Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti – Private Interview with Forum 32

Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti – Private Interview

“Private Interview”, is what Care Khan has called the tete-a-tete that Forum 32 had with Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti, a day after they returned from South Africa. On a high after a successful trip for a Zee TV event, they talked us in middle of the night, in middle of chaos and middle of shots. So here it is –Β Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti – Private Interview with Forum 32

While, shooting for the show is their primary job, talking to Forum 32 has become a “time out” for both Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti, who play Asad Ahmed Khan and Zoya Farooqui in Qubool Hai. The minute they saw us on the set at 10pm and we expressed the desire to ask them about their trip, they were excited to share with us their experience and it no longer remained a “Private Interview” as they wanted to share, with us and more importantly, with you, the viewers.

We found time for our “space” at 2 am, though it did not last long and has left us and will perhaps leave you, wanting more. Even, Karan and Surbhi have mentioned that.

Watch the video and see, how they feel about sharing with you all, their experience in South Africa, first hand. How, they enjoyed it and of course, the bit about how Karan almost got eaten up.

We shall bring you more on this trip, as and when we find time with them. However, tell us, did you want to be in South Africa with them? Did any of you get to be with them at the show in Durban or Johannesberg?

We have wondered, who all these people are and perhaps now we shall get some answers? If any of you from South Africa are reading this, give us a shout. Β And of course, we thank you for being part of Forum 32 community.

Forum 32 Image of Stats

Tell us, your thoughts. What did you think?

It left us with bated breath.

That is the power of Karan and Surbhi on us. Together, they weave magic for us, as we share a chemistry with them that translates into videos or pictures that wow us. Do they do anything for you?

Stay tuned to Forum 32 for more of this.

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  1. OH MY GOD !!! I want more !! amazing interview !!
    I am from -south Africa -durban beachfront ! unfortunately I didn’t get to see karan and surbhi since it was eid time !
    but im so glad they had fun and enjoyed our city !
    I feel bad that they didn’t enjoy the food !! next time they come I will give them a list of the best places to eat !
    thank you again !

  2. Wow…….Thank u so much Bunny ji………….:D just love Kabhi a lot…………………<3 Karan se thora jyada πŸ˜› love u Karan…..i love u so much :*

  3. Thank you so much Care Khan for sharing this video πŸ™‚

    I am from South Africa, but I unfortunately did not get to see Surbhi and Karan live as they did not come to Cape Town. i hope that next time they do come to the “Mother City” as it is an extremely beautiful place. We have Mountains, 2 Oceans, and even an Island,to name but a few πŸ˜‰

    I am just really glad they enjoyed their (very short) stay. Hope next time, it will be longer, in Cape Town, with the rest of the Qubool Hai family-including Care Khan πŸ™‚

    South Africans are very hospitable, we will take good care of you πŸ˜‰

    Thanks again for sharing this video πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you soo much Forum 32… its true that we can never be happy with the length of their videos.. it makes us crave for more… i wish we could have a 3 hour interview of kabhi… im sure for most of us, atleast me, that wont be enough… karan and surbhi are just adorable… I really want to see more n more of them… Thanx again Forum 32.. it makes my day watching them. πŸ™‚ im soo happy now. But still want more (greedy :-p)

  5. Thank u so much Bunny ji…….<3 i just love Kabhi..:D Karan ko thora jyada πŸ˜› i love u Karan…..a lot……. πŸ™‚

  6. Thank u so…..much Bunny ji <3 i just love Kabhi πŸ˜€ Karan ko thora jyada πŸ˜› i love u Karan……a lot….:D

  7. LOVE Karan and Surbhi!!! Thank you soooooo much for this short and sweet interview F32 !!! it has left me, as all their interviews do, wanting to see more of their banter and laughter in interviews and wishing that I could have been in SA to see them! any chance of them coming to London????

  8. Please let Surbhi know that I am the ‘Aunty’ in question, and I was trying to eat Karan, sadly my jaw didn’t unhinge in time.

  9. I am realizing one thing.. there are people from South Africa who were posting videos and pictures on other QH fan pages on facebook..eventually those videos kind of made their way to this page but probably those people didnt..coz I dont see them here now..and if thats the case..its alarming..! We better redirect all QH pages back to this one..! All you QH fanpage admins, who take so much content from forum32..please please please promote this website on your page..We all owe it to Forum32..!

    and I want to take this opportunity to thank Vrushali, Bunny, Care Khan, Kalki Avtar, and everybody involved in the concept, development, and making and production of this awesome forum. It has become part of our lives..! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!
    Karan and Surbhi and everybody else would probably not be connected to us if God didnt make you all the means..! We love you..Its a bond we share with you all that goes far beyond this cyber realm..! Even if we are silent in expressing it, please never feel that we are not here..we are always here..to watch..to love..to share..to stay connected..!


  10. KSG get a haircut….moderator …why only interviews with these two…how about individual interviews with different cast members…..and lastly if you insist on interviewing these together, get a bigger sofa…disgusting how they are always on top of each other

    • No please don’t. The closer the better. Karan and Surbhi were so adorable. Qubool Hai rocks only because of them.

  11. Thank U Care….Awwwww this means i should visit Durban n Johan though i’ve a friend who went already he told its awesome guess next time will drag him along since he knows the places better lollll oop[s enough of me lets be back to video thanks Karan n Surbhi for tis wonderful interview love you guys the more i say the more it feels less really u are amazing guyssss lolllll Karan Sardarji hehehe but ya Sardar are very good people hun when i visit india i’ve an Dsadar uncle i mean not related to him but i do buy thimngs from his shop always so he always tells me there is the box take anythng u want as gift like beautiful chain hairbands and all small lovely cute things so karan high five…..Hahahaha i really laughed at that aunty kissing part hahahaaha loll i wonder if karan had like those chubby cheeks wat would have happen hehehehe really jhappy for u guys had an awesome time at SA :)))))))

  12. This is one of the cutest interviews of AsYa.Ofcourse, I really really want to be with AsYa in SA, and
    Surbhi ! loVE the way u smile . ALWAY KEEP SMILING ≧^β—‘^≦

  13. It was so bad because I live in Durban and the weekend that they came down, I had to go to Cape Town for eid so I didn’t get to see them. Otherwise they would have been my eid gft. Would have been super awesome to see them. We absolutely love ASYA ad thank you so much for this article.

  14. Pls let karan Surbhi know about KaBhi as well. Their Jodi name is KaBhi and people love them so much. They already know about AsYa but pls let them know about KaBhi as well. I want them to mention that in an interview. Pls continue to give more KaBhi interviews. Love seeing them together. Pls upload the next part.

  15. I live in Johannesburg. I did go to a meet & greet session but they ksg and surbhi didn’t attend it-just saw gurmeet & kratika. Can you ask them as to why they didn’t attend it? Please πŸ™‚

  16. OHHH MY GODD !!!!!!! Forum 32 u made me nostalgic. These two were simplyy wow. Their chemistry onscreen was ofcourse fabulous but even offscreen u cannot help but notice their chemistry. LOVE AND MISS KABHI but karan a little more πŸ™‚ Because surbhi have hurt me denying this chemistry and frienship and the bonding they had which definitely couldnot be left unnoticed..Anyways we know that surbhi can never have this kind of chemistry and bonding with anyother coactor howmuchever close they may be πŸ™‚ They were tooo much funnnnnnnnnnnnnn