Qubool Hai – Photo-shoot with Karan Singh Grover, Surbhi Jyoti, Nehalaxmi Iyer and Archana Taide!

Karan Singh Grover in Qubool Hai

Karan Singh Grover in Qubool Hai

Yes, the photoshoot we did at Qubool Hai was not restricted to Surbhi Jyoti alone. We had opportunity to get a few shot with the trio and some shots of Ketki Kadam, Archana Taide, Nehalaxmi Iyer, Karan Singh Grover and others.

Having a camaraderie with them makes for a session that is always fun filled. We do it not because we have to cover the show but because all of us enjoy hang out on the set with each other and they like the way the pictures turn out.

We call it chemistry and openness that all of them have with our photographer.

Here are some of the pictures we took.


Tell us, what do you see? Friends who enjoy taking pictures together just the way we tend to when having a coffee and then put it up on Facebook or other social media and tag friends? To us, it is amassing memories. And friends at work place is a bonus for one does spend 12 hours a day. We  bring you some other snaps too that we have taken. See them as well. And that includes, Vaquar Shaikh, Vikram Singh Chauhan, Nishi Singh, Director Vaibhav Singh and Spot Dada Shyam with Surbhi.

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And yes, we have some pictures from Arjun Team and will bring that to you tomorrow.

Stay tuned to Forum 32 and be part of the community where we share more than just infotainment pieces. We believe we have friends and happy to have them all over the world.

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  1. Zara M says

    karan singh grover !!! tooo hot !!
    I love the pics ! its nice to see the qubool hai team having fun ! its like a big happy family !

  2. shiviluvsKSG says

    Uff!!!! Karan Singh Grover you are soooo HOTTT!!! He looks
    insanely handsome in all the pics!

    The Najma-Asad-Zoya hug pics are very very cute!! The way
    Asad looks at Zoya…..God….I die!!!! And Nehalaxmi Iyer looks angelic…she
    has beautiful eyes!.

    Surbhi jyoti is looking like a total ROCKSTAR in all the

    Archana Taide, Ketki kadam and Vaquar Sheikh look FAB in the

    THANKS Forum32
    for the gorgeous pictures…..And Once again the photographer is beyond
    Amazing……..Totally Gifted!!!

  3. Armaan malik says

    OYE HOYE ! …. Love U Surbhi , MUUUUUAWWW.(っ◔‿◔)っ♡

    I want Surbhi at any price but the fact , that i dont want to admit is that , She Is PRICELESS…

    I’m Really grateful to you , F32 , for these pics and all of the materials like BTS u bring for us.HATS OFF TO YOU GUYS.

    LOVE U ALL… ≧◔◡◔≦

  4. Mrinalini Krishnan says

    Awesome Pics!!!! Thanks Forum32! <3
    But, I wanted to check.. Where is this pic? I saw it on India-Forums! :/
    Can you post it on the website?

  5. oye says

    NO WAY!!!
    Why is Tanveer coming back. Amarpali is in delusion no one wants her back in the show. Why are u guys torturing us again. Hate u guys. Can’t u guys see the trps?? Are u guys blind. U guys are getting trp not because of amarpali. People will stop watching if u guys bring her back. Hate her character to the core. Thank you guys for killing our moods.

  6. oye says

    What was that hug after the hawa hawai sequence? It was so stupid. Does Asad have to look up whenever he hugs Zoya? He never does that when he hugs Ayaan, their hug is more passionate than AsYa. It was the stupidest hug I have ever seen which lasted only 5 secs?? I have no expectation for AsYas romance after watching today episode. Ayaan and humeria hug was more longer and passionate which lasted for 2 mins. And the hug and the editing of AsYa was PATHETIC!!!

    • Ramaz Dhothar says

      There was soo much passion! & he looks up because he’s thanking God, can’t you tell? It was stupid at all, it was incredibly hot. <3 I do agree they should have made it longer though, they clearly cut off some bits. :(

      • oye says

        Lol.. It was so NOT hot, it was so stupid. Asad never looks up when hugging Ayaan. Why does he have to thank the stars every frikin time he hugs Zoya its second time now he has looked up totally ruined that scene. Its directors fault. Plus that scene was way too short. There scenes are just fillers. Gul has ruined all shows. She turns all love stories into garbage and her way of showing romance is way is too cheesy. I just hope they get Nissar Parvez to direct AsYa love scenes. That guy knows what real romance is. Maybe Gul should learn from him. They will continue to give crappy AsYa scenes. Now that Tanveer billi witch is coming back, even more torture. What’s a point for the main leads having hot chemistry if there not going to utilize it. AsYa scenes are way to short and edited really badly. AsYa are LEAST romantic couple in the history of television. AsYa scenes are inconsistent, what happened to the burn mark? They shouldn’t have showed a burn mark on Zoya to begin with. They could have showed that she got plastic surgery to remove her burn mark.
        The magic is long gone.

  7. G Shafi says

    Thank you very much for these great pictures F32 ! loved to see the Qubool Hai team looking so happy but my favourites are the Asad, Zoya and Najma hug pictures, they were great! am eagerly waiting for more interviews, pictures and BTS!

  8. zoya khan says

    Surbhy u r owsome baby i raelly like u so much ur looking so cute bcoz i love ur hair style ur eyes n all i like it.uuuuuuuummmmmaaaahh

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