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Here is the Republic Day gift for all the viewers of Humsafars and followers of Forum 32.

A tete-a-tete with Harshad Chopda that encompasses his journey from being Prem to Saahir. A guy who is disciplined, professional and hard working is what one can learn once you get to know him at work. What you all may or may not know is his sense of humour. He does not reply in any straight manner, the example of which is in his opening line of this interview.

Beyond it is a guy who loves to spoil people around him especially with food. May be we shall bring a separate segment with that. For now, enjoy the first part of the conversation we had with him.

Watch him essay the role of Saahir Azim Choudhary in Humsafars every Monday to Friday 8:30pm on Sony TV.


Happy republic Day to all of you.

We have two pictures for you all from the set of Humsafars and Qubool Hai.

The first one, we called it the “Dimpled Family” with Shivya Pathania, Vibha Chibber and Harshad Chopda who all sport dimples give us a beguiling smile as we clicked them. And yes we had the opportunity to get the picture be a little more magical with our in-house sorcerer.

Humsafars- Forum 32-1006

The second one we are a little speechless to give a name to. With three ladies, two are wives and one mother who is covering up her “son’s” body. Yes we always end up having fun with all of them and we shall write about them or bring you interviews that will make you smile soon. Of course having Amrapali Gupta, Additi Gupta, Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti pose for us like this is all about having a great time.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-0962

There is a republic day gift that shall come up soon, i.e. later in the day. So look out for that. We promise it shall make some people’s day if not all.

Happy Holiday.


Sunday Driver | The Beauty Within

Sunday, and it does not feel like it. There is no quiet morning with birds chirping their favourite tune to wake you up. Instead there is a cacophony of celebrations. Our lives are now guided by days of the week rather than festivals or occasions guiding the celebrations. We have Republic day celebrations happening a day in advance with lot of sports activity for the children. It is good and it is bad. So should we do away with holidays altogether and jam everything for the blessed weekend? From Birthday parties to anniversaries, everything gets relegated to the weekend.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-0876

What perhaps should be a day to relax and reflect, we end up doing chores, celebrations and all the things in between. We need don’t just need to see the beauty of the festivals on the outside but inside as well.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-0875

Well, my Sunday just got a bit better as I looked through some pictures I clicked of Vaishali Melanie Nazreth. She plays Khala in Qubool Hai where she is this over-the-top character who takes accessorising to a different level. Add to this the loose clothing that is embellished and gaudy, it does not make anyone feel beautiful. However, we feel that we captured her inner beauty.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-0898

And yes, after her pack-up when she donned her own clothes and let her hair down, we found what we were always sure was all there underneath.


Have a look at these pictures.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-0902

And watch her and her partner in crime play the characters that perhaps make you want to kill them for doing all sorts of things to Sanam, Seher and Aahil in Qubool Hai.

Happy Sunday.

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Humsafars | Interview Preview | Harshad Chopda

We have had lot of people ask for interviews of Harshad Chopda and Shivya Pathania. We have been able to can only Harshad’s interview so far and we bring you the preview of it.

What did we speak to Harshad about?

Can you guess from the clip exactly what we talked about?

Besides our usual conversation about everything under the sun, we asked him things that matter to him be it being a professional or taking care of his body.

Watch him essay the role of Saahir Azim Choudhary in Humsafars every Monday to Friday at 8:30pm on Sony TV.


Qubool Hai | Hair Raising Affair | Fun With The Cast

Qubool Hai - Forum32-0485

There are some days when one goes totally berserk. One should have those days, isn’t it? Well, with the cast of Qubool Hai, we do just that. We let our hair down and then have some hair raising moments.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-0484

Whether it is playing Uno with them in between shots or just sitting around and goofing with them as we laugh and click pictures, we get up to lot of mischief. Add to this, they enjoy our being with them and posing for us.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-0481

The upside also is that you guys like the pictures we take.

So here are some pictures of Sehan i.e. Seher (Surbhi Jyoti) and Rehaan (Shehzad Shaikh), that is what you call them right.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-0490

Enjoy the pictures and watch them in Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-0488


Humsafars | Fun With Shivya and Harshad

Humsafars- Forum 32-0838

On the set of Humsafars, one thing is for sure and that is having fun. Be it ordering food that would tempt a saint to just chilling out in between shots with the cast and crew. Of course, in middle of some interesting scenes, we do get up to a bout of laughter that is addictive.

Humsafars- Forum 32-0837

The scene being shot when we clicked these pictures were where, Aarzoo Nausheen Khan (Shivya Pathania) finds her clothes have been shredded (mysteriously of course) and Saahir Azim Choudhary (Harshad Chopda) arrives in the room as she discovers this.

Humsafars- Forum 32-0839

Now first couple were of course in middle of a session that meant Harshad and Shivya were at loggerheads and as we clicked a few, the mood changed to what you see next.

Humsafars- Forum 32-0841

Enjoy the impromptu photo-session and we shall keep you posted of the thrilling aspects of the show.

We of course, do not want to reveal what is really happening as we would rather you watch the show and find out whodunit!

Humsafars- Forum 32-0840

Humsafars airs every Monday to Friday at 8:30pm on Sony TV.


Wallpaper Wednesdays | Surbhi Jyoti and Karanvir Bohra

We are back with our Wallpaper Wednesdays pictures. You guys have been asking for these and we bring you couple more pictures from the photo-shoot that we did with them.

There was of course no theme but do look closely at the pictures (we know you always do) and see the water drops on KV’s lashes. Why is that? We are not telling.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-0627

Enjoy the pictures.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-0644

Care Khan was supposed to make the post today after he announced that he is back. But for some reasons best known to him, he has not been available. So, here we are giving you what you all love the most.

Wallpaper size pictures are here and here.

Watch KV and Surbhi in Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


Technical Tuesday | Pan, Tilt and Focus Shift

Some technical terms may seem obscure when you hear them, especially in the lighting and the camera department. You guys already know about baby (which is a light and not a term of endearment) and now we bring you Pan, which has nothing to do with cooking.

Pan is a horizontal motion of the camera used to capture more than what can be displayed in a block or frame. Add to this we tilt the camera in vertical motion to span an object or subject. The Director gives instructions to the DoP to capture the reactions of the subjects by Panning the camera and tilting if the subjects happen to be at different levels.

Shift Focus happens when one subject is behind the other as is the case here. This is done to ensure that the audience not just has the position of the subjects in place but also the focus is moved from one object to other to showcase what is expected of the subject.

Enjoy learning aspects of filming as you watch your favourite shows.

Humsafars airs every Monday to Friday at 8:30pm on Sony TV.

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Humsafars | BTS | Chivalrous Harshad Chopda

Those who know Harshad Chopda know this that he is very courteous and chivalrous person. The first time that I had met him, he had been sitting on a chair under an umbrella as it was an outdoor location. As soon as I had introduced myself, he had gotten up from the chair, shaken hands and offered me his chair.

Of course, in my experience there have been men who are this courteous. Now, what makes him worthy of mention is that he extends this courtesy not just to women but elders and seniors. Even when someone’s parents had visited the set and he had been introduced, he had touched their feet. That is what is called upbringing.

Now, today we bring you an example of the courtesy he extends to his co-star Shivya Pathania. For the walking on coal scene, Shivya had to apply make-up on her feet and till the shot could be canned, she had to be transported from one place to another and from make-up room to the set by being lifted. Who came to the rescue? Of course Harshad Chopda.

We showcase not just his chivalry but his strength in carrying Shivya around the set. This is just a small clip.

Watch Harshad Chopda and Shivya Pathania in Humsafars every Monday to Friday at 8:30pm on Sony TV.

P.S. – We have read all the comments on your opinion on the change of genre. Do watch before you completely rule it out. Who says, there won’t be romance between Aarzoo and Saahir?


Wallpaper Wednesdays | Surbhi Chandna

Care Khan : I am back.

Bunny: Welcome!

Care Khan: Look who is talking. You haven’t been around either.

Bunny: I have not completely disappeared though.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-0737

Care Khan: Ha! What did you do?

Bunny: Got these lovely pictures of Surbhi for Wallpaper Wednesdays!

Care Khan: That’s my domain!

Bunny: Not right now, only if you make a post, then it is yours!

Care Khan: So I am making one.

Bunny: Today is not Wednesday!

Care Khan: Oh! Then next one I shall make.

Bunny: Good! (Struts off with a sly smile)

Bunny (Voice Over ):I have gotten 2 to make a post today with the pictures of Surbhi Chandna (not Surbhi Jyoti on whom CK is so sweet). He must have wondered, let him. Dances off with a carrot in hand.

Here are the pictures in Wallpaper size for you. all enjoy. We think she is absolutely gorgeous.

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