Qubool Hai | Nikhat is Khushbu?

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-36Nikhat Ahmed Siddiqui (Archana Taide)  has been killed by Farhan (Vishal Nayak), Haseena Bi (NIshi Singh) and Sameera (Sunaina Fozdar). Or at least so they think. Now we have Nikhat in new avatar of Khushbu who will perhaps give them some life lessons as she seeks revenge. The biggest one perhaps is the one of color of your skin not being the measure of your beauty.

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Beside this we believe her character should address issues of being tortured, ridiculed and all this despite being educated and living in a city. Nikhat is a character who can take us through the journey of how  a woman needs to stand up for herself and show to the world that she is a person in her own right . The color of the skin, gender or any other bias needs to be put in a bundle and lit fire to.

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Well, we are perhaps quite vehement in our thoughts of women and their rights.

Qubool Hai has had this underlying lesson for people to learn right from the beginning of Haseena Bi and Nikhat track and to watch more of them, tune in at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

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  • divya

    wow…. waiting for this track now, looks more promising… and Archana looks good in this outfit…

  • Zara21

    Lol qubool hai has turned into khoon bhaari mang ! The least the cvs can do is cum up with an orignal storyline ! How many times have we seen girl dying and cuming back 4 revenge ? Why is it that none of them ever go to the police ! And why does Nikhat have to change the whole way she looks ? I mean get Ur revenge but why does she have to dress so openly 2 do it ? Why don’t yrl show a storyline where a wronged girl can come back in her orignal clothing and get all her rights back ?

    PS – Haseena and co in khan villa – worst decision ever !

    • Tanusree Sarkar

      Worst Show ……………
      Now qubool haiis the most worst show………………

  • Nikki

    While this track looks promising and means Nikhat will finally take a stand not to mention Archana looks great…. but its a ghisa pita and used story. The same track is currently used in 2 other shows which means not something new. The Qureshis in KV makes me senti *sigh* I wish they’d move out.

    P.S Forum 32, I am disappointed in you. I understand KSG left for his own reason and I have no qualms with it or Raqesh’s entry, he is doing a gret job. I am still an ardent viewer. For whatever happened between KSG and the channel, I dont know but you should have at least given an article or interview of sorts for KSG’s birthday? I was expecting an explanation after his exit or something like that but dismissed it not appearing due to perhaps the channel. But at least a birthday article and I am saying this as a non-KSG fan.

    PPS. I am sorry, I realize I have brought KSG into yet another unrelated article.

  • Amera

    It is crazy how can they show asad giving his old house to haseena bi knowing the type of lady she is. Besides they don’t have a conscious and shame. Najma please do some investigation and b careful. Wonder where is Imran?? Nikhat u better take good revenge from haseena bi and farhan her mahaan so called husband. U also need to find out what problem razia has with you.

    • Rim Bin Ahmed

      Archana u got gorgeous look

  • Jnapika

    Well she’s here to teach a lesson think so… Hope they get her & yes she’s looking too pretty & fab in this outfit she proved Nikhat is the best… Good Going.. But various disguise to make things right, don’t think its good because all the soaps go on the same track with same speed… Hoped for something different with QH…. Still looking forward for it..

    Thank u f32 for this..

  • nan

    So glad this Nikhat story is over, don’t care what new role she gets . Happy that you guys listen to your viewers . Nikhat story always bothered me it was insulting and demeaning to women of all color and race so thank u creatives for your courage in ending this story. Now one more favour can we pair her up with haider?

  • Shayeri89