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Qubool Hai | BTS | Reaction Shot 101

We have talked about various aspect of filming a Television show. Today, we bring you something that will not only give you a perspective of how reactions of various actors are taken and intercuts are interspersed with an actor’s dialogues (especially a long winded ones).

In this case, we have Gaffur Ahmed Siddiqui (Tej Sapru), Razia Siddiqui (Alka Kaushal) and Haider Shaikh (Mohit Sehgal) who are standing perhaps opposite to Asad (Raqesh Vshisht), Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) and Humeira (Ketki Kadam) giving reaction to the speech that they made or reaction by Humeira towards Haider by running to him to give him a hug.

Now, the three actors who are supposedly part of the scene are not even there. Mohit though was lounging in a nearby sofa, Tej ji was sitting next to the monitor while  Alka ji had packed up for the day after her shoot in the bath tub.

So, the Assistant Director gives the narrative of the dialogue (with feelings) and this time it is Rahul, who keeps popping in our frame more often than not, and gives excellent cues for the actors facing the camera to give their reactions.

Do watch, how when there is only a shoulder in the frame, Raqesh goofs around to the dialogues spoken. And yes, Rahul did bump into our camera, giving us a mild heart attack.

Shooting is fun. And for people who are fascinated with the process would never find it boring (or so we believe) for we are there practically everyday watch them shoot and capture for you all, the interesting bits.

Stay tuned for more behind the scene segments like these.

Watch Qubool Hai in its new form every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV from 21st April onwards. We shall bring you regular coverage of your favorites and some new cast members as the shoot happens.

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We want to bring you something special as these two men finish their journey with Qubool Hai. And that is a wallpaper size picture of theirs.

Now, more than the picture we want to give you the words that makes this picture what it is.

Raqesh Vashisht and Mohit Sehgal are friends. And you can see them have fun on the set in numerous videos we have brought you. What is more, they have bough similar (almost identical) bicycles. And they ride. Raqesh usually goes from set to his house after pack up on his bike with his driver following him in his car.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32

Mohit likes to take his bike out on days he is not shooting and on some days even after pack-up, though his usual ride is from his home to Andheri or thereabouts. Besides the fitness aspect of it, you should hear them about the adornment they have done for their bikes, from neon lights, to different seat et al. They are so passionate about it when they talk that it is infectious. One starts thinking one should buy a bicycle and at least employ that way of keeping fit. Listening to them, Surbhi bought one. That is their influence. No, she did not buy the one that goes around town, but one that is stationary and stays in her living room where she exercises.

Besides fitness, the common thing they have is food. We have discussed that as well.

This particular picture is about Mohit showing Raqesh his Twitter page and talking about the comments that keep coming on it. This is what they do, they share. They are even looking at taking holiday together. Now, don’t go thinking that their better halves have anything to worry about. It is pure male bonding (or so we are lead to believe ;-) ). Just kidding.

They are such fantastic people to hang around with that one cannot help but be uplifted.

Thank you Raqesh and Mohit for giving us such wonderful time on the set as we all worked. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

We are definitely not saying goodbye as we hope to see you soon.

Here, is the link to wallpaper size picture available on our Google + page

Stay tuned to Forum 32 for more insights into your favorite actors.


Alka Kaushal during the drowning scene had to wait after getting wet as the taps were not working the way the Director Amandeep Singh wanted. It took over 45 minutes to change the tap so that the water could flow over her head. So the DoP had a multi light switched on for her so that she does not feel cold.

Before the scene actually was shot, there was a lot that had to be adjusted and yes shooting a scene is time consuming. Also you can watch how it was difficult for Alka to submerge herself under water for the shot without the water entering her nose.

We definitely provide you some interesting footage of how shooting happens.

Hope you all like it.

Watch Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


Qubool Hai | BTS | Mummani Drowning Scene

We bring you the Razia Siddiqui’s drowning scene.

It is not just difficult to do scenes like these, but when it comes to water, cramped places the situation becomes all the more tough.

Alka Kaushal had to immerse herself in water and her clothes were giving off color. The water was not perfectly clean though they had warmed it so that it would not be too cold for her. The tap was not giving the room to shoot and the whole thing had to be reworked which took more than 45 minutes.

Alka had to ensure, she puts her head under the tap and make it look natural. Then came the submerging head in water and ensuring that the water did not go in her nose. We shall bring you the other part of the video as well.

For now, you get to see how Amandeep Singh and Surbhi Jyoti help her out with her task. And yes, the rag in the mouth did give us some jitters while we were shooting the making.

Enjoy the sequence.

Keep watching Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


Arjun | BTS | The Last Scene

We had not forgotten that we were to give you the last scene’s behind the scene segment. And yes, this time you would be able to see Behzaad Khan in it as well. Watch how Shaleen Malhotra and Gorky M share more than just a Director-Actor relationship.

Gorky is someone one should watch him direct as he not only explains the sequence to the camera department so that the lighting and movement can be completely as he would want them. What’s more, one would hear after a cut, before he says okay, he would confer with his DoP, “Okay for you Sir?” That is how thoughtful he is.

We are also sure that for videos to be put up you all must have messaged him and the actors on twitter if not personal ones on his Facebook page and so we did get a message for him to put up this video today.

We got a bit delayed however, here it is.

Hope you all enjoy it.

There is more to this.

It still aint over. (NO, we are not done yet, are you?)


Qubool Hai | Tanveer The Backstabber

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-3-3Tanveer Khan (Amrapali Gupta) has been the nemesis who refuses to be defeated. She has been the sole reason for the downfall of the Khans and the Siddiquis. The cat who seems to have gotten all the cream. Though perhaps the biggest victory that she wanted in form of Asad Ahmed Khan being hers forever is a dream that shall remain so.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-2-4

Tanveer is the quintessential woman scorned. We wonder what her basic framework of mind would be to wrought such havoc round her. Her childhood experiences, her interactions with people have only shown her to be a woman who has planned to get everything for herself that goes beyond mere selfishness. She is evil.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-10

One cannot even sympathize with her childhood abuse (if she really went through one?), one would think, she was all powerful from the day she was born; using her wiles to get her way. Jammy, poor soul, had bought all the jam she had spread.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-2-3

Now, with her plan completely shattered, what will this deranged woman do? Will she find a way to come back and extract retribution from the people who have put her behind bars? Will she get her ultimate victory?

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-5-3

Tanveer has been, to shock of everyone who has been watching, the person who seems to win no matter what.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-11

Recently a neighbor of mine who watches Qubool Hai asked me, “Will Tanveer’s truth be out?” And I said, “You will have to watch the episode to find out with a smile (no, not like Tanveer’s ;-) but a little devilish for sure). What came across to me was that no matter how much people hated her, they could not ignore her. And a character being discussed to this level is of course one that has made a mark on the viewers.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-7-2

We definitely applaud Amrapali for giving credence to her character with conviction, psychotic demeanor that makes people cringe.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-4-3

Tanveer is out to get her revenge. She will backstab people. That is her nature. She killed Rashid Ahmed Khan by stabbing in the back. Will she be back to kill the rest of family who has brought her downfall?

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-6-2

Keep watching Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

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Qubool Hai | Two Men And A Lady – Part 1

We had been trying to get an interview with Raqesh Vashisht and Surbhi Jyoti for a long time. Well three months. And we finally nailed it. Same goes with Mohit Sehgal and Surbhi. We have had such amazing time with them on the set that it is beyond words.

They are such wonderful people to be around and work with. Taking their pictures is even more wonderful as they want to see immediately, what pictures we took. They appreciate the ones they like and of course there are some they would say, “Nahi yaar, ye mat rakho.” Surbhi would go, “Abhi, abhi delete karo. Kya expressions hai. Tumhein tab hi click karma tha?”

The one person who probably gets fed up with Vrushali being around is Amandeep Singh. He would say, “Aap idhar aa jao, mere pass, monitor ke paas.” Why? Because according to him her presence would distract the artists who want to give a pose in between shot. Inversely there are days when Aman would say, “Jao photos lo. We want these on Forum 32.” And while we try not to disturb the shoot, the presence of a camera can make one either not give a pose or give one.

But we have been fortunate. Even with Aman we have a lovely camaraderie, who if you saw the April Fool’s video had said, “Pakka reporter ki tarah, roll kiye jaa rahe ho. Ye nahi ki uses uthao.” Of course, we ribbed him after that. Even the DoP Deepak Pandey tells us, this is your opportunity to take pictures.

Having co-operation of all the cast and crew on the set enables us to get interviews such as this. We have tried something with this. Tell us how you like it.

Stay tuned for more of this interview.


Qubool Hai | Fun We Get Up To

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-6

Being with all the artists on the set of Qubool Hai is immense fun. And not just to capture some amazing moments with them but share things that they hold dear. Vidya Sinha for one has adopted two cats who almost died after their mothers passed away. Not to mention she takes time out to play and talk with the strays on the set, despite having a dog at home herself.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-9

Surbhi Jyoti as you all know (perhaps) loves children, be it Shalini Kapoor’s or some followers’ kids who come to see her. She will take some special moments out with them including giving them some goodies. Raqesh Vashisht and Mohit Sehgal are not just gentleman (yeah, we do have some grouse with Raqesh with treating the girls like his buddies) but also sharing food, jokes (including PJs) with people on the set.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-5-2

The girls Shalini, Alka Kaushal, Archana Taide, Surbhi and the boys of course i.e. Tej Sapru, Mohit and Raqesh get together in one room and have a time that is worth capturing on camera, though we always feel like not intruding in their moments of bonhomie and camaraderie. With Tej Sapru giving shortened names to all of them add that much more TLC to the conversation.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-4-2

Ketki Kadam and Nehalaxmi Iyer share a special bond and we see them taking off on Ketki’s bike for a coffee or a drive off from the set. Bond girls we call them.

All in all, we all have been feeling pretty nostalgic with the leap perhaps not giving all of us opportunities like these to just chill with each other in between shots or during breaks.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-8

However, as Tej ji left the set last night, he had forgotten his mobiles on a nearby table and having given them back, he had said, “A dinner for all of us together from me. I owe it. Though once we all get free from shoot.”

So we look forward to some time together away from the set soon.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-2-2

In the mean time watch the Nikaah of Tanveer and Asad come to its natural conclusion of “Qubool Nahi Hai!!” and how Tanveer will get her just measures.

We shall bring you the behind the scene segment, soon.

Stay tuned.

Qubool Hai airs every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-7


Qubool Hai | Mumaani To Drown?

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-4

Tonight Qubool Hai will give some high voltage drama. With Tanveer Khan (Amrapali Gupta) out to kill every opponent she has had, Razia Siddiqui (Alka Kaushal) has been tied and then put to drown in the bath tub.

No good comes to evil is something that we can learn from this, also what goes around, comes around is another cliche that comes to mind.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-5

Does Razia deserve this? Am sure most of you will give an unequivocal, “Yes!!”; Rightly so. She has done some blood curdling deeds in her life. And now she perhaps deserves to die a death that is like “chullu bhar paani“.  A bath tub where she cannot be rescued.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-2 1

Will she die? or Will she survive?

Watch tonight’s episode to find out.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-3

We would like to say how brave Alka is to give this shot. With co-operation from the crew, Aman Singh the Director and co-star Surbhi Jyoti, she definitely did the scene with much aplomb. We shall bring you the BTS of the scene tomorrow, but here are some pics which depict how cramped and uncomfortable it was to shoot.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32

We asked her, how do you feel about getting wet and cramped and her answer was, “Kisne bola tha actor banneko?” and smiled. All part of the game or job as she puts it. Difficult or not, getting wet, putting oneself in cramped places is something that is what being actor is all about. However, we appreciate the effort put in is something we would like to say. We find her one of the actors who puts life into every scene. And considering the water went in her nose, mouth that made her splutter, we were awed.

Stay tuned for more from us.


Qubool Hai | BTS | Fun On Set

Qubool Hai has amazing people to work with. Whether it is the people who work behind the camera or in front of it. From Vidya Sinha to Farina Parvez, each and every one of the cast is a pleasure to be around. We have talked about how we get along with all of them.

You all saw how much fun they have on the set and yes, this particular behind the scene segment was shot on 1st April and the “fainting” incident had finished with people’s spirit being higher. Of course, another aspect was the time being closer to pack-up and much banter was happening.

While cues were being given, the wanting to go home was something that harped about.

Enjoy the video where we bring you how the cast stays on set after their shot either to give cues to the other artists or just hang around.

Of course, in all this the director is one person who has to ensure he is fully in command of the wayward “kids” out to do mischief.

Stay tuned for all the fun we bring you from the set.

Qubool Hai airs every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

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