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O Gujariya | Interview Preview | Shaleen Malhotra As Veer

Shaleen Malhotra entered the show O Gujariya with a bang. Literally. A gun in hand, a song routine and being a bad boy. A departure from another gun weilding young man, Shaleen played Veer Chautala to the hilt with his energy, with his stunts and attitude. He owned the screen be it walking a corridor, jumping out of a jeep or even sitting on the floor.

Yes, the role did not last long. The show is coming to an abrupt end. We are disheartened at the development as the TRP were on the rise after just one week of the revamp. However, decision has been made.

Here, is an interview preview we did with Shaleen on the last day of the shoot.

We also spoke to the other cast and crew members of the show and shall bring that to you on Friday, the last day of telecast.

O Gujariya will run its course this Monday to Friday at 7:30pm. Do tune in to see the conclusive episodes.


Qubool Hai | Romance In the Air


There is a storm brewing. Emotions are running high. As the wind gusts and lighting strikes, there are hearts that are being blown away all the way to cloud nine. Light is set afire within to illuminate souls that are becoming one. Love is in the air and like lightening that has already struck much earlier than thunder that rumbles as clouds laden with moisture meet each other, the couples in Qubool Hai are letting their hearts’ desire be voiced out.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-6651

Qubool Hai will see romance in tonight’s episode with Aahil Razaa Ibrahim (Karanvir Bohra) and Sanam Ahmed Khan (Surbhi Jyoti) confessing their love for each other. Alongside, there is Rehaan (Shehzad Shaikh) and Seher who are going through similar emotional moment.

The song is Aaj Phir Tum Pe Pyar Aaya Hai…

Qubool Hai - Forum32-6417

Watch tonight’s episode to witness their confession.

However, beyond this there is something else happening. The undercurrent of the storm is palpable. It is not just thunder and lighting or even rain, it is beyond that. What is it? You will have to keep watching the show to find out as things unfold.

Qubool Hai airs every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.



Qubool Hai | Sunday Driver | Unlikely Mates

Everyone has a dream man or woman. Okay being a woman, I shall look at women’s perspective only. If a man wants to give his side, please feel free to put it in the comments section.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-5070

Now, coming back to the topic. Where was I? Ah yes, Dream man. My man should have a lot of qualities and to list them will not make for a Sunday Drive with me but will drive you mad on Sunday so will talk about just one which will allude to the topic of Unlikely mates. Okay, Okay, so I feel shy (Shy is coming as a friend says) to talk about such intimate stuff. The one quality he must have is the ability to pick me up. And now that is not easy ’cause I am not a feather weight. And this is not being modest but a realist.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-5101

So whoever it will be, will end up being an unlikely mate for me. ‘Cause poor soul won’t be able to fulfill one wish… and might end up not being my mate. Yeah, I am tough!

Now coming to the Unlikely mates that I see in Qubool Hai. Seher Ahmed Khan and Rehaan Ibrahim aka Qureshi. Why are they unlikely? The reasons are below.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-5111-3

She is feisty, he is subservient.

She is a non-conformist while he is one.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-5062

Okay the list is long but I am sure you catch the drift. The point is he is already in love with her sister. Is she but a shadow of the person whom he has loved and lost? Is it easy to transfer affection? Difficult as per my understanding of human emotions. Now Seher perhaps is a different matter. He has shown her a side of his that has impressed her. He has protected her when she has had to fend for herself all her life. Is this what will make her fall for him? A man who protects is perhaps another quality one looks for in a mate. Well, I do.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-5117-3

So, unlikely or not, they seem to be coming closer together. But what will be their fate? Will Seher find out about his emotions for Sanam and back track? Is yet another heart ache written for her?

One will find out as their story progresses.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-5093

We bring you some pictures of them in the meantime. We shall also endeavour to get you an interview and pictures together once the right opportunity pops along.

Watch Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


Humsafars | Evolution of Symbolisms

Disclaimer: This post is likely to cure Extrapolitis and this comes from someone who has been a long sufferer and now is under convalescence. Is permanent cure possible? We can only hope.

Symbolisms in the show – The Reel Life

Humsafars or for that matter each and every show on Television wants to propagate concepts. Be it of love, social message, layers in a story or symbolism in scenes. Really! Now we bring you Symbolism that one would have seen in the first few episodes of the show and one in particular we would like to bring to you is about “exchange of Mugs”.

Sahir Azeem Chaudhary drinks black coffee (Okay for those who did not get that as yet, now know). While Arzoo Nausheen Khan drinks kadak chai. And what is the symbolism there in? Nothing. We are going to talk about the mugs. One holds a Red Mug while the other Green. Just like the signals, they say stay away or stop and of course green denotes go ahead. We really don’t want to go into a full blown discussion on symbolism here. The topic is evolution not what symbolisms were there in the scene. That is for you all to find out and us to know. ;-)

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 5.21.28 PM

The Reality of the scene.

The set up is getting ready. There is rain predicted. The Moon is lit (yeah it is called a 6k HMI). The lights are on. The shot is ready. The scene dialogues are just about written. Mint Fresh. Yes, they were written on the set with creative inputs of three people, the final draft was ready. Just about. In Triplicate. Two for the artists and one for the AD to check the lines during take. Deep words. Everyone on the set (Well, everyone creatively inclined which includes yours truly as well gushed over the words, the import of it all). The symbolism factory was churning out some candy floss that audience would marvel at.

Now, time for the other symbolism. The mugs. Yes. Two Mugs. At the Fashion Show, Tea and Coffee provided by the management. And they are green.

Humsafars- Forum 32-9131

Stop Shoot.

“No!” says the creative producer (CP) and creative director (CD) in unison with a vehement agreement by the Director which sounded like a prayer answered. These won’t do. We have to pre-empt the audience. We have to zoom in on the cups before hand to deliberate on what will happen next, much before the girl absently picks up the cup and says, “Coffee?”

The set up people run helter-skelter.  Requirement : Two mugs of same type but different colours. All the mugs on the set are rounded up. Yes, it is a mission. One is black but the shape is not same. The other is Yellow even though the shape is same as the green it is rejected as in the low “moon light” the colours won’t be distinguishable. Think. Think. The creative team comes up with several ideas. Of course, all the mugs were brought in only to be rejected.

One says “Can we color one of the mugs with a permanent marker?”

“NO!” comes the answer from the CP.

Heads scratching, the assistant art director on the set is asked, “What paints do we have? Acrylic?”

Humsafars- Forum 32-9130

“Sir, it won’t stay on the glazed china.”

Point noted.

More deliberation. Now the time has run to 25 minutes. It is 12 am. So break is called for, so that dinner can happen and search for the right material for the mug is found. For obvious reason, going to nearby shop is out (Yeah well, even if we don’t sleep, the rest of the world does have a time limit to working hours).

Back after the break. One smart set-up guy brings a red-gel paper that is used to cover a light.

“Now, we are talking,” says the CP and CD. While the mug is being doctored, the discussion ensues. Is the red colour right?

Of course, that will add symbolism. Voila. We found the perfect solution.

Bring it on.

The set guy goes ahead and creates magic. Everyone applauds.

The shoot is on.

Symbolism intact. Check.

The exchange of mugs plausible. Check.

The CP, CD give a nod to the Director who says, “Roll.”

Time is 1am.

We have the shots of the first take and then what you saw on screen.

Just a small example of how symbolisms are born.

Bravo to the team.

Moral of the story: Symbolisms are not created, they evolve.


O Gujariya | BTS | Natasha Supports Vaibhavi

O Gujariya has seen an upsurge in its story with change in the cast. Though the fans are miffed at the replacement, but the story is picking up is the news we get based on the ratings. Changes always comes with its own consequences. While we understand the changes have left some feeling bereft, we believe it has happened due to reasons that the makers feel were necessary.

Here is a behind the scene segment with Vaibhavi Singh (Swati Negi), Natasha Jaiswal (Sanvi Talwar) and Kabir Scindia (Randeep Rai) where Vaibhavi is being supported by Kabir and Natasha.

The small clipping is to showcase how the shoot of the scene happened. Of course, Vaibhavi Singh and Veer Chautala (Shaleen Malhotra) are pitted against each other with each trying to better the other. While Veer is trying to bring her down, she is fighting back every step of the way.

What will happen between the two of them? Will this lead to more antagonism among them or will there be sparks flying of different kind?

We shall also bring you behind the scene segment of the bathroom scene soon.

Stay tuned.

O Gujariya airs every Monday to Saturday at 7:30pm on Channel V.


Humsafars | Launch Celebration

Humsafars launched on Sony TV at 10:30pm and plays every Monday to Thursday.

The cast and crew watched the telecast of the first episode together and thereafter celebrated the success of the launch with cake and dinner on the set itself.

We bring you glimpses from the celebration on the set.

Harshad Chopda who plays Sahir Azeem Chaudhary along with Shivya Pathania who is Arzoo Nausheen Khan were emotional about their show’s telecast and giving them support and encouragement were Director Aniruddha Rajderkar, DoP Deepak Pandey, Creative Director Nimisha Pandey, Stylist Shivani Shirali and host of other cast and crew.

Watch them essay the role os Sahir and Arzoo every Monday to Thursday at 10:30pm on Sony. We shall bring you more behind the scene segments and interviews soon.


Wallpaper Wednesdays | Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice is what we find when we see this picture or the pictures we shot. Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti definitely love to be clicked by us and moreover, them saying this in an interview about being comfortable enough to give poses that we desire is something we shall cherish.

We did not have a theme in mind but the type of lighting, the costume and background lights gave us these thoughts. Add to this our comfort level with each other makes these pictures what they are.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-6061

It is a pleasure to work with them and to click them. Now, who does not like to be asked after or called to the set specifically to be when there is an important sequence. Health issues not withstanding, the passion for work and their enthusiasm makes us create these pictures.

We shall bring more as we love the affection you shower on us as well.

Now, here is the wallpaper size picture for you. And yes, only one this time. You see greed has no limit and we tossed up between 1st and 4th and saw more votes for 4th.

The picture can be found here. Do visit our Google Plus page and leave comments there, here everywhere. We love to hear from you, yes the good, the bad, the ugly.

Keep watching Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


O Gujariya | BTS | Sanvi Talwar Dance Sequence

Another song sequence that happened along with Shaleen Malhotra’s entry was of Sanvi Talwar who plays Natasha Jaiswal. She danced on Anjan Ki Seeti, however, as we cannot put up the original song due to copyright reasons but here is the behind the scene segment of the song.

The song was shot between 4am and 7am with Sanvi having to learn the song steps just before a take with hardly any time to rehearse. Choreographer Kenil Sanghvi had recreated the steps to suit the artist and the time restrictions as the shoot had to be completed as it was the next day telecast.

With Lalit Mohan, crew and rest of the cast working hard for the sequence, we bring you tidbits of what goes on behind the scenes like this.

Do tell us if you like our efforts to bring you how making of a show happens.

Watch O Gujariya every Monday to Saturday at 7:30pm on Channel V.


Humsafars | Curtain Raiser | Starts Tonight at 10:30pm

Humsafars is all set to hit the television screens tonight at 10:30pm. The press conferences have happened to promote the show with the main leads Harshad Chopda who plays Sahir Chaudhary and Shivya Pathania who plays Arzoo Nausheen Khan.

Humsafars- Forum 32-4527-2

What can you all look forward to?

Arzoo Nausheen Khan is a girl who dreams of being something in the world of fashion. She has grown up with designs, cloth, needle and threads all around her. She wants to make it big, make a name for herself and have a standing, for her mother. She has certain tasks in front of her. It is her journey exploring possibilities, achieving dreams.

humsafars- forum 32-9125

Sahir Azeem Chaudhary is a guy who only sees success as part of his fabric. Nothing but the best will do for him, in every sphere. What makes him tick? Well, one can know what ticks him off, which is anything that is imperfect but otherwise, he is a mystery. Is it mystery waiting to be solved?

Watch the show to find out how they find each other or if they really do?

Humsafars will air on Sony TV every Monday to Thursday.


Qubool Hai | Sunday Driver – Fire and Ice

Qubool Hai - Forum32-6069

Wish it was a leisurely Sunday morning. Where I wake up lazily not a care in the world. Alas! that was not to be today. It is but a pallid morning (Oh! the sun may be shining outside) but medication and fever has put paid to being bright and chirpy.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-9595

And there is so much to be done. So I drag myself out of my bed, make a warm cup of coffee and sit with the laptop in front of me, looking for that picture that would take away the moroseness that comes with being ill. Oh Ok! The pity party is over.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-9557

Lets change gear. I see Fire and Ice when I go through these pictures. A photo-shoot I did with Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi  Jyoti not in best of conditions. Still we managed to get some decent shots.

Tell me what you think of these?

Qubool Hai - Forum32-6061

Of course, your vote will ensure one of them (and this time it will be one only) that will make it to our Wallpaper Wednesday.

So go ahead and vote and tell me what you see. That is very important to me.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-9571

Of course, watch out for the romance between Aahil and Sanam in Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

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