Technical Tuesday | Scene Reading | Humsafars

Technical Tuesday | Scene Reading | Humsafars

Technical Tuesday is a segment in which,  we bring you various aspects of filming a show. Scene Reading from the Show Humsafars that aired on Sony TV is what we bring you today. The behind the scene segment will display the preparation that goes before the show goes on the floor or shoot of a scene happens.

Technical Tuesday | Scene Reading | Humsafars

After a story is written, the cast of the show are brought to together along with the Story Writer, Director, Screenplay Writer and Dialogue write. This is done to explain the graph of the story and character to each artist. This helps them to not just get the artists familiar with a character but also answer any questions that they might have. Of course this is important aspect for portrayal of the characters, the bigger arc of the story and nuances each character is to have.

The thought behind the development of the character, their journey in the story is explained so that the performance can be delivered keep in mind various moods, back story and such.

Technical Tuesday | Scene Reading | Humsafars

As you see in the video, Divy Nidhi Sharma is reading the scene with the Director Aniruddha Rajderkar and the cast  Harshad Chopda, Shivya Pathania, Purva Parag, Diana Khan and Ruby Dahiya listening in to what the scene is all about. They can then not just understand the characters that they play but ask relevant questions.

To create a show that has depth and play of characters with each other or even against each other, every artists is given their scenes with the whole script or scene for understanding the mood, the point that needs to come across on screen and interplay amongst characters.

Hope you enjoy watching these glimpses into filming that we bring for you all. Do drop us a line for any explanation or questions that you may have.

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We shall bring you more videos, pictures and interviews about the artists you have loved to watch in Humsafars in coming days and weeks.

Qubool Hai | Vaishali Nazreth Interview

Qubool Hai | Vaishali Nazreth Interview

Qubool Hai has interesting characters. One of them is played by Vaishali Melanie Nazreth and that is Khala. Vaishali is a live wire personality that oozes warmth. Her infectious laughter is boisterous and one would be compelled to laugh along with her.

Qubool Hai Vaishali Nazreth Interview

Of course, there is more to her than just fun and that is what we bring you in this interview with Vaishali.

We would definitely want to ask all the ladies to be safe when they are out painting the town red or just going to and fro work or even grocery shopping. Recent incidents in Mumbai include while travelling in rickshaw, one is asked for money to pay for tuition by young boys and if you happen to have a child, they get kidnapped.

One needs to be prepared in every eventuality and that is what Vaishali, whom we call Mel has to say.

Apart from this being fit is important to her and she shares her fitness tips with you all.

Now, with third season of the show Qubool Hai at the threshold, we wish her all the best in her role as Khala and we shall bring you more from the set soon.

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Sunday Driver | Weather The Change

Sunday Driver | Weather The Change

Weather the change is what today is all about. Sunday driver is nothing but exceptional weather that I find. Cool breeze, cool pictures and drizzle of rain. All this makes for a lazy Sunday.

Sunday Driver Weather the change

Now, what would I not give for some pakoras and coffee. Actually, I don’t have to give anything other than giving up my couch to go and make some. Yum!

Sunday Driver | Weather The Change

And then there are these pictures to give me company. Of course, there is always television to be a major couch potato.

Sunday Driver | Weather The Change

These pictures are rugged, rustic and resplendent with character. Each one gives you a hue that is earthy just like the weather outside. A bit grey mingled with aroma of wet ground.

Sunday Driver | Weather The Change

As the artists of Qubool Hai weather the changes in the show, we as people are seeing changes in the weather. Providence is what some call it.

Sunday Driver | Weather The Change

I give you shades of what I see around me the colours of the weather that form part of the rainbow.

How are you all enjoying the weather change in Mumbai? Do drop in a line to talk about weather or changes there in.

Sunday Driver | Weather The Change

Bin mausam barsaat, Jaise koi Khairaat…

Aayee hai yun jaise koi baaraat…

Bas ab toh doli uthneki der hai, yahi hai baat!

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Enjoy your Sunday!

Qubool Hai | Spoiler Pictures

Qubool Hai | Spoiler Pictures

Upcoming episode’s spoiler pictures from Qubool Hai is what we bring you today. While Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) has died and finally she has gotten her comeuppance, there is lot more coming your way. Will Aahil and Sanam find happiness finally? Will the new Sanam (Additi Gupta) remain in the same house or will she be booted out? There are many questions arising. As one story finishes, the new is on its way to unfold.

As you all know Amrapali is coming back in another avataar. Who is she? What is her purpose is something that you will have to watch the episodes for, in the meantime we bring you a picture of hers. Qubool Hai - Forum32-1861

Also, some romantic moments between Aahil Razaa Ibrahim (Karanvir Bohra) and Sanam Ahmed Khan (Surbhi Jyoti) are expected. So do watch Monday’s episode to get your fill of romance in Qubool Hai.

Qubool Hai Spoiler Pictures

We shall bring you Behind the scene segment of the moments very soon. Do tell us how you like the spoiler pictures of Karanvir Bohra, Surbhi Jyoti and Amrapali Gupta.

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Humsafars | Harshad Chopda Interview | Part 3

Interview With Harshad Chopda, Saahir Azim Choudhary of Humsafars – Part 3

Humsafars will see the closing curtains tonight. We spoke to Harshad about his role and himself before the show ended. Here is the Harshad Chopda Interview Part 3 that you all have been waiting for.

Harshad Chopda Interview Part 3

Tonight, there are many who will be shedding a tear or two, and especially for all those, we bring you this conversation.

Harshad Chopda has been a thorough professional during the shoot of the show and we have had lot of fun with him on the set.

Besides his equation with Aniruddha Rajderkar, the set up Director of the show, with whom he shares a very good rapport, he also has fantastic relationship with the DoP Deepak Pandey. Here is the picture with them on location. And need we say anything about us?

Harshad Chopda Interview Part 3

The links to watch the Part 1 and Part 2 of the Interview with Harshad Chopda in case you missed it.

We shall put the Part 4 soon as well.

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Tonight is the finale episode of Humsafars at 8pm on Sony TV. Do watch.

We wish all the artists and crew of Humsafars the very best for their future projects.

Qubool Hai | Shehzad Shaikh Interview | Part 1

Interview with Shehzad Shaikh, Rehaan of Qubool Hai – Part 1

Shehzad Shaikh Interview Part 1 with Forum 32

Shehzad Shaikh has been part of Qubool Hai as Rehaan Qureshi. To start with his journey was as a stooge to Aahil Razaa Ibrahim (Karanvir Bohra) and then his role spread out with lot of twists and intrigue where he fell in love with Sanam. His love finding culmination with Seher (Surbhi Jyoti) was left unfulfilled as his character died in the show.

The biggest aspect of his character has been his mother Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) who never acknowledged him as a son. Well, most of the loops in the show were closed and we spoke to Shehzad about his role and his equation with each of them.

We shall bring you more about his conversation with us soon.

Stay tuned.

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We do have some fantastic segments on video of Shehzad Shaikh in our playlist Fun With The Cast on You Tube. Do watch.

You can also watch the earlier interview of Shehzad and Surbhi Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Wallpaper Wednesday | Amrapali As Tanveer

Wallpaper Wednesday | Amrapali As Tanveer

Wallpaper Wednesday is our way of giving you all a gift of wallpaper size pictures. Today, we bring you a picture of Amrapali Gupta who plays Tanveer in Qubool Hai.

Qubool Hai Wallpaper Wednesday Amrapali as Tanveer

She is a face that we love to click. Even though she plays complete evil in the show, we find her an extremely warm person who is a wife, a daughter-in-law and a working woman. When we talk on various subjects, she has many home grown remedies for common ailments that work like magic.

People on the set, including the actors and crew, get her brand of support through these tips. Be it common cold, migraine or stomach upset; she will give you from her kitty of Daadima’s Nuskhey, something that will work for you.

Here is one picture that bring for you all in wallpaper size. Like we said earlier, the photo-shoot has many gems and this is one of them.

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Sunday Driver | Harshad and Shivya

Sunday Driver | Harshad and Shivya

Sunday Driver, my journey. Today I talk about my journey of clicking some pictures with Harshad and Shivya. The first day I met them at an outdoor location, I had clicked a picture of both of them and yes, the journey began from there.

Here is one of Shivya Pathania from the first day.

Sunday Driver | Harshad and Shivya

From that day onwards, our friendship evolved to today where we go out for some waffles to drive to even Gym. Yes, the gym has been the shortest stint but Harshad did get me and Shivya to go there more often than we normally would.

Now, here  is one of Harshad Chopda that I believe for pure joy. He in all black and he looks amazing (as usual).

humsafars - Forum 32-4763  Harshad

Now, to talk about a journey that stretches over six months or more is not easy so we are just going to talk about the pictures we took.

humsafars - Forum 32-4755 Sunday Driver | Harshad and Shivya

This picture of Shivya was another outdoor location where she played cricket with the unit as. Yes, we do have a video clip and we shall bring that for you all soon. We had not forgotten but perhaps with the interview, that clip will be handy.

humsafars - Forum 32-4766 Sunday Driver | Harshad and Shivya

What a picture is all I have to say. This defines us. The monkey ladder and us being monkeys when we are together. You see, uchal koodna all we get up to.

Humsafars- Forum 32-9709 Sunday Driver | Harshad and Shivya

Do I need to say anything about Harshad in the pool? Guess not. However, besides being in the character, this is one picture where I got him to smile. Yes, there are some gems like these which I shall keep posting even after the show is done. Do you want to let go? Well, not me. Not yet.

Humsafars- Forum 32-9246 Sunday Driver | Harshad and Shivya

This one I had clicked for the “newspaper clipping” which was part of the show and now I bring for you all. It was done in a rush as they need to get the property ready for the shoot.

humsafars - Forum 32-5715 Sunday Driver | Harshad and ShivyaA candid of Harshad where he is thinking of something and I clicked the picture. Now, what is he thinking about? I did not ask. However, the moment is here for you all to see and wonder about. We were having coffee outside the set in between the shot and having a chat.

Humsafars- Forum 32-7202 Sunday Driver | Harshad and Shivya

Now, this is one picture that brings smile to my face. I took this during diwali and had gotten them to give Diwali wishes. One of the fun moments while we worked.

These are just some of the pictures. Will bring you more. Do watch our You Tube channel for videos from Humsafars.

Happy Sunday.


Photo-Shoot With Qubool Hai Stars

Photo-Shoot With Qubool Hai Stars

Photo-Shoot with Qubool Hai Stars has always been a unique experience. Shooting at an outdoor location gives us another high as we get to experiment with new locales and capturing these eminently photogenic people in different elements.

These pictures are just an example of what we did. Surbhi Jyoti, Karanvir Bohra and Amrapali Gupta were kicked when we reached the location and we did the recce of the whole place to find spots that would give us fantastic backdrop.

We shall of course give you more from this shoot later, however, here is something we want you all to do for us. Give us your thoughts on the pictures. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see them.

Talk about the subject, the background and the colours.

We made Surbhi sit on a window ledge with the sea as the backdrop. Now, that is a big hint for you all. Lets see what you guys can come up with. Photo-shoot with the stars of Qubool Hai is any day an affair with the camera that is pure indulgence.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-1587

Now here is one of Amrapali. We are sure you have not seen Tanveer in this manner earlier. We experimented.

Photo-shoot with Qubool Hai Stars

Now comes the couple, the pair that is comfortable with us and each other.

Photo-shoot with Qubool Hai Stars

And this one we feel we captured Karanvir in his true element. Tell us if you see what we see. We loved the place that the shoot was happening and if anyone is interested to know the location, we shall let you all know. The light was how we liked it though for certain shots, we would have preferred the magic hour. Do you all know what “magic hour” of the day are? Well, we usually tell what the picture speaks to us. Now, you get to say your piece.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-1645

There is lots more coming from the show for you all with new story, new cast and your favourites in there as well.

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Humsafars | 100 Episodes Celebration

Humsafars – 100 Episodes Completion Celebration on the Set

Humsafars completed 100 episodes. There was a small celebration with cake cutting.

Present on the set were Director Seema Choudhary, Gorky M, Nimisha Pandey, Cameraman Pappu, Head of Operation Santosh, Shivya Pathania, Neha Janpandit, Shivani Mathur, Akash Berry and crew.

Humsafars- Forum 32-1798 Humsafars 100 Episode Celebration

Of course, a bittersweet feeling of a show that is going off air shortly, the reason to be together and celebrate a milestone is that much more important. We bring you short video and some pictures of the same. Cheering the team up who has stood together for the last 100 episodes is something that the Creative Producer Gorky M did while the celebration continued. A feeling of being one unit and bonhomie was permeating through the team

Celebrating important occasions is something one must do. We all know that life throws a curve ball and one must field it. While three strikes are part of the baseball game, one does not get that every time. That means, one must amass as much happiness as one can. And despite the grey cloud looming ahead with only a few more days of shoot remaining, sharing some moments of happiness becomes paramount.

We wish the cast and crew of Humsafars the very best for their future and hope to see them again soon. To re-live some moments of the show, do visit our You Tube Channel and see the playlist Humsafars.

Harshad Chopda was not shooting yesterday, though he had come in the morning with a cake for the unit to mark the occasion. Yes, we also remember that we are to bring you interview of Harshad and Shivya and we are working on that. We shall bring you that soon.

Watch the last week of Humsafars, Monday to Friday at 8:00pm on Sony TV. Tonight the episode will air at 8:30pm.