Qubool Hai Completes 200 Episodes – Congratulations to the Team!


Qubool Hai completes 200 episodes today, 2nd August 2013. We believe there will be some celebration on the set, though it may not be today as all the artists won’t be shooting. We will try and get you what is happening on the set as and when it happens.

We wish each and every member of the team the heartiest congratulations for their hard work and creating a show that has given the followers some great moments of fun, laughter, drama and even terror. Of course, there are lows with the highs, where the audience has lamented and cribbed about certain characters and complained about the level of violence shown. We believe when one loves something, they do it completely and acrimony is part of that passion.

If one did not care, why would one want the best every time. We do know that there will be an apology ticker running on the show, however, we are not sure when it will start.

We also heard that for this Eid the show has created such a huge following, that the shopkeepers in Mumbai and Pune (we are sure there are other cities where this phenomenon is happening), selling “Dilshaad” suits and “Mumaani” suits. We will get you story on that as well by visiting some of the shops in town.

Do you see this around you? Have you seen this phenomenon happening in your city? Do let us know. A success of a show is not just lot of hard work, but the audience’s involvement with the show.

We spoke to the Qubool Hai Team and they thank all the viewers through this platform for following the show and achieving this milestone.

You can watch the journey in bits and pieces in various videos we have created here. Of course, there are pictures, articles and more here.

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Here are some pictures for you. We had tried to bring as much as we can of each character in the show, hope you like this slide show. Keep watching Qubool Hai,  for your favorites Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti), every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

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  1. Zara Malik says

    many many congratulations to the whole team of QH

    ignore the unnecessary attention , kuch to log kahen ge logo ka kam hai kehna

    keep up the good work , give our love and wishes to all the team of QH
    may it grow more with every passing episode :)

  2. Mrinalini Krishnan says

    A big congratulations to the entire QH Team!
    Thank you for these amazing pics Forum32!
    Karan and Surbhi ROCK! <3

  3. zaina says

    A very very big congratulations to entire team of Qubool Hai.. all of your head work and dedication is the reason we are watching and enjoying the show daily.. must thank all star cast who was and is part of the show and entertain us since day one.. must thank the creative team producer, directors, writer’s makeup artiest and the whole positive team of Qubool Hai.. we are in love with each an very character of the show we laughed with Zoya we smiled with Dilshad we cried with Asad we were angry at Razia, all in one we are with the show… keep going more and more.. all the best to the team as a viewer hope will get to see more and more on QH..
    best wishes from

  4. Vrins Miller says

    Congratulations to the QH Team in completing 200 episodes. The actors and the whole crew seems a wonderful cast all in all.

    However, please do take a look at this topic considering how much QH is being appreciated/depreciated.


    We as an audience believe in seeing the best from a show we follow. I have not liked many aspect of the show, and will never continue to like these if it keeps continues like this. The topic writer kind of evoked the same feeling that I & Many QH viewers would love to stop seeing in the show. Am quite of appalled that a 4 Lion show is lacking with creativity of the storyline. I think the actors in Qubool have very great potential, but the track lacks the x-factor. As a director/creative director/story writer i think they all want to show something out of the line, to keep the viewers on hook, but the audience here is much wider, we will not like to say to direct the show the way we want, but those scenes can be shown in more decent ways. I’ve enjoyed the show mostly because i love watching Karan Singh Grover as Asad. He is the sole reason why i keep myself to watch Qubool. If it wasn’t for him, i would have long ditched the show. The show is mostly centered upon villaineous or horrendous acts nowadays but thankfully light comedy/romance is still being shown between Asad-Zoya, which is delightful. I do miss the real plot of Qubool Hai-where it was family centered, which has dissolved within a few months the show started. Wheres the family bonding? the family tension between the Khan and the Siddiqui? Where is the sibblings relationships that made us go aww?? Sadly it has all turned in a different alternative track which seems very surreal. I don’t expect a indian show to bring realism in their shows coz they lack this ability but wish it returned back to its original plot-Family drama and yet keeping the romance between the leads.You guys are so capable, i don’t know whats wrong with the PH we had high expectations from. Please take this as a positive criticism and ends the crappiness, immorality in your show. It definitely don’t appeal to the public the way it is shown. Surprise us with a different level of bringing ‘epicness’ with your show. It is def out of love and expectations we want the show to improve.So far, its getting drastic month by month. Please do send our reviews the team, we will appreciate it so much.

  5. Ayushi Jain says

    A very very big Congratulation to Qubool hai team for completing 200 episodes.
    Its shows there hardwork and dedication that within the months they are able to catch the audience view and win there hearts
    I wish them All the Best and Luv U KSG

  6. shiviluvsKSG says

    A BIG congratulations to the entire
    team of qubool hai for completing 200 episodes.

    Without doubt it has a huge following as each and every episode gives you something to think about. Me and my friends are
    CRAZY about the show and each day we discuss it with all the Ooohs and Aaaaahs(
    which we love…….it’s like a ritual)………..waiting for 9 pm is almost
    killing but surely worth it! If I don’t see a single episode….it’s like I
    can’t breathe and not just me ‘THE QUBOOL HAI OBSESSION’ has spread all
    over……..Many a times in malls or grocery stores I have heard people saying
    ‘allah miyan what’s wrong with you?’ or ‘woh actually’ or cursing Tanveer in and out.

    I started watching QH for KSG coz I just LOOOOVE Him! A big thanks to the makers
    for bringing him on the show as the two years when he was not doing any show
    after dmg, TV was not tv…….nothing was there to look forward to and the
    minute I saw him in the promo …….I felt like dancing! I was so so so HAPPY!
    And now I love every character on QH…..All of them ROCK! There can never be a
    character like zoya, A mother as cute as Dilshad , a sis as adorable as Najma,
    and a vamp like Razia( she actually gives me the creeps……Alka Kaushal is
    just the besttt!!!!)

    Forum32 for the gorgeous pictures. Karan Singh grover- How do you manage look
    this amazing always???? I mean how? He has looks to kill and the way he said ‘I
    want to spoil you Zoya’……Man I died of his cuteness!

  7. Ankita Mukherjee says

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And thank FORUM32 for your constant updates!! 😀
    *A BIG HUG* 😀 😀 😀

  8. pooja sharma says

    Alka Kaushal, Amrapali Gupta, Archana Taide, , Farina Parvez, , Karan Singh Grover, Ketki Kadam, Nehalaxmi Iyer, Shabnam Sayed, Shalini Kapoor, Surbhi Jyoti, Tej Sapru, Vaquar Shaikh, Vidya Sinha, Vikram Singh Chauhan, Vikrant Massey and all the members of qubool hai congragulations. it shows your hardwork and dedication towards this serial and almost you all have rapt your audience attention. so thankyou………. love you karan and surbhi

  9. Amelia says

    Congratulations to the entire team for completing 200 episodes and wish them all greater success. If Gul Khan ever makes a romantic movie, I bet it’ll be a blockbuster, she is just that good at creating great onscreen couples. Hrishikesh Gandhi is a fantastic DOP. Surbhi is such a find, such a natural actress with such expressive eyes (bless her, but she really needs a crash course in handling media so as the offscreen stuff does not detract from her great talent :)). I did not know Karan before this serial but he’s a fab actor. Together, they create magic as AsYa. Of the other cast, love Alka Kaushal – tremendous actress. Hope to see lots of Razia too.

  10. Natasha says

    Congratulations to the entire team of Qabool Hai for completing 200 epiisodes .we have enjoyed thoroughly the serial specially asad zoya scenes wonderful .keep it up. Surbhi is best actress at present n d tv world ,n urll hv created awesome jodi asya.all d best for coming episodes

  11. AyeshaQHlover says

    wow <3 luv this post .. Congratulations to Qubool Hai team for completing 200 epi and for entertaining us by their hard work :) they deserves to be appreciated 100 million times …

  12. Mona Mona says

    I think the production house is forgetting a very important celebration – Asad’s birthday. In one of the previous episodes it was shown he is a Leo- that means his birthday is between july 23 and aug 22. Now, yesterday they showed that while giving the combination lock, Dilshaad says 0710 , Asad and Najma’s birthday. Considering that she implied in sequential order, Asad’s birthday has to be August 7th. Or, worse August 10th. How about turning the tables and showing us a Zoya who plans something romantic for Asad… Asad has done many romantic things for Zoya so far (various gifts with notes, that date, and this wishlist)

  13. Meera says

    A hearty congratulations to the entire team :) love the show … Even though I have hated the negativity and violence in it to a great extent I can never stay away from it … The main reason is Asad and Zoya .. Starting to like the ayan and humera track too …
    But one question keeps popping in my mind ,,, 4lions is known for the amazing romantic chemistry between the main leads … Geet and Maan … Arnav and Khushi ,,,, there was amazing sexual tension between the characters ….why aren’t we seeing that in asad and zoya even after 200 episodes ? Their love seems very genuine …but it can’t be platonic between Asad and zoya right ? Dying to see that between them :)

    Hope your cross more milestones like this :) love your shows :)

    • Gatz Bi says

      I agree, only here for Zoya and Asad and that seems very far from materializing. And I’m glad, I’m not the only one finding is frustratingly platonic! Seriously man, up the ante already! Give us some sizzle and smoldering touches, stolen hugs and kisses. As it is all of it is going to evaporate pretty soon.

      • Meera says

        Really hope someone reads this ……. Atleast they can lean on each or something… I feel like hugging asad when I watch the scenes .. Poor guy

  14. Alina says

    Oh wow that’s great news!! A nicely written article too. That’s very true that only a show with a dedicated and loyal fanbase would have fans who feel such multiple emotions all the time! It has indeed been a roller coaster. Well on that note, here’s hoping for many more improvements for the next 100 episodes!!

  15. chatlogin75 says

    Congratulations to the entire cast and creative team of QH! You are doing a great job! I hope you continue in the same way with good characters, story lines and not too much over the top negativity. Agreed you have to cater to the masses but the masses are pretty intelligent now and can appreciate a good drama without the same theatrics! Both the 4Lions earlier serials did justice to the audience intellect and hopefully this one will too. You have a great team with awesome potential so wishing you all the best and a great future!

  16. Zara21 says

    Congrats team Qubool hai !!!!! Sure there have been ups and downs in these 200 episodes !!, but the story has been really amazing so far and I hope that you guys reach 2000 episode and we keep getting AsYa scenes !!!!! Congrats again

  17. G Shafi says

    Congratulations to Qubool Hai’s team for completing 200 episodes! Not a single of those 200 episodes have I found boring or any that dragged, which you can find with other TV serials. Karan and Surbhi are fantastic actors and I wish them and the entire QH team loads of success!

  18. Gatz Bi says

    Wow, Vrins, I love your comment and thanks for sharing the IF post. i absolutely agree. Badi bi’s unabated torture is sickening. No amount of Asya magic can make us forget that. And I love Asya and QH is the only soap I watch. I just wish they would end that abusive track.

    The sad part is that even though we are loving the budding romance between Asad and Zoya, we all also know that it is short-lived and our favorite couple will soon be put through the wringer once again. The nikaah won’t happen. It’s so bizarre that they show a girl get dressed up as a bride to marry the man she loves and each time she is rejected and spurned at the altar by the same guy who loves her–this will be round 3. And this is not even counting the other times Zoya, who I absolutely adore, has fled from a wedding, been forced into one, or impersonated a bride. What a mockery of the institution!

    And looks like she’ll be paired with Ayaan and there’s some chatter about a Farhan before she finally ends up with Asad, if that. What is this? The Bachelorette?

  19. annanya says

    congratulations creatives and the entire team….loving the show more and more and more everyday
    really loving the way asad zoya lovestory is growing
    thank u 4liond for giving us a great show

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