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Qubool Hai | BTS | Sanam and Tanveer Scene

Tanveer Khan (Amrapali Gupta) and Sanam Ahmed Khan (Surbhi Jyoti) had this scene where Tanveer comes to know that Sanam is looking for clues about her family. As she is unaware at the time that the person behind the death of her parents is none other than Tanveer, Sanam tells her findings and her anxiety.

This was of course the first clue about Seher Ahmed Khan, the twin of Sanam. Now, we bring you this scene for its symbolism. One would wonder why one would use fan and curtains for this scene. But the movement of curtain around Tanveer is all about revelation that is hiding the real culprit, though inadvertently, by Sanam.

The shot was taken on a day that had heavy rains, the air-condition on the set working overtime and fans adding to the chill factor that both Amrapali and Surbhi were feeling. Taking a shot like this is about creating drama for the scene with crane movement, camera charge and angle that adds intrigue and anxiety in minds of audience for the protagonist.

Scenes like this is what makes one sit at the edge of the sofa and whole focus is on the protagonist who is about the reveal the very thing she should not to the villain. It creates a situation where dramatisation is of essence. And there was enough drama in shooting the scene itself with fans that blew cold air that froze the artists.

For more scenes like these, stay tuned.

Watch Surbhi Jyoti essay the roles of Sanam Ahmed Khan and Seher Ahmed Khan with distinct difference. Of course, Amrapali Gupta is one of the accomplished actors who personifies evil as Tanveer Khan.

Qubool Hai airs every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


Qubool Hai | BTS | Aahil Gets Jealous of Rehaan

This particular scene was something we shot in its entirety for a few reasons. One was the complexity of the emotions that both Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti had to display along with proximity. While one cannot call it a romantic scene technically, as the romance between Aahil and Sanam is not palpable. But the scene is perhaps the first of many that would bring them together.

It was written to evoke the very emotions of jealousy but beyond that the scene had aspects of them also hiding their feelings from each other and perhaps fail. They both confront each other of being jealous and both denying the same. While they pretend to be the perfect couple to the world, their inner turmoil is visible when with each other.

Especially Aahil who loves Sanam but he is unable to say a word to her and in the process of hiding his true feelings, he has said some bitter words to her and Sanam has given them back.

We have one more segment of this scene and one of the reason to bring this scene to you is to bring to you how retakes happen not because of lines, set-up or even fumbles but because the scene demands level of emotions to be escalated through the scene.

Watch out for more scenes like this.

Qubool Hai airs every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


Qubool Hai | Karanvir Bohra Birthday Celebration

Karanvir Bohra celebrated his birthday on the set not once but twice. Once the day before and then on his birthday as he was shooting, we reached the set with cakes for him and joining him were his nieces and sister along with cast and crew present that day for the shoot.

With Surbhi Jyoti, Shehzad Shaikh were neighbours Niketa Agarwal, Kanchi Singh and Mishkaat Varma  from the show Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya who also dropped by to join in the celebrations.

His nieces came bearing cards and gifts for him.

The small clip is what we share with you all.

Watch Sanam, Aahil and Rehaan every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV in the show Qubool Hai.


Qubool Hai | BTS | Aahil Gets Jealous Scene

The scene where Aahil Razaa Ibrahim gets jealous was a tough scene to be shot for the reason that Karanvir Bohra had to be a little rough with Surbhi Jyoti for it. He had to get the right mix of emotions without getting violent. And to strike that balance is always tough.

Of course, as you all can see, there are things that one has to look into while shooting and yes Surbhi’s hair getting stuck in the door frame was something she solved by taping it herself. Then came retakes for getting the right emotion across from both of them.

Shooting for a show is fun and yes sometimes intense scenes like this also have moments when one just cracks up and it is difficult to stop. Well, we try and bring you various aspects of making a show, that you all love to watch, including how it is shot.

Aman Singh, the Director of this scene had taken takes to get the right one that would bring out what the scene demanded and it is all a team work as you can see. With KV, Surbhi and Aman in sync with what the tone of the scene was, we hope you all saw what was the premise of the scene.

For more scenes like this and its making stay tuned to us.

To watch more of Aahil and Sanam, watch Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


Qubool Hai | Happy Birthday Karanvir Bohra

Karanvir Bohra is a very social person by his own admittance. Besides being very active on Twitter and other social networking sites, he enjoys spending time with people. Even on the set he is a person who enjoys having people coming into his make up room and spending time with him in between scenes. He shares his lunch, the awesome health bars his mother makes and yes there is also his staple boiled corn that he brings for us (Well, even if he does not bring for us per se, he shares it with us).

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-4864

On his birthday, we bring you guys couple of pictures of him that we took totally on the side and getting some fun out of the whole process.

He is one person who is very caring be it when one is not well or when one seems a little out of sorts, he cheers them up. He is very real. And added to this is his wife, who is really his better half. TJ is as warm as he is. And she is someone who comes to the set whenever Surbhi Jyoti calls her over.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-4868

Besides this, he also is someone who gets people’s moods and tries to alleviate it. Of course, this is the reason, one can even have fights with him. Be it when one does not take his pictures during a scene or when one takes really candid pictures without his knowledge (Oh! who are we kidding? He is so aware of things and people around him that the minute we take a picture of a video, he knows).

Here’s wishing him a very happy birthday and loads of happiness, success and health.

Watch him play Aahil Razaa Ibrahim every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


We are in the process of getting interviews of most of the cast on the show O Gujariya. We brought you two of them recently. Hope you all liked those. Here is the behind the scene segment of the scene where Natasha Jaiswal (Sanvi Talwar) offers a hand in friendship to Vaibhavi Singh (Snehal Pandey) while Adaa Siddiqui (Neha Luthra) is not happy with this development.

This particular scene is a one-shot. By definition it is one where the camera travels from one part of the room homing in on the characters and captures all that happens in the way. It is a type of story-telling that is so visual, one does not have to explain the geography of the location.

Watch how Director Hemant Mishra himself rehearses with the camera to show the DoP where he wants the movements of the camera in the scene and how he wants the characters captured.

We will bring you the shot from pov of the camera as well in our next segment.

Hope you all like this.

Watch O Gujariya every Monday to Saturday 7pm on Channel V.


Wallpaper Wednesdays | Dreams Veiled

A bride has right to be happy on her wedding day. Well, not that she does not have right to be happy the rest of her life but this is one day every girl dreams of being perfect. And she is. Her childhood fantasy of finding that perfect man who compliments her, who completes her is waiting for her to take her into his life and make her his as he becomes hers.

Perfect. Dreams veiled are what a bride brings with her as she accepts a man in her life. Be it of being loved, cherished and treasured. A woman brings with her dreams of being accepted for what she is. A person who would give loyalty, trust and faith in return for love and security.

Hayaa Ahmed Khan’s dreams unveiled too soon. She found that she was not marrying the man of her dreams but someone else. Her veiled dreams have remained that. She has lost everything the day she had hoped to gain all.

We bring you this picture as our Wallpaper Wednesday pick as we find her looking subliminal.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-4846-3

A few words to vocalise perhaps what Hayaa would have felt as she got dressed up to marry the man of her dreams.

Of trembling hands and fidgeting fingers

Of anxious eyes and fluttering veil

One waits in wake

To awaken dreamed veiled

Here is the Wallpaper size picture of Surbhi Chandna on our Google Plus Page. Click here.

Watch Hayaa in Qubool Hai find her veiled dreams fall to the ground with silent tears every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


Qubool Hai | Nirmal Soni and Shehzad Shaikh | Part 2

This is the part two of the long conversation we had with Nirmal Soni where of course Shehzad Shaikh has added his bit.

The long conversation of course had aspects where during the conversation we have veered off the subject. The main premise for that was to make Nirmal comfortable as he does not like the question-answer mode of an interview. Considering that and perhaps a little of our own fascination with him and his character, we have been effusive in our speech.

We also read comments about you all feeling bad for Nirmal as we discussed how his persona and personality adds to him being Lateef. The clarification we would give here is that, Nirmal was aware and we had his approval for that one question we wanted to touch upon where if Nirmal did not have the personality he does, Lateef would not come across as he does. And we cannot imagine anyone else playing or being Lateef. We admire Nirmal Soni for this feat.

Shehzad Shaikh just added to the conversation and that is what we bring you. An impromptu conversation between three friends.

Hope you all like this part better. And our endeavor will be to not bore you with our informal conversation bits.

Watch Lateef and Rehan in Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

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This scene when it was shot had layers to it. Especially for Karanvir Bohra who had to stay within the realm of not showing his jealousy but not show anger as well. He had to cut a fine line between being aggressive and demanding. A scene marked with some sarcasm and some remarks that showed possessiveness of Aahil Razaa Ibrahim to Sanam Ahmed Khan but not reveal his true feelings for her.

Here is the reading and rehearsal of the scene. The scene is where he is doubting the friendship that exists between Rehaan and Sanam.

We will be brining you more of this particular scene as we saw how both Karanvir and Surbhi immersed in their characters take it up a little notch higher. Also how Aman Singh, the Director expected the scene to be portrayed. We hope you all liked the scene in the telecast. We shall bring the making of it in the next part.

Watch Aahil and Sanam in Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


Nirmal Soni is a personality that is larger than life. He does everything king size. Whether it is playing Candy Crush where he is at a level where we see birds around our head to having fun on the set or with us. He is life of the set with his sense of humour and presence.

A charming smile and personality makes us forget he is a guy when he is in character of Lateef and that we believe is a big quality. We girls tend to include him in our group when it comes to fight between guys and girls just because he is in his costume? Not really, he is empathetic towards us being women may be because he plays a drag queen for hours on end.

While our conversation was going on, Shehzad Shaikh had to butt in and hijack our conversation. We are a little informal with him due to our camaraderie and treat Shehzad like a kid who runs around the set like a headless chicken. A runaway train which definitely tried to do his best to derail our train of conversation.

Hope you all like this little mad “interview”. One reason is of course the people we are and the other was that all of us had not slept the night before having fun.

Watch Lateef and Rehan in Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

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