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Humsafars |The Parrot and The Pirate

The Parrot and The Pirate

Humsafars- Forum 32-6-2

After a long voyage at the sea, the pirate set foot ashore. In search of sustenance. Water, shelter and food. Little did he know that his journey would lead him to new pastures, new land and he would perhaps stop looking at the horizon, the vast sea which as magnificent as it seemed had little to offer him. Just salt, like his tears.

Humsafars- Forum 32--2

He heard a sound, calling out in the wild, the forest beyond. He may not be able to see the depths of it (not as yet). But it was alluring enough. A bird he heard. Though it sounded more like human. The first human sound in ages. He was pulled towards the sound, his basic needs forgotten for want of human touch or was it just the voice?

It called out to him, “Come hither!”

He smiled. How did it know he was there?

Humsafars- Forum 32-3-2

Suddenly, a bird, a parrot landed on his shoulder, whispering words that were familiar yet alien to him. In his voyage, he had been a lone ranger, travelling on a path that had no end. He was drifting. This bird grounded him. Stopped him from turning back to his ship. Ship that would take him afar, from the shore, from humanity, from everything. His search he realised had been futile.

And then she emerged. Out of the green, sweet as nectar was the sound as she called to the parrot.

Humsafars- Forum 32-13-2

“So the parrot belonged to her,” he mused. But as she came closer, the parrot perched higher on his shoulder, reluctant to go back to her owner.

Will the parrot stay with the pirate, the adventurer or will she go back to the nurturer, her mender?

Watch this space for more on this story.

Humsafars- Forum 32-9-2

Of course, the inspiration is Humsafars and its cast, Saahir Choudhary (Harshad Chopda), Asharfi (the Parrot) and Aarzoo Nausheen Khan (Shivya Pathania).

Do you see a parallel?


Wallpaper Wednesdays | Surbhi Jyoti

Location – Office, round table

Bunny : Do you think, you should do this?

Vrushali: What do you mean?

Bunny : Isn’t it Care Khan who needs to do this?

Vrushali : Well…!

Kalki : That tells it all now does it not?

The one who cannot be named : Where is today’s wallpaper wednesday?

Vrushali : Uh! Should you not be asking this to Care Khan?

T O W C B N : I want it done NOW!

4 Voices together : Sure!

Here it is guys.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-7966

And do go check it out on our Google Plus page. Click here.

Location – Pantry – Whispers of 4 people

B : Will this work?

V : I don’t know.

K : I say, God save us.

V : Okay, crossing fingers. If they get pointed at me, you know who is going to get this. And I will say, “It is Surbhi Jyoti’s so all should be well.”

4th Voice : Not me, I don’t think this should be it.

P.S. Do you wonder who the fourth voice was? Stay tuned. We also are pretty dramatic just like the series we cover. :-p



Technical Tuesday | Round Trolley Shot

Yesterday in our office, yes the very one where we have our square conferences around a round table or is it the other way around? Well, those who have following us for sometime know what we are talking about. Now, what were we talking about? Yes, our discussions yesterday.

We had this discussion with our group, the very one that include Bunny, Care Khan, Kalki, Vrushali and yes there is one who cannot be named. So, we tend to discuss posts and the comments we gather. It is at times a serious conversation with coffee and no sandwich while at others there is a huge tub of popcorn with some flying on people (okay, that is an exaggeration, as we do not waste food when we can put on our waist).

We digress, yet again. The discussion was putting up something useful about what we do. We do some interesting work. Be it taking photographs, videos of interviews and behind the scene and much more (not wanting to elaborate what all useful things we really do!!).

Okay seriously, we bring you example of what a round trolley shot is. Now, of course, the savvy ones already know what that is. Well,  a round trolley shot, is one where a camera is made to revolve around the subjects to get a 360 degree perspective. It is really a 360 degree perspective? No, this type of a shot is used to finish a scene faster with different magnifications, like two-shot, over the shoulder shot, close-ups and revelation shot all with just one set up; a round trolley. The clinch is that the whole area needs to be cleared, lit-up and set up. However with mostly mid-close shots, it is not difficult for the guys with thermocol to lie on the ground to provide some additional lights.

Next, week we shall bring you another aspect of filming and making a daily soap.

Do leave your comments if you want to know about something specific or just generally leave a comment. We do read.

Yes, we shall bring you something on mood song as well. We do remember (almost).

Watch shows on television by getting immersed in the characters and the story and watch our videos dissecting aspects of filming.

Happy viewing.


Humsafars | BTS | The Hug Scene

The behind the scene segments usually tell how a scene is shot, what are the elements that go hand in hand besides the performance by artists in creating the scene. Be it song played for the mood to be created as the actors concentrate on what is to be delivered whilst they ignore the guy perhaps breathing down their neck with a thermocol and of course the one person they cannot ignore as they perform is what the director is expecting out of them.

While one is supposedly immersed in an emotion that is intense, an actor actually is always on the alert for the next cue from the Director. Sometimes one get so immersed in the scene or the moment (may be because to get the emotion right, one has to delve deep within oneself), that when a Director says cut, one may not be able to hear it.

In this video, do see how Harshad Chopda who plays Saahir Azim Choudhary gives himself a couple of second by bending a little forward to get into the mood of the scene.

Intense scenes like these always affect Shivya Pathania who is Arzoo Nausheen Khan in a way where she seems completely oblivious to everything but what the scene is and the only thing she can perhaps hear is the Director and see the scene in front of her eyes.

For us capturing these scenes is a fascinating aspect as we try to bring not just the import of the scene but how it is created. Hope you all like our effort.

Watch Humsafars every Monday to Friday at 8:30pm on Sony TV.


Sunday Driver | Experiments With the Camera

A really lazy sunday for me. Mulling over what to do. Yes, there is always my laptop and the pictures courtesy my camera. And my subjects are my friends who willingly pose for me. I also follow Care Khan’s diktat. Sharing is caring. So, here are some pictures I have recently captured of Karanvir Bohra, Harshad Chopda, Surbhi Jyoti and Shivya Pathania.

All in between the shoot or in the make-up room.

What do these pictures tell me?

Humsafars- Forum 32-7803

These two pictures to me are the epitome of two people immersed in each other. A world created where only the two of them exist.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-8005-2

I am glad that they for one pose for me to create such a world and while it is not easy for them to pose for me in this fashion, after a few clicks, we do get what we aspire to. The experiment with my camera is all about capturing a moment, a moment that either happens or is created with right elements thrown in. Just as my Guru has advised. I believe these pictures are about making a picture. Do they say something to you?

humsafars - Forum 32-7135-2

Here is another one that I had to ensure I got with the sun shining on them in patterns, the magic hour captured. Now, why did i turn this one into black and white was just to show that the brightness is not about having colour but what their expressions tell. Looking into the distance, they perhaps are looking at the same thing. Ek hi manzil ki aur, nazarein tiki hai… Raasta kaisa hai kya fikar, jab humsafar tu hai..!

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-7987

This one is about being caught. Yes, the person clicking them is caught capturing them is what I felt this was all about. She is still immersed in her thought but he realised there is someone watching and he could not let that not be known.

Humsafars- Forum 32-7139

These two pictures are so similar that I am astounded. I never realised I had captured a candid moment with Shivya and Harshad where before I really got them to pose they were sharing a moment and this to me is an example of what I felt when I saw them through the viewfinder. A sense of camaraderie.

Qubool Hai - Forum 32-8017

Similarly, here Surbhi is watching Karanvir smile with laughter in his eyes and his happiness is reflected in her smile.

Well, these are some of the pictures that I have taken, hope you like them. And yes, do tell, which one would you like, may be one of each couple, as wallpaper. We want to see how many votes these pictures get.

Are we playing this Sunday?


Humsafars | BTS | Fashion Show Scene

We had promised to bring you a behind the scene segment video and we shall bring a few almost everyday. We have some backlog to cover. The only thing perhaps delaying us is upload time.

Here is the fashion show scene for you all where Saahir Azim Choudhary (Harshad Chopda) and Arzoo Nausheen Khan (Shivya Pathania) pass near each other, say Inshallah together and yet miss. Of course, part of the storyline to hit and miss. Besides this we also bring you how reactions and closeups are shot

We captured, Myra, Zara and Nausheen as Arzoo had won her award.

Between Diana Khan who is Myra, Ruby Dahiya who is Zara and Purva Parag who is Nausheen, we enjoyed the shoot with reactions being taken again and again.

Enjoy behind the scenes segments that give an insight into how a show is made.

We shall bring more very shortly.

Watch Humsafars every Monday to Friday at 8:30pm on Sony TV.


We have not seen any promo create such an uproar and the curiosity generated due to it.

We bring you first part of the candid conversation that we always have with the artists we cover. We have been wanting to have a conversation with them for sometime however due to certain reasons, we have not be as regular on the set as we would have liked to be.

Here is the first part of the conversation. Totally uncut. We have not even chopped off the part where we have changed magnification or while taking focus.

Now, on this particular day we had gone pretty much at the fag end of a 7am to 7pm shoot. However, the best part was, Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti said, let’s do that interview we have been wanting to. We did discuss the feasibility due Surbhi’s throat infection and her appointment with the dentist post pack up. However, she postponed it and later cancelled it after much discussion.

Being available for their followers who love them and love their candid and uncut interviews is something we could not pass over as an opportunity.

Also, we were looking at chopping of the part where Karanvir and Vrushali were discussing a song as the lyrics are having a word we would want to beep. However, we figured that like us the viewers are mature enough to know that it is a song and with the way songs are now a days (case in point Honey Singh and his album) this is relatively hummable.

We shall bring the other parts soon.

Watch Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti in Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

We shall update the Dailymotion video as soon as it is uploaded.


Humsafars | Pictorial Spoilers

humsafars - Forum 32-8075

We usually give you a behind the scene segment with a video, however, today we give some spoilers for tonight’s episode.

Now, the scene is that after the belting session where Saahir Azim Choudhary (Harshad Chopda) has gotten welts on his back, he is now trying to apply ointment. Obviously, he cannot ask anyone to help him with that as that would mean he would have to give explanation for his wounds.

Humsafars- Forum 32-8082

Perhaps Joe could be his handy man here but he is also absent. So, what is going to happen?

Of course, Arzoo Nausheen Khan (Shivya Pathania) has taken into her heart that walking into Saahir’s room unannounced is absolutely fine. So, here she is. And yes, she will apply ointment to his wounds.

humsafars - Forum 32-8079

And yes, the scene is interesting. Do watch Humsafars tonight at 8:30 pm only on Sony.

We of course, leave you not just the spoiler but also how it was shot or rather glimpse of it. We shall of course bring you the BTS as well.

Tune in for more updates.

Humsafars- Forum 32-8101


Qubool Hai | BTS | Fun With the Cast | Part 9

We were shooting at night for a sequence where Surbhi Chandna, Punit Sharma and Deepak Wadhwa were involved with goons. That is their characters, not them. While Faiz had gone to get some water, Hayaa was left to fend of goons who had decided to take their chances with a lone woman. Of course, Rahat had to come and save her.

While waiting for the shoot as the jeep and the car were giving some battery trouble and watching Punit and Deepak lounge on the back of a car, we had to roll the camera.

The fun part is not just the conversation that ensued but look closely and you will see interesting things happening with the crew. Surbhi’s Make up man, looking into the mirror and goofing around is one such thing.

We like to capture aspects from the set that would be fun filled moments for you all and yes, we were doing this around 1 am.

Watch them play their characters in Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

P.S. does Faiz not look pure bad now?


Wallpaper Wednesdays | Anam Choudhary aka Payal Rohatgi


As villains go, she is interesting. The sing song lilt to her dialogue delivery and pure devilry in her eyes is something that makes her oh-so-positively evil. But then that is the character she plays Anam Choudhary in Humsafars.

However, Payal Rohatgi per se is a person who enjoys being just the engaged girl who likes talking about what her fiance likes about her and what he does not like about her character. Also being her first project in a television series, she is in the process of assimilating all that she can about the craft.

humsafars - Forum 32-7695

And what she does not know in technicality of filming she gets by sheer charm. She is just that charming. Ask the director of the show Lalit Mohan who has mentioned her charm a few times we have been on the set as well as the assistant directors will vouch about her in a similar fashion.

She is dedicated to learning her lines thought speaking the way she does in the show is something that is a contrived manner and it takes a few times of speaking the lines aloud that get them perfect.

Here is a wallpaper size picture of her that we captured in all her dramatic glory. Our Google Plus page is where you will find her and more.

Do tune in to Humsafars every Monday to Friday at 8:30pm and what all the antics she gets up to. After all what is a daily soap without drama?


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