sad Ahmed Khan (son of Mute Rashid Khan).

      It’s potluck–please bring own dish.
      (BYOP) Bring you own poison too.

      No gifts please–bride bringing bun in oven for dahej.

          • jay Dee says

            Zara, it would be such fun to watch battle of baddies–I want ring side seats to that mahasangram.

            Gafoor will be knocked down in seconds. Hassena bi will duck and dodge and then trip over her self.

            Final bout–RAZVEER. Please put Mitwa sound track in background. QH ka inn dono se ishq pe zor nahin!

        • Jay Dee says

          2 Forum 32, dude I am loving your sense of humor these days. See, it’s such fun to join the gang instead of policing us.

          Well there is no question which mother-son pair we all love. Some of those sons in your article need swift kick in pants for being donkeys.

          Please spare Nikhat from Haseena Bi. I would love to see Haseena bi and Tanu duke it out–QH Maha-sangram!

          Please make Tanu wear medieval armor, please!

          • zara says

            at jay dee .. I agree ,, lets have a battle of the baddies !!! tanu , razia , haseena and gaffur !!!!

            head to head battle of the baddies !!! wands and brooms allowed lol

        • Jay Dee says

          2 Forum 32

          Oh you guys, I am really having fun now–so not only did you up the ante by making my suggestion of a contest official, but you diagnosed me with MPD and compared that to my Mr. Khan’s OCD. Zeh-e-naseeb! Shukriya! Shukriya! Mr. Khan ki deewanagi mein hum MPD, ADD, ADHD, aur na janen kya-kya ho gaye.

          But this also means you aren’t as powerless as you have led us to believe, my dear 2 Forum 32 writer. Then why, oh why, have you not exercised this power to implore PH on paglayi-hui audience’s behalf, that my fellow-afflicted Asad be given brain, spine, nuts and guts?

          Ab bhi waqt hai yaar. Humari duayen PH se qubool karvao and I will give you so many more good ideas for contests that they will promote you and give you a raise and send you on an all-paid vacation. PS, I have awesome idea for 200th episode celebrations–it’s not been done by any PH/Channel in India. QH could be a pioneer.

          But ek shart hai. Assed Ahmed Khan ko Asad Ahmed Mangalpuri Khan mein tabdeel karvao and then we’ll talk.

    • Naz Ali says

      Yes please do that; so I don’t have to watch it anymore….save my time, been wasting it with for a while now…..

    • veena says

      why do u want jammy and asad’s wedding?if u just want a wedding then it is better to see imran and tanveer marry

  2. says

    Imraan shud get married to imraan zz nt a bad man..tanveer left him fr money n ol..he zz nowhr to b blamed..he evn once tried to reveal this to nikhat..but cudnt..he zz nt betraying her..he zz loya l to her..wts his fault if the billi (who has messed evry1’s lyf actully) keeps coming back n blackmiling him..obvio he zz nt dat villain to kill her ..n morova..he zz nt evn sur e whtr the baby zz his’s or ff sum1 billib zz point tokin ff that..
    regrdn haseena..I dunno wt to se…whtr nikhat shud get married to dat home..wel really nt botherd bou this….
    nywys..this trck vl b intrstng…asad’s bestie spoiling his sis lyf..lyk dat..
    n wel .. v dun want ny billi asad marriage…no wy NEVER..
    asya Foreva..n enuff nw…one shudnt b punished fr wteva he hs nt dun.
    asad zoya desrves to b happy…on the name ff drama…over the top win in ff negativity nt accptd…I mean in reality too..nature has its rule…
    n yeah the show zz goin smoothly nw..frm this week it has bcum smooth n its gud to watch…(dat so cz the repetrive drama finally sideline hua..n story moved frwrd..)aftrol Qubool hai wz neva a hard core luv sotry but a family its gud to see evry char…n thier role..

  3. Ma says

    Wow. Asad and Tanveeer wedding. So u radmitting tat good people r just a waste in this show and evil wins all the time.
    I just want to know when is Asad getting back his brain so he can just think and figure this Tanveer out.
    Really enough of Tanveer
    No ne wants her except u guys.

    • jay Dee says

      Yeah Ma, Asad ka good and brains, dono gaye ghaas charne. Taking away brain is easy, but re-inserting it nearly impossible.
      Paging Dr. House!

      Asad ka kucch nahin ho sakta. Doctors ne poori koshish kar li. Ab dua ke alawa dawa ka asar bhi band ho gaya hai.

  4. Vvcc says

    Wow,soooo good to see that u guys keep on introducing actors personally too and involve us all the more with ur serials.A lawyer who studied in U.K wants to be an actor,hmmmm pretty cool but surprising.I must admit he has got an attractive screen presence compared to earlier one.
    Even Vikrant massey is doing good as Ayaan,previous one i used to wonder why was he selected,although i thought Mohit Sehgal could have been the perfect replacement for Ayaan as he was suuuperb as Samrat in MJHT where he played the role of a playful college going boy who was funloving and naughty and he was perfect in that role,i being a huge fan of KSG from DMG days and ofcourse Mohit Sehgal from MJHT days but i think Ayaan nooo longer display his funside which was displayed earlier in the serial.Ayaan is now shown a mature guy,very serious kind of a person which Vikrant is doing nicely sooo nooo complaints as it is till KSG is there,who wants to complain but still why u have to show billi with just one eye,is’nt it too much and why did she agree to it?i mean she looks scary with just one eye,can’t just watch her like that and Asad wants to marry her..nooooooooo,can’t be.

  5. Candy says

    Dear Mody,

    Have I been blocked on the google+ page? Least you could do,is to let me know.

    But that would be asking too much from u.

    • 2 Forum 32 says

      Yeah! And of course, one realises only after one is blocked that letting you all know that abusive, offensive language shall not be tolerated was not a mere lip service . Don’t think am obliged in anyway to “let you know”!

      And don’t expect, will make your life easier!

      • Candy says

        Thanks Mody for your reply.

        You and the Lions proved one thing. That you hate criticism.

        And getting upset over abusive language used on a fictional character,that YOU people yourself portrayed as bad as she is? Kinda looks like the pot calling the kettle black.

        • 2 Forum 32 says

          Go read your own comment. It was for physical aspect of a character. And it is a person who plays a character not a robot. Do not try to club your thinking with us.

  6. aisha says

    Imran is cute my god…QH team is doing a great job in finding all hunks for the show…wanna see more of new xxxx

  7. Berlino says

    Zara, I like your idea. As the cvs enjoy showing us evil torturing good and evil winning all the time. Lets marry Jammy and Tannu, evil Tannu torturing brainless Jammy and smirking… cvs are fond of those scenes. Najma should marry Imran and lets marry Zoya to Imran’s brother so that Haseena Bi would have 2 good DILs to torture. What a treat for Cvs… Lots saas bahu torturing scenes there. Nikhat and Nuzhat should not find any husbands so they get tortured by Razia anyway. As for Humeira she has already lost her marbles and is already evil Razia’s daughter so she cant be helped further. I am sure cvs have thought of all these possiblities already and they have found better ways to torture us the viewers…

    • Jay Dee says

      Berlino, I like the way you think. Nice scenarios that would all fit perfectly with the theme of the show of women torturing women and making men mute and powerless.

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