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 Samar Kha (Aakash Ahuja) in the show O Gujariya is a young boy who is out to perhaps create a path for himself that is strewn with more thorns than roses. A path laden with obstacles. A heartache.

We bring you a conversation with Aakash about his role and how he perceives it at this stage. We also bring you the person behind the character.

For a first show, he shows fortitude to create a character who has layers to him.

What will happen about his equation with Adaa Siddiqui and her friends is something that is unfolding with each episode.

Watch O Gujariya to see how Aakash Ahuja plays Samar Khan every Monday to Saturday at 7pm on Channel V.


Qubool Hai | BTS | Fun With the Cast – Part 5

Here is another session of the Fun with the cast of Qubool Hai. Its a mad, mad world.

Did you see the video?

The situation: Scene of Rehaan and Sanam where he is looking at his love having gotten married to someone else. He is heart broken and his eyes finally let flow the emotions that have been bottled within him. The song for the mood,  Chann se tootey koi sapna….

The grave scene was something that was being shot, okay so it was the over the shoulder or Sanam in profile as the shift focus happened.

But what were the rest of the cast doing?

Well, fun is what we all get up and that is what filming is all about. Switching on and off.

Hope you all had fun.

Till next time that we bring a segment with the cast, have a smile.

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Qubool Hai | Facades – Hiding True Feelings

They say, Ishq aur mushq chipaye nahi chiptey. Aankhen dil ka aaina hoti hai.

Apart from talking in cliches, we all on daily basis wear a mask, a facade to hide our true feelings. Be it anger, irritation, disappointment, but most of all we perhaps hide the most important feeling of all, love.

When one falls in love, one actually takes so much care to not let it show. Like it is a flaw, a weakness one needs to rectify. There is denial, reproach and of course scoff at that bug having bitten us. The usual dialogues we tell ourselves are, I can’t fall in love? Stop being silly, its just… and there are options that we give for what we feel but love. Hah! This is so absurd.

But once we accept love, then we still do not go and tell the one person who should know about it. We hide, pretend it does not exist and sometimes go to lengths to create barriers.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-3653-2

Aahil Razaa Ibrahim, Sanam Ahmed Khan, Rehaan Razaa Ibrahim, Raahat and Hayaa all are going through this phase. They are creating facades that hides their true feelings. Aahil is hiding behind his sense of honour to hide what he feels for  Sanam from everyone else. He tells his mother that he will not take his marriage vows lightly. It is permanent for him.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-3649-2

Then there is Sanam, who is hiding behind her excuse of needing money to take care of her Badi Ammi to get married to the man who she has fallen in love with. The sense of sacrifice, duty or responsibility is what she is hiding behind.

Rehaan is hiding by not acknowledging to him what he feels. He is hiding his hurt, his remorse behind his smiles.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-3639

Raahat and Hayaa will never be able to speak their feelings. Every one of us hides things, sometimes from oneself. Sometimes we put veil in front of us to hide.There are other times when we apply make up to tide over that obvious pimple. We pretend by skirting away our eyes, the mirrors to our soul. And there are times we just close them, deliberately.

Will we ever look in the mirror straight on and see what is reflected there? Or will we ever let our true mirrors of the soul reflect what we feel?

Qubool Hai - Forum32-3638

Think about it.

Watch Qubool Hai for all the nuances that it brings in various relationships that we experience everyday, Monday to Fridayat 9:30pm on Zee TV.


Qubool Hai | Interview | Surbhi Jyoti – Part 1

We finally were able to get that interview we wanted with Surbhi Jyoti. A couple of months back is when we had last tried, though we had been talking about wanting one for a long, long time. Why did it not happen? We believe that everything happens at the right time and whatever happens, happens for the best.

There are things that are just meant to be. We had an interview done with Mohit Sehgal and Raqesh Vashisht and that had gotten wiped out. We had felt sad with the loss as it was again an interview that had so much to go for it. It was about  our chemistry with them, our friendship, working relationship and with each other.

Today, when we bring you this, it is like two friends reminiscing days that have passed over the last two years. From our first meeting to now, we have become friends, neighbours and more at work with perhaps demands of wanting that one type of a picture to be clicked or saying aaj mood nahi hai, please koi picture mat lena.

We share with you a conversation that is so candid that we did not have a single soul disturb us on the set (well, may be perhaps the rats on the rafters did give their sound effects in assent). And as usual, it does get interrupted, as a shot is called for. Fortunately, we could pick up where we left off.

Watch Surbhi Jyoti play Sanam Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


Apoorva Singh who plays Shaurya Scindia in the show O Gujariya has a good head on his shoulders. For a person so young and doing a television series for the first time, he has taken in his stride the vagaries of a daily soap. Just a few weeks and one has to perhaps really adhere to the discipline one has cultivated over a period of time.

The erratic hours, especially at the start of the show, is something one has to work ones way around. Besides that understanding the lights, camera movement and concentrating on performance is something that takes lot of effort.

Apoorva we find is pretty grounded and learning the ropes quite fast.

As Shaurya who is a perfect person, Apoorva is still learning his character and getting into the skin of it. We wish him all the best in his first venture as an actor and wish him success.

Watch him play Shaurya Scindia every Monday to Saturday at 7pm in O Gujariya on Channel V.


O Gujariya | BTS | Shaurya and Vaibhavi Scene

O Gujariya is seeing some dynamics at play. Vaibhavi Singh (Snehal Pandey), Natasha Jaiswal (Sanvi Talwar) and Adaa Siddiqui (Neha Luthra) have waged a war with healthy dose of fuel being added by Kabir Scindia (Randeep Rai). Of Course, other aspect of this dynamics is Shaurya Scindia (Apoorva Singh) who is a peacemaker trying to sort things out for Vaibhavi and how that plays is something one will have to keep watching the show.

On the other hand, there is Samar Khan (Aakash Ahuja) who is getting deeply entrenched in his adulation of his brother’s fiancee and one person who can see this is Kabir.

We bring you behind the scene segment of a shot where Vaibhavi needs some help from Shaurya while he is busy in a Students Union Meeting and how he does not pay any attention to her.

The Director and Creative Director explain to Apoorva how they want him to play the scene out.

We shall bring you more from the sets.

Watch O Gujariya every Monday to Saturday at 7pm on Channel V.


Qubool Hai | Interview Preview | Surbhi Jyoti

We finally bring you an interview with someone you all have watched in the show Qubool Hai in different shades. Surbhi Jyoti as Zoya Farooqui and Sanam Ahmed Khan. It has taken us two years (almost) to get down to sit with her for a length of time and talk about her journey with the show.

We believe she has seen it all for a new comer. First show and the first hero/co-star she works with is Karan Singh Grover. Then she saw changes in the show with replacement of Asad Ahmed Khan with Raqesh Vashisht. Of course, there were other replacements as well in the show be it of Ayaan or even Tanveer. Then came leap. And now she plays Zoya’s daughter Sanam and opposite her is Karanvir Bohra.

Three different personalities, all popular in their own right and talented and believes she is lucky to have worked with all of them and each has a special place in her heart. We bring you a conversation with her that definitely left us feeling complete. We felt we have come a long way with Surbhi Jyoti in the show from the first day watching her play a bride wearing red to today wearing gold.

Do watch out for the full interview and yes it will come in parts. It is a long overdue one and we had lots to talk about.

You get a glimpse of Surbhi as the bride with the wedding coming up on Monday.

Watch Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


Qubool Hai | BTS | Fun With The Cast – Part 4

Okay, so we brought you varied forms of behind the scene fun that we get up to with the cast of Qubool Hai. And this one particularly is just all of us chilling around (It was terribly hot actually), on location. While Director Aman Singh took some stock shots of the “farm house” that Aahil had come to look over, we were just fooling around.

And yes, between Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti, we were oscillating like a pendulum. Of course, we covered Shehzad Shaikh and Chahat Khanna in our frame as well, but the kind of talks we were getting up to were about movies and us rolling our camera to bring little tidbits of what goes on in between shots for you all.

Did you enjoy this?

Well, get ready for the wedding coming up.

Watch Qubool Hai, every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

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Before a scene is shot, lot goes on. Be it the lighting of the scene as per the mood, the placing of the camera and angles, the movement of the camera and of course the nuances that the artists are to bring in the scene. We were on the set of O Gujariya and saw Director Hemant explain to Aakash Ahuja and Neha Luthra who play Samar Khan and Adaa Siddiqui what is expected in the scene and how they need to project the mood of the scene.

To show surprise, hesitancy is something that should look natural is something that every artist has to learn and considering that these artists are new in the field, the Director not just rehearses lines with them but takes them through the motions of what is the scene all about, the emotions behind the words.

Even when one knows what is expected, the projection in the tone may not come right. We bring you behind the scene segments from the shows to give you workings of how a scene is finally shot. How the written word is translated into a scene that would give so much more than just what the lines denote.

Do see the scene and tell us, if you found the nuances that should be part of the scene. Your feedback is welcome.

To watch more of these, subscribe to our YouTube Channel here - https://www.youtube.com/user/forum32dotcom?sub_confirmation=1

Watch O Gujariya every Monday to Saturday at 7pm on Channel V.


Qubool Hai | Surbhi Jyoti and Karanvir Bohra

 Qubool Hai - Forum32-2992

You all might have seen the tweets of Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti shooting for the Eid Event organised by Zee TV and yes we shall bring pictures and videos of those as well. We wanted to talk about how when we reached the set, Karanvir actually introduced us to the artists of Dawat-e-Ishq, Parineeti Chopra and Aditya Roy Kapoor. The film is releasing on 5th September 2014.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-3008

We have not been on the sets for some time now due to ill health but both Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti ensured that we were taken care of. Even the other artists on the show like Nirmal Soni, Amrapali Gupta, Chahat Khanna ensured we were well taken care of. Though one must say that Karanvir always goes that extra mile. He called up after pack up at 3 am with express note that we need to let him know that we reached home safely.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-3004

We bring you some off-screen pictures with Karanvir and Surbhi. This one is in the garden on location where we had fun on the grass.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-3010

Hope you all like our efforts. We did read comments asking us for new pictures of them and an interview. The interview is something we shall bring you soon.

Qubool Hai - Forum32-3009

Till then enjoy this and the show, Qubool Hai, every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

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