Shaleen Malhotra, Siddharth Sen and Keyur Gutka of Arjun - Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek

Arjun – Interview with Shaleen Malhotra, Siddharth Sen and Keyur Gutka – Part 2!


We bring you the part 2 of the interview with Shaleen Malhotra who is Arjun Suryakant Rawte in Arjun – Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek, Siddharth Sen who played Shree and Keyur Gutka who is the Production Scheduler and Planner.

Hilarious and fun is how we found it. Besides being talented people, they have a sense of humour that has us i splits whenever we are on the set and whats more the in between shot masti  is fund to capture.

We shall bring more from the sets of Arjun – Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek and other shows, in the mean time enjoy this.

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  • ShaZu

    Fantastic interview!

    Shaleen is so spot on as to the talent & nature of the people he works with.

    Absolutely loved what he said about Shital & Ritu.Its the majority opinion of the fandom too.

    And I am so floored by his reaction to the mention of Roshni & Sameeksha.I am not insinuating anything.But its an ordinary man’s reaction to her beauty & a co actor’s comfort level & assessment of her.Totally loved his honesty.He does not know to play diplomatic at all.Whatever is in his heart shows on his face.If one wants to know about oneself they only have to be around Mr Malhotra a few times.His reactions & dynamics with you will tell you all you need to know about yourself.:)

    Of course! 4lions are renowned for their unmatched lead pairings. Arjun-Roshni is one couple who are in different realms of this universe yet are more closer than couple who are practically joined at the hip.My biggest grouse is that we were not allowed more of this ethereal love story in the show.Why wasn’t it used to its fullest potential is something I will always ponder.

    Thank you Forum32 :)

    • liza david


    • Dinky

      So true about Roshini!.The most amazing things is their scenes speak volumes even if countable amount of scenes they are. How was this achieved is still a mystery worth probing. They look,speak and love like only soulmates can. And theirs is not any normal romance meant to entertain. It is a love story dripping with depth so much so that it can transcend the confines of life. Eternal in its very essence. Tragic in the outcome.

      • ShaZu

        They absolutely do not have to do much.Their mere presence in one frame together is enough to get the embers of love and longing going.I agree its really a rare achievement both in conceptualization and enactment.Something so profound that it tears through the shrouds between life & death.Something so pristine and magical.Unblemished by lay romance paraphernalia. As the man himself said his action & her equally passionate reaction is a rare feat.The makers have a potential goldmine here to take forward this epic love story and its still not too late.

  • ShaZu

    Tumhaare smile mein Kaante? Kya boltey ho,Rawte Sir?

    Your smile lights up the city at night!Direct Dil Se! Muah!

  • liza david

    Shallen you speaks so fast …….m cracked …Lolz

    Honestly speaking …….just love it ur interview :))
    your opinion about all actor/actors come out direct from your heart , i think !

    and ArNi pairing is just beyond rather than other pair , like hell:P:D

  • liza david

    ur opinion about all actor/actors come out from ur heart….honestly speaking loved it ur interview n ya u speaks so fast …….me cracked ……….lolz

    and ArNi pairing is just beyond rather than other pair in this show :)

    i am fall in love with ds pairing :P

  • Haruhi_Tina

    That was such a funny and lovely interview :)
    I loved it, i enjoyed Shaleen talking such sweet things about his co-stars and his hating BK because of food was very funny.
    Missed Chotu in this, wonder if he was eating at that time :P
    Haye Shaleen smiling and blushing like a school boy once Roshni’s name came forward, kitna cute tha.
    Now i have one question and i sincerely hope you’d reply to this, this video seems to have been filmed around August, because Sid is still fine, Mrunal was shooting for the movie and all?

  • Sakshi Sharma

    Loved the interview, so it’s not Behzy sir who’s getting married? Hmm rumour mills ko trust karne ka kya faida? =/
    Also thank you so so much for taking the trouble to get us such nice interviews and BTS from the show!

    And another thanks bhi ban ta hai, I’ve found out that I’ve made a wrong career choice, I missed my calling as an editor lol

  • ShaZu

    Here is a video made on the most magical couple ever by Ms Payal Goel, Arjun-Roshni’s biggest fan.Hope you’ll love it:Also hope it inspires creatives to delve more into this tragic doomed love story……..

  • Eternalasha TBD

    Great Interview ; Please post more of these. I loved listening to Shaleen but next time please also specifically ask direct questions to the others (Eg Shree etc) so we get their views as well

  • Dinky

    Along with time,intentions are also needed:) Everyone is so busy developing a new love story which is bizarre and incoherent to say the least. And so shallow in comparison to this. Arjun being treated like someone’s latest crush who by the way has understood his emotional and mental tenacity so well
    so well that she might give psychiatrists a run for their money!
    I sometimes wonder what goes through Arjun’s mind when he indulges in those infamous eye locks with the person in question. Must be questioning destiny about their cruel joke-Snatching away a part of his soul from him and then compensating him with such frivolity !
    But I do not blame the makers- it is a simple demand-supply equation. Maybe we were never worthy of the surreal Arjun-Roshini saga. We are getting what we perhaps deserve:)

  • ShaZu


    Bang on!Couldn’t have worded it better!The only thing to mar an otherwise beautiful journey. I couldn’t fathom how could two such vastly different take on love could come from the same stables.But then sometimes you do have too many variables to balance on to keep your boat floating :)

  • ali assad

    super fantastic interview!
    i am so glad to know that behzi will be back. INSHA ALLAH…….
    it was the first interview that hinted about the temperament of our beloved ETF.this time gul ma’m asked the same questions which all of us always wanted to ask.
    shahleen’s breathless way of talking is mind blowing.
    i love gul ma’m’s voice vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv much.she sounds v polite.
    there is an element of kuch kuch hota hai between shahleen and samiksha which shows their comfort level.

  • Poul Shree Tagorre

    LOve the interview….please post some pics of Arakshi n want interview of Arakshi

  • Poul Shree Tagorre

    Please want interview of Mrunal N Shaleen

  • Poul Shree Tagorre

    The only best show on SP n the best cop show..better than any show…n yaah the actors too playing n portray their character so wellll…love u guys n #Arjun n ETF rocks

  • Deepali

    Loved both parts of interview. Thank you so much for the interview! Can we please have Shaleen & Mrunal’s interview?