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Throwback Thursdays | Surbhi Jyoti Pull’s Focus

Throwback Thursdays | Surbhi Jyoti Pull’s Focus Throwback Thursdays, a day to bring you guys something that would throw you off. So, drum rolls, we bring you something we had promised you on Tuesday about someone being the Focus Puller in Qubool Hai that you would love to know. Of course the title had to […]


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Harshad Chopda Interview Part 6|Throwback Thursdays | Humsafars |

Throwback Thursdays | Humsafars | Harshad Chopda Interview Part 6 Throwback Thursdays, a way to throw you off? Nah, just a drive through memory lane. Remember a line from Silsila about visiting those lanes, a bittersweet experience. And while really are not taking you through the memory lane per se, we bring you Harshad Chopda […]

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Humsafars | Zeena Bhatia Interview

Humsafars | Zeena Bhatia Interview Humsafars had a great cast with character that could make you smile to cringe. Zeena Bhatia played Kurti Aapa in the show where she played a negative character in a garb of a do-good person. An interview with her showed the softer side of the person that could never be […]


The unofficial title of this post is: CARE KHAN IS BACK!

Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti. Doesn’t it have a strange ring to it? Awkward even? To me it sounds ridiculous! CARE KHAN and Surbhi Jyoti  – now there is a pair worth slitting your wrists over! Who is this guy anyway? After getting rid of KSG and that Raqesh fellow so deftly, I thought that the fair dimpled maiden was all mine but no! This guy arrived in an open top convertible and made it a point to go after the very same girl I had my heart set on. I’ll let you on to a secret today. The plot to get Karanvir to leave the show was hatched by me and the sheer beauty of my genius is that even HE did not realise that I had TOTALLY manipulated him. Alas, the warmth from rubbing my hands in glee had barely materialised when he changed his mind. Some people, I tell you! I am so pissed with him. Some 75K followers on Instagram and some 219K followers on Twitter and he goes after HER!!!  Dude, get a life and look for another pair of dimples.

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Technical Tuesday | Focus Puller and Measure Tape | Qubool Hai Promo Shoot in Himachal Pradesh

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 12.56.20 pm Technical Tuesday | Focus Puller and Measure Tape | Qubool Hai Promo Shoot in Himachal Pradesh

Technical Tuesday is something we are really enjoying as we get to give you all some “gyan”. Just Kidding! The idea for us is to share how a film/TV show is shot and the role varied crew play in the process. Today, we focus on what a focus puller’s job is and how his tool is a measure tape. We of course, found a fantastic visual in the Qubool Hai Promo Shoot in Himachal Pradesh.

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Qubool Hai | Woh Kaun Thi | Additi Gupta

I really don’t know how many of you really know of the movie Woh Kaun Thi that we equate to from our photo-shoot with Additi Gupta who plays Nayee Sanam in Qubool Hai. The setting is eerie. The photos full of suspense and our subject obliged, beautifully.

A candle held, though some contraptions from this century did make its way into the frame, we still feel it speaks eloquently of the bygone era. Now, coming back to Woh Kaun Thi.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-3312 Qubool Hai | Woh Kaun Thi | Additi Gupta

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