Pictures from Qubool Hai – Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti!

Karan Singh Grover in Qubool Hai

Karan Singh Grover in Qubool Hai

We have videos that will definitely make you happy to see Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti who play Asad Ahmed Khan and Zoya Farooqui in Qubool Hai. Some behind the scene action and also an interview with the cast of Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi.

Surbhi Jyoti in Qubool Hai

Surbhi Jyoti in Qubool Hai

There is a technical glitch with our editing softwares and it will take a few days for us to process them. This goes for all videos that we have shot in the last week from other shows as well.

Karan Singh Grover in Qubool Hai

Karan Singh Grover in Qubool Hai

In the mean we shall bring pictures for you.

Also, we have put forth the request from people to Karan Singh Grover to trim the beard. That is all we can say, what he shall do is his prerogative.

Surbhi Jyoti in Qubool Hai

Surbhi Jyoti in Qubool Hai

Keep watching Qubool Hai, as there are some interesting turns coming your way. Qubool Hai airs every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

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  1. Zara M says

    TFS the pics and we are eagerly awaiting the videos .. As for Karan’s hair and beard – all I can say it’s his choice to do whatever he wants .. So for me he will always be superstar Karan .. But not sexy Karan .. I just don’t find the hair to be very attractive on him especially with that mini pony .. We have said this many times that we loved his short hair .. But whatever Karan wants to do ..I respect his decision but I still don’t like the hair

    • Ruma Roy says

      I hope u watched the MS yesterday. It was awesome specially the interaction between Zoya and Shruti in the cab was amazing and lesson for all….. I think QH is gradually coming to the tracks. We fans and viewers need to shake them from time to time…..

      • Zara M says

        Yup I did watch it .. It was a good Mahaepisode but I don’t like the story .. Is rashid going to have a heart attack every time his sons tell him the truth ? I don’t like how Zoya called Asad stone hearted ! And she chose his parents over him .. And how could Asad just walk out of the house ! It’s like Asad and Zoya put their love last and everyone’s else’s problems 1st .. Their characters haven’t changes since Muqqadar ka khel !

  2. Asad Zoya says

    Is their separate video of Karan-Surbhi??? It’s been ages since we have seen them together doing an interview. Loved the episode aired alongside with kehlti hai zindagi aankhmacholi..
    I’ve noticed something every time there is a maha sangam, ASYA scenes seems to better, is there some kind of reason behind??? (Just curious)

    • Asad Zoya says

      As for Karan’s hair I don’t really mind it but I hate the way he styled his beard, just a little bit of trimming could do for me..
      I love his little pony, it’s so cute…
      All those saying it doesn’t look good should see him at ZRA he looked super hot, I don’t think anyone before looked that good in a ponytail not even King khan (I know karan doesn’t like him very much shouldn’t have mentioned his but but had to for comparison)

  3. Divya_asya says

    thanku sooooo much bunny ji…….gve some more pics of kabhi masti frm interview plzzzzzzzz
    and post d iv soooon
    Luv u <3<3


    pls don’t seperate asya again, waisee Mahasangam was great but pls answer this, is asad really going to NY without Zoya

  5. Ruma Roy says

    The MS yesterday was awesome. After a long time we got to see some mature, passionate and intense romantic moments of AsYa and this is all we want and waiting for. It was brilliant and that is the essence of QH….. AsYa…. worth the watch yesterday. Zoya’s conversation with Shruti in the cab was mind-blowing. Those dialogues are very well written and definately a lesson for all of us……. last but not the least pls don’t separate AsYa this time…..

  6. Ruma Roy says

    To, Qubool Hai / asad Zoya / Gul khan / cvs ….
    Well done you did it again you made everyone cry again after a long long time. In my office my friends are watching yesterday’s episode on youtube whenever we get bored of work…The MS episode was out of the moon. Unsaid words. Amazing. I have ran out of words. Asad and zoya they were just excellent. Their acting, expressions, dialogues, tears was so so amazing and natural as if coming directly from the heart. I actually cried. It was fantabulous ….
    Rashid Ahmad khan, I do not blame asad for saying what he said to him because to be honest he has separated both his sons from their mother so that he could be happy. What kind of a father is he? This he realises so late. Dilshad, I don’t get what is the point of sitting at home and crying that your son is leaving the country. Do something. Forget rashid. You cannot forget all those hard years that u spent without his love and support. This is not expected from Dilshad…
    The best part throughout the whole episode was asad and zoya. I have fell in love with these two again. Each time they do a episode like this we all fall in love again and again with them. They are undoubtedly the best onscreen Jodi. To an extent that I want to watch all those asya scenes again. Humeira, i feel so sorry for. Her expressions were nice but not like Zoya. She has the right to hate Ayan, I dont blame her. She is broken. The Mahasangam was definitely a pleasant surprise! A total THUMBS UP!!!!! keep showing this kind of episodes everyday……

    Bravo ASYA. They have again proved that they are HEART AND SOUL of QH. Gul maam should know this by now. Pls end that invalid nikaah and divorce track also.

  7. bliss says

    very gud MS….well done qh team…..well written and well executed by the actors n a special thank you to Forum32 for all your efforts in getting us all the bts and pics…thank you!

  8. G Shafi says

    Thank you for the pictures. I have to say I had been missing QH bts segments, interviews and pictures recently. It seemed like no one was covering QH last week as there were no segments from any site. Anyways thank you for this, F32. And am eagerly waiting for the videos that you have. I’m going to say it again, I have before, but I’m repeating it, I love Karan in this look! The hair, the beard, he looks so hot and sexy! so ‘badass’ as someone has mentioned here. The way the storyline is going now, this look suits his character perfectly! As for todays episode, am I the only one who found it annoying that Asad didnt stay when Zoya (love of his life and all you know) asked him, no practically begged him to but, yet again, when his family i.e mother asked him to stay, playing the your father-is-on-his-deathbed-card, he decides to stay?!?!?! Im loving and hating this at the same time. The story is very interesting, but Asya’s bond suddenly doesnt seem as strong as it has been in the past, and THAT I’m not liking! I really hope that cvs show Asya weathering this storm TOGETHER rather than on opposing sides and thus strengthen their bond, not weaken it…

  9. Revinaaa says

    I love it when he has a beard!! For his long hair it’s fine as long as it’s styled right; half pony and half down uhmm that ain’t hot. Karan after the pony go for corn rows! just kidding ūüėõ
    Honestly do whatever you want with you hair because your acting just overpowers all of that!!

  10. Alice In Wonderland says

    Mahasangam was nice but….All I feel is that Asad and Zoya just doesn’t seem to be agreeing to each other on any matters.The passion has gone down. As zoya rightly mentioned Asad wasn’t excited about nikaah which is beautiful thing..its insane. Why can’t we have moments where they are supporting each other and not fighting?I knw fighting is a bit necessary,but disagreeing all d time not!!can’t we have some harmonious moments between them?And how the hell Asad decide to leave Zoya even after she pleads..she was all he cared about and in an instat he says goodbye?? so unfair!!

  11. mirage says

    via tumblr:
    Frankly the writers of QH have lost it. First they harped on word
    muqaddar and everything was blamed on muqaddar. Now they have picked the
    word mohabbat and everything has been blamed on mohabbat.
    Instead of a logical conversation between characters they just insert these buzz words. Next will be? Badla.


  12. followfoodie says

    Hi , I am watching QH after a long time . Looks like your QH story have run its course . Y you guys are dragging with unwanted Haider track . Boring QH . Its time you get Asad zoya to marry and end QH instead of dragging endlessly . It has lost its charm completely with many side tracks for no story

  13. PreetiASYArocks says

    Congratulations on Qh completing 300 episodes…You guys have done a fantabulous job, though there have been many ups and downs in th recent past!Have a promising future ahead!
    It feels nice to see that the story is moving. When AsYa are shown, the episode gets better…because they are the ones i love the most! Hoping that the intensity, passion & chemistry of AsYa doesn’t diminish!

    We would like a KaBhi IV!

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