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Qubool Hai | Fun With the Cast | Part 10

We bring you another random capture from the sets of Qubool Hai where the talks veer at the speed of light. And this particular shoot is of the promo that you shall see very soon.

Of course, while choreographing the scene, the director and the creative director device ways of presenting Surbhi Jyoti who is Sanam Ahmed Khan as the “Mujrewali” that Aahil Raza Ibrahim (Karanvir Bohra) has called to humiliate as he announces his wedding to Sanam (Additi Gupta).

Witnessing this event are Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) who perhaps has orchestrated the whole humiliation plan (as usual she must have instigated Aahil), Lateef (Nirmal Soni), Khala (Vaishali Nazreth) and Khalu (Chayan Trivedi).

Watch Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday as drama takes a new high at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

P.S. facing some errors with Daily motion uploader. The video shall be available there soon. Will update as soon as possible.


Wallpaper Wednesdays | Poster Worthy

We are deviating from our traditional norm of putting up wallpaper size picture of a person. Here, we felt this particular picture is like a poster that tells a story of the show. Well, its is also a promo that you shall see soon. Here is a picture that speaks volumes. And this is the one we felt would make a great Wallpaper for the show Qubool Hai.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-0002

Now, this picture is available on our Google Plus page. Click here.

But we are in the mood of spoiling you all. First with the look of what the upcoming promo is all about and then these three pictures. Which are technically part of this promo.

First one of course, obviously to let you all know that Karanvir is on the road to recovery and back on shoot.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-9982

The second one is Additi Gupta who shall be the Sanam that marries Aahil Raza Ibrahim. This is her bridal look.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-9990

The third one is of Surbhi Jyoti who is Sanam Ahmed Khan and yes, Tanveer’s plans to humiliate her, post realising that Sanam is alive, is this.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-0004

Do watch Qubool Hai for whole lot of drama and twists as they unfold every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


Technical Tuesday | Mood Songs

Humans are moody creatures and artists amongst the species are even more so. So, to create the right mood one has to cajole, woo and beguile an artist into giving the right expression desired while shooting.

Besides giving a low down to the actor about a scene, the director also gives enough to facilitate an actor in bring out the best for the said scene. To be within the character takes time. You might have heard the mechanism that actors use to get into the character and get out of the character. We shall perhaps talk about that as well in our technical tuesday column.

Here is a video where mood song which is basically the background music for Saahir Azim Choudhary that evokes within one a mood that is heroic. It makes you want to get up and take action.

So, this music what the director used for Harshad Chopda to get into the mood that is livid, red hot anger and destructive.

Yes at certain point during  the shoot, they had used, “Shri Ganesha Deva” from Agneepath.

We shall bring more next week.

Do let us know if there is more about mood songs that you all would like to know.

Do watch your favourite shows on television with a keen eye to learn something new and feel free to ask us about any aspect of making a show that you would want to learn.

We are happy to part knowledge.

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Humsafars | Clicks From The Set

It is the season of weddings. Now you all will say, is that news? Nope, just a statement filled with woes about traffic that gets jammed as revellers with the groom and his family decide to celebrate this joyous moment with crackers, music and dance.

Humsafars- Forum 32-5081

Well, that is not what we wanted to talk about. You see, there are pictures taken at the weddings. And with the emancipation of the mobile phone from being just a phone into a smart phone, the role of traditional camera is changing and even people have become savvy. They pose.

Humsafars- Forum 32-5125

Stop scratching your head. Do we always have to give logical write-up for every picture that we present? Or even tell you what the pictures are about?

Humsafars- Forum 32-9813

No. Just like the shows we cover, we also would like a day where we can be as manic as any of them, create lots of drama, be irrational and yeah drag the plot for our own enjoyment. Who knows there must be a masochist and a sadist rolled in to one within each one of us.

Humsafars- Forum 32-5981

Alright, here are some clicks from the set taken by continuity photographer of the show, Ashwin and one of them is taken by Atif, Associate Director with Lalit Mohan.

Enjoy the clicks. Some are a few episodes old while others are brand new from the set.

Watch Humsafars every Monday to Friday at 8:30pm on Sony TV.

Humsafars- Forum 32-6213


Sunday Driver |Fill Up The Senses

Back to my Sunday. And yes, today, it has taken me more time than usual to come to my senses. You see, feeling (what an oxymoron-ish expression and yes there is no word like oxymoron-ish) alive, seeing a bright beautiful sun, taste of rich and perky coffee, smell the air (okay, being romantic cause, staying in Mumbai basically means the salt in the air blended with musty smells of “khaadi” – people who live in Mumbai know what I am talking about) and hear the sound of music is a process of living. Basically be alive.

So I present to you pictures that shall fill up your senses, wake up the being within.


The sense of sight. What you see or rather what I see, for you may see something else entirely, are colours, bright and bridal. Traditional Red and Green that declare an occasion, a celebration of union, of harmony. Colours that are primary to being half of a whole.


The sense of Hearing. Music to ears, romantic, poignant and moving. The music that plays at every wedding, Shenaai. won’t go into Ustaad Bismillah Khan’s tunes as to even trying to describe that melody is heart wrenching. It plays in the ears.


The sense of taste. Pure nectar or vilely bitter. Sometimes sweet, sometimes salty and sometimes yes sour yet the union of souls is a taste that is best described by this line… “Shaadi ka ladoo… Jo khaye woh bhi pachtaaye…. Jo na khaaye woh bhi!” And just like a line from a song…”bittersweet, memories… that is all I am taking with me!” is what I see and feel in this picture.


The sense of smell. My first thought when I saw this picture was Evocative. The perfume that cuts through your senses just like light that cuts through crystal. It could leave a halo of one colour, all absorbing or all reflecting or even refracting. It envelops one in a cocoon that could be cloying or filled with fragrance that heightens every other sense.

Humsafars- Forum 32-8540

The sense of touch. This completes the cycle. Touch that could be encouraging, supporting, comforting or giving.

Fill up your senses by engaging them in a tango that will envelope you, bind you and lead you to a dance that is poetry in motion. Life.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Gorky’s pictures threaded together are like stories that have chapters and versus with in; complete yet incomplete with one and the other.  I tried looking for one picture that would complete the sense of touch for my Sunday Driver amongst Gorky’s treasure, but then I found something within my little tiffin box.

Did I forget? To see more of Gorky’s pictures that speak volumes visit his page https://www.facebook.com/THEGORKY.


The final part of Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti Interview. We had a conversation with them about their equation including Surbhi Jyoti’s bond with Karanvir and Teejay Sidhu.

And here is what they had to talk about.

They are like family. With Teejay and Karanvir looking at Surbhi as a family member who is part of their lives and included in any event that is important or as frivolous as watching a movie together. We wish them a happy bond that stays forever and association that goes beyond being co-actors.

We also wish speedy recovery to Karanvir Bohra who has suffered from Dengue and is convalescing.

Watch them play Aahil Razaa Ibrahim and Sanam Ahmed Khan as well Seher Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


Humsafars | Promo | Saahir’s Anger

Saahir Azim Choudhary (Harshad Chopda) is definitely flying off the handle. Yes, actually things are flying.

Watch as Saahir loses his cool, his stoic stance as he finds out some things and is blackmailed into giving into something that is against his grain.

We shall bring you the technical aspect of this scene post telecast.

Enjoy watching Humsafars every Monday to Friday at 8:30pm on Sony TV.


Qubool Hai | BTS | Tanveer’s Screaming Fury


Watch tonight hi-tension drama as Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) screams in her fury to call to Sanam Ahmed Khan to come out of her hiding and face her. Her stooges Khala (Vaishali Nazreth) and Khalu (Chayan Trivedi) are her willing accomplices in getting rid of Sanam Ahmed Khan.

The scene is hi-voltage drama as Sanam takes Seher to the room that was Asad and Zoya’s.

Watch Qubool Hai tonight at 9:30pm on Zee TV. Do watch.

Our YouTube upload is taking longer than usual. So for now the video is available on our dailymotion channel only. Will update as soon as possible.


Humsafars | BTS | 50 Episodes completion Celebrations

Humsafars- Forum 32-9798

Humsafars that crossed the first big milestone. 50 episodes were completed yesterday. With the cake sent by Channel, the cast and crew celebrated the moment with much laughter and fun.

We bring you clip and pictures of the moments on the set in between shoot.

We wish the cast and crew all the best and long run of the show. Present on the set were Harshad Chopda, Shivya Pathania, Sehban Azim, Nasheen Khan, Director Lalit Mohan, Associate Atif and crew.

Watch Humsafars every Monday to Friday at 8:30pm on Sony TV.

Humsafars- Forum 32-9800


Wallpaper Wednesdays | Windows to The Soul

There are some pictures that speak volumes. And we really did not know which ones to choose for our Wallpaper Wednesdays post. You see, we don’t have the discerning ability of Care Khan so we end up first leafing through the pictures again and again and again. And then, we segregate the ones we like (one too many) in a separate folder and then go through the finalists. And again we flounder.

So, from choosing just one (that is so… so difficult), have narrowed down to three. Now, that is a good number isn’t it? With you all, who always want more from us, we are sure you all are bubbling with glee.

And drum rolls in place… we present to you… what we have dubbed, windows to the soul

The first one is Shivya Pathania with eyes brimming with tears. The moment when she did not know as in Arzoo whether to pull away or sit back. The tug of war that heart strings played between wanting to sit with Saahir or walk away

Humsafars- Forum 32-8523

The next one is where Shivya (and this is an off-screen one), closes her eyes just before she has to open them and let the rain wash in them. The romanticising of the scene is where she stands as if in trance as Saahir walks to the car to get the umbrella. The reality is that she had to prepare herself for the pelting of water in her eyes. But despite her eyes being shut, they still emote what she has to portray as soon as the director would say “Action!”

Humsafars- Forum 32-8145

And the third one, now this one is pure indulgence for you all who love Harshad Chopda. Well, Saahir, his eyes just before he laments, “Bas issi ki kami thi!” (Did we get the dialogue right?), look as if they would protect her from any injury. And yes, he cannot take his eyes off Arzoo.

Humsafars- Forum 32-8194

We bring you the wallpaper size pictures on our Google Plus Page. What shall we name them?

The first one, Torn

The Second, Forlorn

The third, Burn

You could suggest names as well if you like.

Watch Shivya Pathania and Harshad Chopda play Arzoo Nausheen Khan and Saahir Azim Choudhary in Humsafars every Monday to Friday at 8:30pm on Sony TV.

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