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Qubool Hai | BTS | Discussion and Debate

We have brought you behind the scene of the show depicting various aspect of filming, the off-screen camaraderie as well as them giving a piece to camera.

Today we bring an aspect that perhaps many wanted to know. How does the discussion related to characters, nuances and take on a scene happen? Of course, debates occur as well. Here is a video of what the creative Director Iccha Kohli, Director Aman Singh, Surbhi Jyoti and Karanvir Bohra have to say about the nuances and difference that Surbhi will bring with the swap of characters.

Of course, Surbhi is both the characters however, how the take of the character would  be with the same people as Sanam Ahmed Khan who is switched with Seher Ahmed Khan is something we are sure you all wanted to know.

Hope this discussion gives you a glimpse on what goes on, on the set with serious discussion, teasing and some ribbing happening alongside.

We shall bring more from the sets.

Watch Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


Humsafars | BTS | Talent Called Maira

Maira Khan played by young girl Diana Khan who is all of 15. She plays the youngest sister of Arzoo Nausheen Khan (Shivya Pathania) and is a riot when on the sets. Besides being a completely beautiful human being who perhaps takes us to the age when we really did not think we knew anything beyond our books or school or teachers (let’s not talk about our parents), she is part of a Television show where one has to learn so much on the fly.

She is mature in so many ways yet her innocence, her age comes across like a banner that is endearing.

Here is one of her talents that all of us on the set are in awe of. Watch this video.

And you all really need to be on the set when she is around for everyone wants to learn her talent. It is astounding how she can do it.

For more clips like this and other behind the scene fun, stay tuned.

Watch Maira in Humsafars every Monday to Thursday at 10:30pm on Sony TV,


Sunday Driver |The Best Light

O Gujariya - Forum32-6298-2

Taking photographs in today’s age is so simple. Remove your smart phone from your pocket, handbag or wherever else you may put it, point to the object/subject in question and shoot. Then you have the best picture with best light, best angle, best colour correction all given to you at a click of a button. Be it night or day, the phone’s software adjusts everything for you. I feel the romance of taking a picture is gone. Do I see nods from fellow photographers?

O Gujariya - Forum32-6250

Sunday for me are a day of reflection (not much work to be done, you see!). Who am I kidding, I have to go to work. Yes, even on a Sunday unless I decide to not let no traffic on the road not be an incentive to go to work. Did you get this sentence? Did I make sense? No matter, point of my Sunday is the morning. A cup of Coffee and no I don’t read newspaper the traditional way, so e-paper as my laptop is ubiquitous to my existence. And then there are these pictures that I work on. It is a pleasure trip.

O Gujariya - Forum32-6243

Today I have picked pictures which has left me in awe. Did I really click these? The magic was the best light. The time of the shoot was around 4:30pm with my source being the Sun God himself who deigned to shine on me and my subjects giving them a halo that made them look divine. And I have captured that.

O Gujariya - Forum 32-6260

Admittedly, I have not clicked pictures with them much. And to get them to pose for me on the last of the shoot to get this result was astounding. Then the wishes and the horses did their own round in my head.

O Gujariya - Forum 32-6265

However, I present to you my Sunday Drivers. Yes, I believe I have finally followed my Guru where his mantra on taking vis-a-vis making a picture and seeing a picture or feeling it and put it to practice.

Do you agree?

O Gujariya - Forum 32-6276

Of course, do let us know which one of these would like in Wallpaper size? Now, I actually am thinking to put all these up for you in Wallpaper size, would you like that?

Do tell.

O Gujariya - Forum32-6281


Humsafars | BTS | Throwing A Girl

Gallant is what one expects the hero to be. And Saahir Azim Choudhary did seem so when he saves a damsel in distress who had lain in front of a bulldozer in protest only to find the machine had a brake failure. Alas, the hopes of the romantics were dashed as he walked to a nearby Khaat  and dumped the girl on it quite unceremoniously. He literally threw her on the Charpoi.

Here is the behind the segment of the scene.

Of course, Harshad Chopda and Shivya Pathania did the scene with all the care so that she would not get hurt. The makeshift bed made with blankets, thermocol and all the dupattas that the set up guy could amass on the location.

Enjoy the video as we had lot of fun shooting the sequence with trials with a production guy, teasing Shivya and yes even creating the “bed”.

Watch Humsafars every Monday to Thursday at 10:30pm on Sony TV.


Qubool Hai | BTS | Aahil’s Nightmares

We were clearing up our hard drive and organising our folders with appropriate labelling of the files and videos and yes we realised, we never did bring this video for you guys though we brought the other two videos shot on the same day. Now, are we forgetful? Perhaps.

But that is what “spring cleaning” is all about or shall we say “Diwali Cleaning”. Here is the video of Surbhi Jyoti who plays Sanam Ahmed Khan and Karanvir Bohra who plays Aahil Raza Ibrahim in the show Qubool Hai about the nightmares that he gets and how these become instrumental in them coming closer.

Well, there is lot of water under the bridge with some distance having come between them and also the swapping of the sisters but behind the scene segments at least serve the purpose of knowing how a scene was shot and how a shot was taken.

Hope you enjoy this short clipping.

We shall bring you more.

Keep watching Qubool Hai as it brings you all the twists and turns in the story about two sisters, two brothers and whole lot of family members. It airs every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

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Humsafars | Poetry and Song

Romance comes alive with two things, poetry and song. Of course, it is highly debatable what is more romantic, a song or a poetry, however each has it place in life. The range that either can reach is similar, whether in background or voice over, whether the characters sing the verses or recite them. Then there is a different lilt altogether.

Humsafars sees such moments. It perhaps falls under the realm of connections that two people share. Of course, all that was hinted at either directly or obliquely. From chance meeting on a plane to eating jalebi (one half each) to watching a moon together all was shown.

Now the next level was unknowingly Sahir Azaeem Choudhary (Harshad Chopda) refers to the very moon which is his destiny as lonely, incomplete and true. Is that his state that he is talking about? And more revealing are the lines about a time of the night and sleeping moon. It also struck that there was a song called Sleeping Satellite which resonates to an extent what Parveen Shakir’s Poem talks about?  May be the romantic in me see the dark side of the moon as well.

You all have seen the episode where Sahir is writing something, yet unable to formulate something that satisfies him. He stares at the moon with perhaps a thought that is indecipherable. A look full of reproach, remorse, recrimination of having lost something precious.

And the song that plays in the background is about meeting of destinies, of fates intertwined.

The poetry alludes to that, the song alludes to that. However, there were perhaps reasons for the poetry not making the cut and the song did in the final airing of the episode.

Thank you Gorky for bringing the true import of the scene for interpretation though obvious with the song in the background did have more depth with the poetry in place.

Watch Humsafars for more romantic gestures, symbolisms and layers in storytelling that is about how Saahir Azim Choudhary and Arzoo Nausheen Khan (Shivya Pathania)  find each other or will they?

Humsafars airs every Monday to Thursday at 10:30pm on Sony TV.


Wallpaper Wednesdays | Toy Boy | Shehzad Shaikh

Shehzad Shaikh perhaps has the most mischievous eyes that keep dancing with mirth. The way he goofs around on the set is something one needs to experience. Yes, we have given you some BTS to that effect. He is also the only person we have met who can talk till doomsday and we are in good mind to have him compete with the singer of Breathless with our money on Shehzad.

And these are just some of the aspects that endears him to us. Yes, Care Khan, you will always have a special place in our hearts but you see, we do need a toy boy for our entertainment. And who better than Shehzad…. who is better than the Duracell Bunny that goes on and on….!!

Qubool Hai - Forum32-6342

All right Shehzad will perhaps never speak to us after this (Is that really possible ;-)) but that is what makes him our Wallpaper Wedneday guy.

Now, don’t be fooled by the serenity that you see in this picture, he must have just been hungry at the time, or may be it was our influence?

Anyhow, we have had many requests for his picture and here it is.

Do check out the wallpaper size on our Google Plus Page here.

Watch him essay the role of Rehaan in Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


O Gujariya | BTS | Last Day of the Shoot | Part 2

O Gujariya cast and crew did speak to us at length about their days in the show and their interactions with the co-star and the crew.

Here is the video of our conversation with them.

We did speak about not just the current cast but the cast that had left the show. Just goes to show that it is circumstances and no fault of fellow actors or crew members who brought about the change or were not affected by it. But change is something that always happens

And we would really appreciate it if the followers of the people who were no longer part of the show do no feel affronted just because we talk about Apoorv Singh, Snehal Pandey and Neha Luthra. We all work together and perhaps will work again at sometime or some place in future.

This is just a farewell to the show not the people who we worked with.

Stay tuned for more BTS on O Gujariya.


Qubool Hai | Strike A Pose | Karanvir Bohra

Qubool Hai - Forum32-6737

Karanvir Bohra is a person who likes to ensure that everyone around him is having a good time. Be it on the set or outside. He likes to spread his sense of joie-de-vivre.  We believe to him spreading smiles is what makes him happy.

We have had this opportunity to be on the set when the song aaj phir tumse was being shot and yes we indulged in the photo-session like we always do.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-6734

Getting him t strike a pose for us is not just fun, but we like to experiment with different lighting set ups and stances.

You have seen us get him to pose for us with a lighter, then a candle and now we have used the headlamps of a car to get him to give some striking postures.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-6736

Hope you like what we bring for you all.

Watch him play Aahil Razaa Ibrahim every Monday to Friday in Qubool Hai at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-6738


Sunday Driver | Blood Moon

This Sunday is not the usual one. It is dark. It is relentless, just like the heat. And there is a storm brewing. Within as well as outside. The Lunar Eclipse of life. Everything is not hunky dory. Everything is not about glory. While there is a lot that one gets, there are times and places that takes and nature is just that. The story of conflict, the story of cruel intentions, the story of dark side of the moon. All grey, yet it has hues of red that the shadow professes as a day of reckoning.


The shadow looms large. It is stark and barren. No protection. One is exposed to the elements, taking the wrath and onslaught that will either break you or bring a new beginning. The hope of new leaf stays despite having lost everything. One perseveres. The hope of building something, even if at a distant, plainly visible to one.


Red gives way to blue. The clouds that mire the thoughts, hide the sun and mask everything in a hue that is a capsule of inner turmoil. The hopelessness and futility of all efforts to grow, the leaves have turned brown. Everything is falling apart.

Is there hope?


Saahir Azim Choudhary, man with darkness within though the outward garb is all white. The storm that brews in the eye talks of the moon, blood moon that eclipses everything that is heart. Even his heart beat. It is the Total Eclipse. He sits still, but the energy emanating is that of a twister as destructive as it can be. It feeds itself with anger, pain and angst and the path of destruction ultimately will lead to self destruction. A journey that seeks no end but desires one. Cruel intentions that will lead one to darkest corner of self.


What will the Blood Moon Prophecy bring? End of the World or Beginning of a new one?

Gorky, as usual inspires me to write. Thank you for pictures that speak to me.

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